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message 1: by Arya (last edited Nov 12, 2010 07:25AM) (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Hola everyone,

I thought we had used the What Are you Reading Now forum waaay too much talking about TV shows (and I am sure we were annoying some people) so let's continue our discussion here - you were saying . . . ?

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy That we are (or were) totally obsessed with Roswell and Buffy??

message 3: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Yep . . . I think that's where we were in our conversation.

So did you like Angel or Spike better for Buffy? I have only seen season three so I am totally in love with Angel - Spike, not so much. . . but people seem to have differing views.

message 4: by Madeline (last edited Nov 14, 2010 04:10PM) (new)

Madeline | 89 comments Angel! I'm a purist about that. They were like, MEANT for each other. Hahaha sorry had to get it out of my system. Seriously though. I love Spike (he much improves toward the 5th, 6th, and 7th season story arcs then on into Angel) but Angel is the only one for Buffy. Could be why I have such a hard time with the 4th season. Riley isn't anywhere near ok for Buffy. The military edge was also bleah though. Some excellent episodes within that season however. Like the Halloween one!

P.S. Yay for the thread!

message 5: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Thanks! :D

I NEED to watch the rest of the seaons of Buffy. I only saw the third and I call myself a fan :( But I did LOVE it!!

Angel is awesome - he is just sooo nice even though he has had a hard life and I feel so sorry for him when he does bad things because of his inner demon and then has to suffer the guilt of it for ETERNITY!! It is so not fair.

message 6: by Amy (new)

Amy Angel for sure! If you're an Angel fan, then the must see Buffy-Angel ep is definitely "Angel" from season one! I'm in love with him. I also hated the ep where he turned evil. The morning after that episode I felt like I had lost my puppy or something.

I liked Riley okay, just didn't like the whole Maggie and the iniative thing. But I agree, there were some great episodes in that season.

I love how ultimately, Angel comes back for Buffy when the series ended.

What did you all think of the episode where Buffy was sort of crazy? She was in a psych ward or something? That whole episode was a world shatter-er for me.

message 7: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments I already know that I like Giles (and once again I have only seen season three). The funniest thing in the third season was when Spike was pretending to be the voices for Buffy and Angel. It was HILARIOUS. Then he went and ruined it when he was mean to Angel (I think he TORTURED Angel - not cool).

Any thoughts on Cordelia (from Angel and Buffy) anyone?

message 8: by Amy (new)

Amy I didn't care for her when she was on Buffy. Too snotty. But the ep where she and Xander couldn't stop kissing (the bug man one) was super funny. She was better on Angel, more grown up and more hardened to the world I guess. But more believable. Until they made her have a romance with Angel, get impregnated and all that weird stuff. I didn't like that.

message 9: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments I didn't see that part. But I did see the part in the first season where she comes to work and kisses Angel and he is like "What's wrong with you Cordy" and she is like "Oh it didn't work - curse you goblin guy who gave me this prescience along with killer headaches" and Angel is like "Well thanks a lot, you wanted to give ME killer headaches" and she goes "Better you than me!"

That is so not how it went, it was much funnier, but you know what I am talking about (hopefully) it was hilarious!!

message 10: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Have you watched Roswell Fiona?

message 11: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Oh you should rent it! It is amazing. . . I bet that if you like Buffy and Angel you would like Roswell.

Do you think she'd like it Amy?

message 12: by Amy (new)

Amy Ugh hated that Connor kid. Loved the storyline with Darla being pregnant but the actor who played Connor was totally annoying.

Probably so! Gotta have a thing for aliens though. Roswell was very cool because of all the different powers and such. Plus Max with the killer abs.

message 13: by Madeline (last edited Nov 15, 2010 05:54PM) (new)

Madeline | 89 comments It's true Fiona, the whole series is gold. Xander and Anya broke my heart. It was a mistake not having them together I think. Giles is wonderful too. I think the only character I really never liked (Riley was ok, just not for Buffy) was Kennedy. That girl irritated me! Especially after Tara who I thought was wonderful. I briefly didn't care for Dawn, but warmed up to her over time and rewatching.

I didn't hate Cordelia in Buffy.. only at times. I really started to like her when she dated Xander and felt horrible for her after. I liked her quite a bit on Angel until like Amy said, the pregnancy, following wierdness, and Conner, who I hated. I can barely watch that season. I was so happy when he left the show. The fifth season was great without him! My favorite from Angel though was Fred. I loved her quirky damaged smartness. :)

You should try Roswell Fiona! I think you would probably like it.

Man I need a new show. All my favorites are from the past!

message 14: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Have you watched Heroes Madeline?

message 15: by Amy (new)

Amy Fred was great. I loved her personality, how she wasn't so sure of herself but eventually was a kick butt character!

I wish there were some new shows comprable (sp?) to Roswell and Buffy. I've found some I like and that are quirky (like Eureka on Sci Fi) but nothing I love as much.

message 16: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Have you seen Heroes Amy? Or the Vampire Diaries?

message 17: by Amy (new)

Amy I used to watch Heroes. Love the Vampire Diaries, but sadly time warner cable in my area is going to stop carrying the CW. So bye bye Vampire Diaries, Hellcats, and Smallville. :-(

message 18: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Awww NOOOOOO!!! That is HORRIBLE!!
I think Heroes is over now :( I own the fourth season but haven't watched it yet. . .

Have you seen Charmed? It is off the air now but it seems like something most Buffy fans would like!!

message 19: by Alan (new)

Alan (coachmt) | 14 comments Buffy was da bomb! I really miss that show.

message 20: by Amy (new)

Amy I enjoyed Charmed too, but nothing has seem to come close to Buffy or Roswell.

message 21: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Hmmm . . . Have you seen Alias Amy? It is not paranormal but it was one of my favorite TV shows!

message 22: by Madeline (last edited Nov 17, 2010 04:13PM) (new)

Madeline | 89 comments I loved the first two seasons of Heroes, but the third started getting too convoluted for me, and the fourth didn't really improve I thought.

I liked Charmed but It felt a little too formulaic for me. It was fun when they started getting more into the fantastic though. I never watched the last season, it turned into a school or something?

Haven't yet seen Vampire Diaries yet, but the last couple of weeks the ads have started to get my attention. I'll have to netflix the earlier seasons.

Just started watching Eureka on Netflix. I wasn't sure at first but it's getting interesting now. I just reached the part where he moves into the big brother (or sister) house... creepy haha.

Loooooove Smallville! That's my only currently running show that is among my all time favorites. I can't believe I forgot it!

I also really like True Blood, but Sookie and Bill are not my favorite of characters, it's hard for me to adore a TV show if the main protagonists aren't among my favorite characters. I do love Lafayette, Jessica and Hoyt, and Tara. Ooooh and Alcide I would have loved Godric if they hadn't killed him off. dang :)

message 23: by Amy (new)

Amy Yup, watched Alias too. Loved the first season with that bright pink wig. Jennifer Garner was awesome. I love any kick butt female character! It amazed me how she could live a double life like that. Wonder if there really are people doing that very same thing?

Eureka is funny because there's always some major science crisis. I love Carter!

message 24: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Aww man - I thought I was going to give you a really great new series to watch. . . :D

Have you seen V or the X-files? Both have to do with aliens . . .

message 25: by Amy (new)

Amy Started watching V and just couldn't keep up (too many other shows to watch).

message 26: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Aww so sad :(

The X-Files was NOT my favorite Alien TV show (I actually didn't like it that much, but I know lots of people who did) Having said that it was interesting. . . and I LOVE Mulder!!

message 27: by Amy (new)

Amy That was one I actually didn't watch. Can't remember if it conflicted with something else or why I didn't watch it. I'm alien crazy so I'll watch just about anything.

message 28: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 89 comments Hmm I never watched past the first episode of Alias, I was in school at the time and I remember just not having enough time to keep up with anything. I should revisit it. I never watched X-Files either, I really don't know why. My husband loved it.

I did start V, but I couldn't get into the characters, the plot was good though, husband likes it, but I ducked out after a bit. Might watch again later though.

I just started watching Ordinary Family which if it grows a plot has potential :P

The one I thought was going to get really good, but got cancelled was Reaper. Did anyone else watch it?

message 29: by Amy (new)

Amy Yes I really loved REaper. I hate that they cancelled it. THe devil was super mean but funny too. And Sam was adorable.

I watched the old V back in the day so I think that's why I just couldn't get into the new one.

I used to watch the 4400 on USA before they cancelled it. NOw that was a good show.

message 30: by Madeline (last edited Nov 19, 2010 03:46PM) (new)

Madeline | 89 comments The 4400? I've never heard of that one. Off to look it up! :)

Sam was adorable. I liked all of the three main character boys, and the Devil! He was great. I loved that they worked at the hardware store :) It was getting sooo good. Ugh I hate the people who decide what gets cancelled. They obviously lack imagination half the time!

4400 looks good! Too bad its so short, but I'll have to watch it anyway.

message 31: by Kellyflower (new)

Kellyflower | 136 comments Did you guys read that "Warner Bros announced plans Monday to produce a remake of Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

And I was a HUGE X-Files Fan..in fact I wanted to name my oldest Fox, but my husband reminded me how much Mulder was picked on as a kid because of the name, so we X-naed it. We've gone back and watched all the seasons again on netflix.
The other series that I was very addicted to Was Battle Star Galactica. That was truly one of the best TV series ever.

message 32: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 89 comments Oh wow Battle Star was epic Kellyflower! I love that show. I don't think anything matches it for plot... ever. lol I want to start Caprica. I know it doesn't match for action, (those battle scenes were so tense and pretty!) but I watched a few episodes and was interested in the plot.

Buffy remake? O.O I just don't know what I think about that. I can't imagine it with anyone but the original cast and Joss writing the dialog.... I'll have to let the idea stew a bit.

message 33: by Amy (new)

Amy I'm not sure about a Buffy remake. I really didn't love the original film, but I can't see remaking it at this point. If Joss Wheden were remaking it, then definitely.

message 34: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Yeah - does anyone know if it is Joss or not? He is truly a GENIUS!!!

message 35: by Kellyflower (new)

Kellyflower | 136 comments Joss will not be involved at all.

message 36: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments OH NO!! Well I guess it could still be good, but I am significantly less excited now!

message 37: by Amy (new)

Amy I think it was offered to him but he turned it down.

message 38: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 89 comments I think I'm currently in the not happy about it group. I love Buffy, and without Joss its just not going to be the same. Maybe in another 10 years I'd be sufficiently nostalgic to give it another go.

message 39: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Yeah seriously! Why IN THE WORLD would Joss turn down a Buffy remake? Unless he feels the same as I do (that it could never be as good with a different cast). I guess that would make sense. . . but I am still mad!!

message 40: by Amy (new)

Amy I'm in the "I'll wait and see how I feel" category. I'd probably watch it b/c it's Buffy, but not sure. Does anyone know anything about the casting?

message 41: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments Nope, nothing. :)
I will pribably watch it too because I also am a sucker for Buffy, but I won't like it. . . ok I'll probably even like it, though right now I am holding on to my indignation!

message 42: by Madeline (last edited Dec 08, 2010 06:00PM) (new)

Madeline | 89 comments Haha who are we kidding? I guess I would be the same Arya. Indignation here, while it's hot!

Joss said he turned it down basically because he's been there done that. New projects, forward ho, kind of thing. He mentioned he'd consider a movie with the original cast (I read that somewhere else) but not with new stars. However he made an additional point that he often does projects himself that are rehashes of old favorites and was a bit self effacing and I suppose, sarcastically understanding, in a way.

message 43: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments I totally agree with him - old cast all the way!! Now we'll have to see how the new guys do . . . they will have to be REALLY GOOD to win me over!! :D

message 44: by Kass (new)

Kass | 16 comments Hey! jumping in to add my bit..
I am not looking forward to the remake at all. They are doing it for the wrong reasons - ie. vampires are all the rage at the moment. I don't want to see Buffy in the 'Popular' culture - I confess I'm a snob. Joss' created an amazing mythology, unforgettable characters and his use of metaphor was sublime.
I have no faith in these new writers and producers, they just don't love and understand Buffy like Joss and his team.

message 45: by Amy (new)

Amy On a Buffy side note.........I read Captivate by Carrie Jones. The characters made a bunch of references to Buffy in that she saves the world, etc. It was pretty funny and cool to see that in a book.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) (ter05) | 70 comments I just found this thread and I know you are discussing Buffy, but to change the subject, I just discovered Roswell this fall. I had given a new friend my soft cover Mortal Instruments books (she is from Finland and over here (USA) for a trip. She came back by a few weeks later and brought me the DVD of the first season of Roswell. I LOVE IT. I since have bought and watched the second season and anxiously awaiting the third season. I don't buy many DVD's but I had to have these.

message 47: by Arya (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments I LOVE Roswell! Season one was definitely the best, though season two had its moments.

Who is your favorite character and why?

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) (ter05) | 70 comments Oh, gosh I loved Max the most first but then in season two I decided I loved Michael the best (have not seen season three yet). Michael had a couple of really great episodes in Season two - the one that was a flashback and the one where they were going to leave on the ship. I like Liz and Isabel and Maria all three. I just love the cast. Although I like Emilie de Ravin now in other things I did not like her as Tess in any of Roswell. Alex was wonderful and I cried of course when he was killed. As far as my favorite character of all so far, Michael and Maria. (I know, that's two).

message 49: by Arya (last edited Jan 26, 2011 02:25PM) (new)

Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments ME TOO!! I adored Max in season one and was sure I would love him forever . . . but then in season two - eeew!! He was so awful to Liz. And I know it was partly her fault for . . . you know - the Kyle incident - but I think he should have KNOWN that nothing really happened. I mean it was pretty obvious to me that she wouldn't just suddenly decide to give herself to Kyle out of the blue.

I think that Kyle is a very underappreciated character. I love him in seasons two and three. Of course Alex was amazing . . . I will say this about Emilie de Ravin, her part as Tess has forever tarnished her in my opinion. Even when she played Claire on Lost I was still seeing her in Roswell and on the whole did not like Claire because Emilie de Ravin was playing her.

Maria - sooooo funny! Michael -LOVE!! Isabel is just so amazing in every respect. Witty, cutting, but she can be really sweet. Of course Liz is awesome. I think that after Tess told Max he was "the King" he just got too arrogant for my taste.

Over all Michael is my favorite male character . . . and maybe Kyle. And Isabel is my favorite girl (though in season three she's a little weird . . . not spoilers but keep me updated on what ya think after you see season three)!

I would be happy to talk about anything Roswell related anytime you want! :D

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) (ter05) | 70 comments I love talking about it as no one I know has seen it. I have loaned the first two seasons to my granddaughters and they are loving it too. I thought Maria was a brilliant actress. I rather liked the "future Max". LOL I agree Kyle was great, but was there anyone in the cast that did not have chemistry with the rest of them? I did get irritated with Liz when she just didn't come clean with Max about Kyle - kind of made me irritated with both of them. I should have season 3 soon. I ordered it from Amazon quite a few weeks ago and they got tired of waiting for them to ship it so canceled it a couple of days ago and bought one off ebay.

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