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Kinds of posters?

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message 1: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (joejoe8151) | 7 comments Probably a question more towards Emily or Izzy but what kind of posters do we need? Just reading posters or for all sorts of subjects and events? I wanted to sketch up some stuff but I dont actually have any info on anything so I cant. I Appreciate any answers in advance :D

message 2: by Leto (new)

Leto Bookclub (letobookclub) | 20 comments Mod
We need posters to hang on the hallways around leto that encourage and supports the reading that happen every Tuesday and Thursdays during homeroom. For example you can have things like?
Don't forget your books for Tuesdays and Thursdays! with a cool design or pic. You could also have a quote that refers to reading or books. You could get as creative as you want with this posters :)

message 3: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (joejoe8151) | 7 comments Alright so just reading. Awesome thanks! :D

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