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A fox in a snowstorm I am currently writing two books. Canine Killer and one I haven't named yet.

A fox in a snowstorm Here's what I have 4 Canine Killers! BTW 2 much to put in one post. So many posts XD

The canine killer
Chapter 1: The first meeting

Pip, the little white terrior sat in his yard, the cool, crisp, green grass tickled his feet. He layed down so it could tickle his black and pink nose also. He smiled to himself, this is gonna be the best day ever. "Pip!" Pip picked his head up, thinking it was his owner. Then he saw Sally, the mutt from down the street. "Hi Sally." Pip said. Sally smiled, her brown and tan coat looked currently groomed. "Hi!" Sally yipped, "why are you so far from your house? I usually see you on walks, or at the dog park." Pip asked. "Oh, well didn't you get the letter?" Sally asked, "look in your dog house, it should be there." Pip got up lazy like, and walked to his dog house. The small red roof was showing dust in the sunlight. Pip looked inside, and there, slanted up against the wall, was a small, white envelope. How can a dog put a letter in a envelope? He asked himself.
Pip grasped it neatly in his jaws and walked to Sally. "Open it." Sally's normally jolly, blue eyes were filled with fright. Pip cocked his head and ripped the letter open, he looked inside and looked at the signiture. Instead of a name there was a paw print, bigger then his, a bit smaller then Sally's german sheperd part of her. Pip read the letter. It said,
Dear Pip,
You and three other will get this letter, Sally, Night, and Rufas. You are one of the dogs chosen to defeat a monster. My forest is in danger, the monster killed my mother and brother, and soon me and my father. You must help, only you and the others can do it. Please Pip, for you are my only hope! Hurry! The monster! It's here! Father! My father was attacked! Pip! Hurry to my forest~ The maple tree forest 29 miles from your dog house!
Yours Truly,
Pip narrowed his brown eyes, "this smells like crap." He commented. "Pip, this is real! We have to go help her!" Sally growled. Pip blinked, he has never heard Sally growl before, she was usually the quit type. "Since when can dogs hold a pen!" Pip growled. Sally narrowed her eyes to two blue glowing slits. "Whatever, I'm going to get Night and Rufas." She turned and left. Pip sighed, let her get killed, it probally isn't even a real beast. Pip said, then he turned his head and saw a phot sticking out of the envelope. He looked at it. The photo was terrible, there was a horrid flash that made it so Pip couldn't see the main part barly. Looking past the flash though the lightning made the dog look even more scary, it was a beast. The glowing yellow eyes gave Pip goosepaws. His eyes were filled with horror, Sally was going up against this! This, this beast! Her and two dogs he or she has ever heard about! They would never win! He ran over the photo tword Sally. The picture of the doberman stuck in his mind. It's sharp fangs covered by long pointed slits of steel. The claws were attached to it by a peice of leather, instead of claws they were steel. I knife hung off it's back, long and sharp. Sharper then a normal kitchen knife.
Pip spotted Sally speaking with two other dogs. A small, black, Shetland Sheepdog, and a older Colli, older then Pip and Sally. Pip walked over, "joining us after all?" Sally remarked harshly, and quite embarrassing . Pip shrugged, I'm not gonna show her the photo, he kept telling himself. "Yeah." He said, "who are they?" He asked. "I'm Night," the sheepdog said. "I'm Rufas." The old Collie's voice was cracked with age. Pip nodded, "I'm Pip." Pip barked. Night burst out laughing, "Pip?!" He laughed. The collie coughed, "Night! Stop this at once! He did not pick this name!" Rufas scolded. Night sighed. "Pardon my nephews behavior." Rufas growled. Pip blinked, he never thought his name was funny. "Are we going or what?!" Sally snarled, breaking the akward silence. "Of course!" Night growled, the young has spunk I'll give him that. Pip thought. "If my joints give out, It was your idea to bring me." Rufas smiled. Pip liked this dog, he was old, and quit. He could be a really good friend. "Then come on! Penelapi needs us!!" Sally darted down the street. Night jetted after her, having Rufas follow. Pip blinked, this is gonna be tough. Pip jumped after the dogs.
Pip's pads ached and were cracked. He tried to ignore the searing pain. Rufas followed last, Pip held up and fell in next to the old collie. "I'm too old for this." Rufas whined. Sally was in front, "we're almost there!" She called over the wind. Night blinked, his soft brown eyes had fear and exustion in them. Rufas nodded and sped up. Pip blinked, this dog is too old to make this journy. The smell of the forest filled Pip's nostrils, leaves and damp dirt. Then he heard the faimilier sound he hears from his person's kidsa tummy. It came from Sally, the three dogs stared at her, "sorry! I'm hungry!" Sally smiled. Rufas smiled, "we all are!" He charged into the depths of the forest. "The beast though." Pip whispered. Rufas came back with a large rabbit. "It's as big as me!" Pip yelled. Rufas nodded, "rabbits are easy! My origenal owner taught me how to hunt." Rufas smiled. The dogs scarfed the rabbit down quickly. "That was delicious!" Sally licked the remains off her muzzle. "Yup!" Pip and Night agreed. "It's getting dark, we should make a den." Rufas recemended. "Yeah, it's getting dark." Sally sounded frightened.
The squeezed into a hole in a large, thick tree. It was very warm squished together, Rufas's thick coat made it very warm. Pip felt too warm, his body was hot and sweaty, his wire coat was short so the heat gets to him faster. Pip squrimed out of the pile of fur and out of the opening. He smiled at the bright moon, it was full and bright. He listened to the wonderous noises of the crickets bleeping. Pip smiled, he never heard this before, but it was relaxing. "Wanna go for a short walk?" Rufas's old, deep voice made him jump. "Sure." Pip answered. The old collie nodded and started walking. They walked and walked, Rufas drank from a small stream. Pip joined, the water was cool and crisp, not like the metal tasting kind his persons gave him. "What was that?" Rufas perked his floppy ears. Pip perked his pointy ears with a small flop. "I hear it too." Pip listened to the light thudding of paws crashing onto the forest floor. It sounded like when his person dropped his metal dog bowl. There was a jingle to the thudding, like the keys that his persons carry. Pip gulped, "could it be the beast?" Rufas shrugged, "he's messing with our mind." He growled. Pip blinked, "he's gonna kill us." He cried. "Alright, if someones out there just come out!" Rufas blinked. Thats when Pip saw the beast Princess Penelapi was talking about.

A fox in a snowstorm Pip's eyes widened, he felt fear sting his paws, frozen so he couldn't run, like a spell. The beast snarled and a crash of lightning struck behind him. Pip blinked the fear out of his eyes, he felt Rufas's paws shake. Pip studied the dogs muscles, they were ripping under his short, black and brown pelt. Then he saw the razor sharp knife, hanging from a string off his back. Pip felt a strong thump on his rump. "Run!" Rufas growled. Pip began to run full speed, he heard paws following. The harsh metal sound following also. Pip blinked tears of fear from his eyes, Rufas followed harshly, his hot breath hitting Pip's hind paws. Pip felt a peice of ice in his throat, it grew colder when he heard the pawsteps stop. He turned and saw Rufas taking the dog head on. Pip gulped the ice down, but it was still lodged in his throat. Pip was shaking as he watched in horror. Rufas lunged at the dog, snarling and growling. Blood splattered onto the forest floor, green against red. Pip howled as loud as he could to signal Night and Sally, Hurry! He thought. He blinked as a splash hit the ground behind him, he turned slowly, then quickly, he saw blood splattered onto the trees and floor, "god no." Pip growled. Rufas was limping and looked like he lost an eye, his fluffy fur was matted with blood. Pip heard the pawsteps, and he turned seeing Night and Sally. "NO!" Night saw his uncle. Then lunged at the beast, mouth snarling and open for combat. Then the beast took his knife out.
Pip's eyes widened, the sight of this knife made his eyes yell 'death'. The large doberman took the knife by the string, tight in his mouth, and swung it. Pip heard Sally scream as it made a large, deep, sticky red slice in Night's belly. The shettie's brown eyes were filled with fright, and terror. "Don't just do nothing!" Sally growled at him, she jumped into combat, Pip following. Sally pushed the dog away from Night to finish the young pup off, and they watched Rufas limp to his nephew. Pip tried to bite down on the beast's tail, but all he bit was air, this target was way to fast. Pip felt the metal of the claws hit his head. "YOOOOWWW!" Pip screamed, Sally was thown against a tree, blood trickling down her mouth. Pip squeaked in terror, "no." He whispered. Pip was much smaller then this dog, and has much more agility, Pip measured his distance, he jumped onto the dog's head and started ripping at his ears. The dog howled in pain, blood burst from the ears, at least he can't hear now, Pip thought. Pip stayed on the dog's head, scratching and tearing at his ears and eyes. The beast growled and kicked like a donkey with his back paws, kicking up the dirt and stones behind him. One stone flew into Pip's eye, "yow!" Pip growled and fell of the dog's head, the large beast towered over young Pip, his yellow eyes were blank, and filled with blood thirsty ambition. Pip looked over to Sally, "help!" He screamed, Sally gulped down her fear and charged at the beast, she pounced, but a sharp squeaky voice hit the air. "This way! You can't take him yet!"
Pip turned his head to see a beutiful black and white terrior staring with horror at the dogs, "come on! You need to come!" The dog barked. "Are you Princess Penelapi?" Rufas asked, "no," the dog stated. "I am Flight, the princess's lady in waiting." Flight bounced off, Sally followed, and Pip struggled out of the beast's grip, darting for his life. Rufas grasped his nephew by the scruff and ran. Pip felt the beast's hot breath hit his ankles, he ran harder, passing old Rufas. Pip stopped dead in his tracks. "Rufas!" He called and saw the old dog only a few feet from the beast's deathly grip. Pip gasped, Night's weight was holding the old dog down, "Sally! Slow down!" Pip called to Sally who was in the lead. Sally stopped, her paws kicking up dirt, "Flight! Stop!" She called to the little black and white terrior. Flight stopped, she ran twords the beast. "What is she doing!" Pip growled, Flight charged harder. Flight jumped up into the air, she had her lips curled into a horrid snarl. She fell down and landed, fangs first, onto the beast's neck. Blood burst out from the slither of skin perched open on the black, shiny, pelt. "Run! That won't hold him for long!" Flight hit Rufas's rump, "go!" Rufas yelped, he took off, Night bounced up and down limply in his jaws. Flight took the lead quickly. Sally jetted after her, falling in beside her, Pip lugging behind he wouldn't leave Rufas alone, not again. Pip was amazed to see the old collie running like the wind when a tornado is about to hit. Pip blinked dust from his green eyes, they still held the horrid pictures of the fight. "Where are we going?" Rufas called over to Flight, "the castle!" Flight turned her head, "thats where you will meet Princess Penelapi, her father, and get Night healed, oh also your weapons!" Flight winked.
The dogs came to a giant tree, so big it could hold a billion dog houses. Pip blinked, "we are gonna climb that!" Sally gasped, Flight chuckled, "of course not! You think the princess climbs this every day just to get to her room?!"Flight barked in amusment. Pip didn't think it was that funny, he just wanted to get the hell off the ground so he could get away from that beast, the canine killer. "We should call it the Canine Killer." Pip told Flight, she blinked her splendid brown eyes, like Night's and Rufas's eyes. "Call who?" Flight asked, "the beast, we should call it the Canine Killer." Pip repeated. "Thats a good idea! Now we don't have to call it a beast." Flight smiled. Pip blushed, "er, yeah." Flight turned her head she looked at a log. "This way!" She barked, she ran to the log. Flight grabbed a strong rope in her mouth. She pulled, and the log went a bit higher. "Get in! One at a time! Heavyist first!" Flight smiled, Rufas walked in, Night in his jaws. "Sally! Pip! Can you help me?" The jolly terrior asked, Sally clentched the rope in her jaws, Pip followed. The three pulled hard. The log flew up, Rufas whined a bit, then the log stopped at a flat plank. "Now walk onto the plank!" Flight called up, Pip felt the log grow light and spotted the collies matted fur on the plank of wood. "Sally, you next." Flight ordered, she climbed into the log a bit scared. "Ok Pip pull!" Pip yanked the rope. Sally was a bit harder to pull up. Soon enough she got up, "ok now us." Flight smiled, they got in the log. "How do we get up?" Pip asked. Flight chuckled, "you think I wouldn't know?" She grabbed the rope and put her paws against a little wooden bar. They came to the plank, stepping out of the log. Pip expected the most beutiful place ever, instead it was a blood bathed tree. Peices of fur stuck out of crevaces in the ground. "Over here!" Sally called, Pip darted over. A small black terrior layed on the ground, bloody scratched covered her. Dozens of other dogs were around, all dead. "Hey are you ok?" Pip asked. The terrior opened her blank green eyes. "There all dead." She yipped weakly. "Princess!" Flight yelled.

A fox in a snowstorm Flight bounced over to the princess. "Wheres your father?" The Princess blinked the bloody tears from her eyes, "dead." The Princess said blankly. Flight's eyes widened, with fear and shock. "Good god no." She whispered, "the beast did this." Princess whined, "the Canine Killer!" Pip yelled. Princess looked blank, "who?" Pip explained about how he came up with the name. Then he began to yip like a true terrior, talking one hundred miles per hour, speaking of how they fought the Canine Killer, and how Night is terriblebly injured, then how Rufas lost an eye. "Oh, you poor things." The Princess sighed. "Let's get Night to whats left of the infurmery. She numbly picked herself up and walked away, the dogs followed.
Rufas looked as if he was about to fall over and die, his brown eyes were full of fear for his kin. "God, you better be alright." Rufas kept growling tohimself. "Let's hope." Sally and Flight kept telling him, the put their noses to his ears when he got really worked up, why can't Flight do that to me? Rufas would keep asking. The night went on as that.

Chapter 2: Time of Dying
Pip watched as Princess walked out of the infermery, "he is all stiched up and ready for combat!" She yipped. "Good god! Thank you!" Rufas ran into the little doggie door. Pip followed, he missed Night growling in his ear, he spotted the little sheepdog on a cozy looking bed. The blue patchwork blanket that he was laying on reminded Pip of his blanket, the little red one in his dog house. "Night?" Rufas asked his injured nephew. Night perked his head up weakly, "Rufas!" Night smiled, Rufas padded over, there was a huge scrarche mark right across Night's side. It came down to his under belly, there were little tiny rabbit bones sewed over it so it wouldn't bleed. "Come on let's go fight!" Night yelled, he stood up and ran to the doggie door. Pip ran out after him, Rufas pushed him. "Sorry! I'm a bit jumpy still." Rufas barked the apoligy. Pip nodded and went through the doggie door. "Are you all set?" Flight asked the group, "yup!" Sally growled, she put her paw out. "I'm at your service." Night put his shaggy paw on hers. "I will fight, or die trying." Rufas licked his lips with excitment. Pip paused for a moment, should I do this? I mean, I could die. No more owner pups scratching my belly, or giving me treats. What would I do if Sally died? Or even, god forbid, Flight? "Are you going or what!" Sally growled. Pip shrugged, "why not." He put his small paw on Rufas's then Flight barked, "I'm comeing too!" Then Sally butted in, "why? This isn't your fight!" Pip sighed. "Yes it is, that Canine Killer killed my beloved pup, named Dorathy, and my mate, Todd." Flight began to cry. "You can fight if you really wish." Pip walked over to her. Their eyes set evenly. "Let's go!" Night growled, the pack shot off.
Pip set paw into the woods where evil attacked them. "Good gravy flavored dog kiblets." Sally looked at a bush, her eyes filled with familier horror. "There he is!" The Canine Killer shot out of the bush like a bullet. It crashed down, not a nose from Sally, it took off it long sword. "Die." It spoke for the first time, it's morphed voice sounded ugly and horrific. It jumped onto Sally, "what are you doing!" She cried, "you are the game." Came the morphed voice, "he thinks we are the game, like deer to a hunter, or a fox to the hound, or the fish to the bird." Night squeked. Pip flew up in the air, and he landed on the Canine Killers head again. He tore at it's cheeks. "Aroo!" The dog snarled. Pip got thrown off and hit a tree, he growled and stood back up. He saw Flight growling, and tearing at the dog's back. He perked up his ears to see Sally sliding away. "Good, now to attack." Pip snarled and lept into the air. The Canine Killer smiled, it threw Flight off, then Flight hit Pip. Night and Rufas jumped onto the dog. The dog took it's knife by the string and held it in it's razor sharp metal teeth. Then the knife swung, hitting Rufas. Slicing his belly so that blood dropped out like a bomb. Followed by a limp thud to the ground.
"God no!" Night growled and bit the Canine Killer's muzzle. Pip darted over to Rufas, blinded by tear. "Rufas?" He looked into Rufas's eyes "Pip my boy." Rufas coughed out the words, "you are a good puppy, stay that way." He gasped for air. "Oh Rufas, you shouldn't of came." Pip sighed. "Yet, I wanted to. Now Pip, Flight loves you." Rufas smiled a bit. Pip blinked. "I love her too, but Rufas we can't live with out yo-" Rufas cut him off. "As my dying request, please be mates with Flight." Pip blinked, "but Rufas." Those were the last words. Rufas's eyes went glazy. Glazed with death. Blood poured out of him and washed up onto Pip's paws. Pip's eyes widened, "no, no," then he stopped. "I had enough!" Pip bared his shiny thorn sharp teeth. He pounced onto the Canine Killer. Ripping at the dog's legs so it would collapse. As expected, the beast collapsed and snarled. Pip jumped onto it's back and bit down on it's spine, hoping to break it. The blood shot out like a pistal. The beast closed it's eyes, forever. "You killed it!" The Princess's shreik made him jump. "You actually killed it!" Flight stared at the lifless body. "Yet, Rufas died." Pip felt tears stream down his face. Mixing with the blood, the tears turned red. "Let's go home." Sally breathed for the first time of the journy. "You can't! Look!" Night pointed his snout to gleaming yellow eyes, with a pair of green eyes beside it. The dogs came out, young dobermans, with metal teeth, metal claws, and the knife hanging off their backs. "Oh god." Night snarled. (You didn't think I would kill her that quickly did you? The blood bath is just beginning.)
"The blood baths just begining!" The female snarled. Her yellow eyes hit Pip like a bullet, when tha males soft blue eyes held horror. The female jumped onto Pip, snarling and biting. He felt the familier metal shock on his shoulder. He collapsed, everything went black.

A fox in a snowstorm Pip awoke in a cage. He spotted FLight in the cage with him, smelling Sally in the cage next to him. Night's black fur was barly visible across the room. Pip saw Rufas's body in the cage next to Night. "Where are we!" Pip growled. Flight picked up her head. "The pups defeated us easily, their metal teeth are covered with poison. The kind that makes you go to sleep." Flight told him. "Their gonna mutate us." She finished off big. "No!" Pip heard Sally growl. "I won't let them!" Pip sighed. "We could break out of here with other dogs help. Dogs! Dogs of any breed! This is Pip! A white terrior! I am a pet! Sent to the forest to defeat these monsters! With that I killed the old one, yet need to kill the pups!" Pip yelled. It was silent. "I am Flo! A English Cocker Spaniel! I was a rouge! My mother murdered by the beast you killed!" The dog sounded young. "Hello Flo!" Sally yelled, "I am Sally! The German Sheperd husky mix! Sent from the life of a pet to defeat this beast!" Sally yelled, "Hello Sally! I am Thunder! A black Great Dane!" Thunder's loud bark made Pip shrink back in fear. "Hello Thunder! I am Night! The black Shetland SheepDog!" Night paused, "I wad sent here to kill the beast from the life of a pet! My Uncle Rufas the Collie was murdered by th beast!" Silence once more. "Greeting Night! I am Vixie! The fawn Akita!" Voice was very soft. The night went on as the dogs talked.
As sunshine broke through the windows, Pip stood up. He saw the two dobermans walk through the door. "Great." He muttered. The female doberman, who the group name Female, and the male Chuck, peered into a cage close to Pip. She dragged out a English Cocker Spaniel, "Flo!" Pip growled. He watched, helpless from the cage. This dog was nice to him over the night, her and the others. Vixie talked to Night mostly, but Thunder and Flo were very nice to him. Pip gulped down the feeling to yell as he watched his friend be pulled to a metal table. "How can dogs do this?! We have no thumbs!" Pip whispered. "God, let this be a dream." Flight squinted her fearfull gaze tightly shut. "We have to help her." Pip told Flight, "how? We're helpless!" Flight whined. "Not that helpess, we do have a Great Dane with us." Sally butted in. Pip blinked sadly, "we don't stand a chance against their poisoness fangs." Pip growled. "I thought this nightmare was over!" Flight's eyes weren't their soft blue, yet a wild blue. They held exastion and fear, and death. Mostly death, sickning death. This frightened Pip, it was like staring at the Canine Killer all over again. "Flight calm down!" Pip growled. "Wait, wheres Princess?!" Pip just noticed the young dog wasn't talking. She didn't introduce herself last night either. "Pip." Sally talked to him slowly, like he was a still a young pup. "Princess is dead."
Chapter 3: Mutated and grief
Pip blinked, "how?" His voice was cracked, he choked on his tears. "She died at the attack."Sally again talked slowly once more. "You don't have to talk that slow! I'm not dumb!" Pip began to cry. "We failed! It doesn't matter now! We could just go home." Pip collapsed under the weight of pure greif. "We failed." He repeated. "No we didn't! We still have a chance!" Sally snarled to him. "How? The princess is dead! The whole royal family is gone!" Pip snarled, "not the whole royal family." Flight smiled. Pip blinked, was this all a trick? He must be dreaming. "Pip, your the son of Princess's brother." Flight breathed. Pip narrowed his eyes, this is a trick, it has to be, this is a dream. Everything goes YOUR way in a dream. Yet I wouldn't want Rufas or the princess dead. I would love to be a prince though, Prince Pip. Has a nice ring to it, Flight could be his princess, Princess Flight. Sally could be her lady in waiting, then Night could be a knight. Maybe I could make Thunder, Flo, and Vixie something. Then Pip heard a zap, he remeberd. "Flo!" He screeched.
Pip forced himself to look tword the table. He saw Flo under a lazer type thing. "No." Pip growled. He watched as the lazer hit Flo, making her turn green. "No, be a dream!" Pip growled under his breath. The reflection of the green light pounced onto his green eyes. Pip couldn't look away, the light sort of pulled him closer, before he knew it, his nose hit the metal bars. "Ouch." He whispered. Pip saw the same reaction on Night's and Sally's, Flight didn't look the same way though. He wonderd if it only did this to the dogs on the mission. Then he saw a white light and got drowsy and weak. His legs began to shake, he felt really dizzy. He collapsed to the ground and saw Night do the same. He was to weak to turn his head, but he heard Sally collapse. Everything went black.
Pip opened his eyes, yet really didn't know it. Everything was pitch black, the lights must be off, or it wouldn't be this dark. He stood up slowly, and looked at the cages, not really seeing them. "Thunder? Sally? Flight?Night? Vixie?" Pip called. "Flo?" He finished. "I'm ok." Thunder barked, "same." Vixie said. "I'm here!" Flight yipped. "Pip? I'm ok." Sally said. "Flo?" Pip yelled. "Flo!" He yelled louder. "Pip?" Flo answered weakly. "Flo! Are you ok?" Pip felt tears come. NO! No crying! I won't cry. I've cried too much! Pip stood up, "this is it! I am getting out! We all are!" Pip bashed into the iron bars. His whine echoed through the dark room, again and again, he bashed into the bars, and again and again his whine came. More hurt every time, Pip lifted up his leg to the shoulder he was bashing with. He tried again. "Pip stop it! Your gonna kill yourself!" Flight growled, Pip ignored her. He backed up so much he was touching the icey wall and darted forwars with his shoulder tword the bars. All you could here was a pitching yowl of pain and iron shatter. "Pip?!" Sally yelled. Pip stood up weakly outside of his cage. "I'm out!" He ran to where he heard Flo. "Flo? Flo are you ok?" Pip felt her fur in his nose, "Pip, you have to go." Flo sighed, her breathing was heavy and tiring. "Go!" Flo growled, "free the others and g-" Flo's breathing stopped and she grew limp.

Thats Canine Killer! Please comment on this! Let me know ho it is.

A fox in a snowstorm Pip padded away, he had to free the others, for Flo, for his owners back home wondering where he went. He stood in the middle of the room. "All dogs! Start bashing the cage bars with your shoulder! Do not use your head though!" He was cut off by hurtful bashing sounds. Whines and yips blew into the air, easily breaking through the sound of metal crunching under muscle. Pip winced, he hated having to hear this, also making them do it, but it was the only way. Thunder was out first, he crashed onto the floor. "Ouch!" He whined. Pip sniffed at him. "You ok?" He asked. "Yeah." He stood up. "I can't do this anymore!" Fawn whined and collapsed. Night growled. "You have to Vixie! You have to get through this! Think of your pups!" Pip almost fell over when he heard those last words. Pups!? Vixie has pups! Vixie whined, but stood up. Another few bashes later and she fell onto the hard floor. Night bashed out and greeted her. Pip nodded. "Ok, let's go!" Pip darted forward, he heard the others following.
Pip felt like a pack leader, he smiled as he lead the dogs through the metal floors of the home. He may of been the smallest, but he was the bravest of all he new. "Wait!" Pip whipped his head around to see Night almost in tears. "What about Rufas?" Pip sighed at the comment. "Night, we have to leave him." He pushed the words out, it felt as if a ball of ice was inside of his throat, growing bigger, and bigger with every breath. "Why?" Night began to cry. "Night! He would only slow us down! Just drop it!" Sally growled. Night put his tail between his legs. "Ok.." he sniffed. Pip was outstanded, his jaw dropped. "Better pick that jaw up and keep going or I'll do it for you." Flight growled next to him. He nodded quickly, and led away. Thunder leaned in with Pip, "what about the Female?" He asked. "We'll kill her. Along with her brother." Pip skidded to a hault again. "Together we can do this!" He turned to his pack. "Together we can do this!" He barked louder. The pack began to bark back. Pip sighed, he felt different. Ever since he was told he was part of the royal family, he has felt different. "Let's go!" He started to run faster.
Pip poked his nose around the corner, dog smell, doberman smell, male doberman smell. Pip pressed himself against the wall. "The male is right over there." He whispered. His heart pounded againsthis chest. "Sally, Thunder,Flight, and I will get him down. Then Vixie will get the answers, Night, you stand guard for Female. "Ok." The pack whispered. "Come on!" Pip nodded, the chosen group darted forward. Pip remembed the frightened eyes on the male dog. He crashed onto him and sat on his muzzle, making him unable to speak. Sally grabbed the stub of a tail and Thunder put his paw on the dog's back. Vixie trotted out. "Ok dog, where is Female?" She bared her razor sharp teeth. "Out getting more dogs." The dog whined. "Vixie ask him where the other dogs are kept!" Sally barked. "Their kept in that room." Vixie growled. "I'm asking the questions here bub!" She got in his face. "Now where are the other dogs kept!?" She repeated. "In that room." He pointed his nose over to a doggie door, his voice muffled by Pip's blood soaked fur. They jetted to the door. "Vixie, you go guard with Night." Pip said. "Anything Pip." She smiled and trotted out. "Jerk." Flight whispered. Pip ignored her and stared at a single cage in the middle of the room. "It might be a trap, so I'll go." Sally began to drag herself outward.
Pip gulped as Sally looked in the cage. "All clear!" She yelled. Pip and Thunder trompled outwards. Flight followed more gracefully. They all peered inside the cage, Pip's eyes softened at the sight of the lone pup. A small bloodhound, it's wrinkles making it cuter. The little pup turned it's head to reveal dark green eyes. "What's your name?" Sally asked. "Olive." The pup stood on her legs. Her ears flopped down under her. "Olive!" She repeated. "The bloodhound!" She barked happily. "Do want to leave?" Flight asked. Olive nodded. Thunder stood up and landed on the cage, easily making a dent. Olive squeezed through the small dent and lolled her tounge out. "Let's go! She's going to be back soon." She ran to the door. Thunder picked the puppy up. "Huh? Thanks." She smiled. "Don't mention it pup." He smiled. "You need a rest." They walked away, only to hear Night's scream and Vixie's growl.
Pip ran tword the scream to see blood pouring out of the corner. He ran forward and saw Night's body lying there, again. Thunder put Olive down. "Flight, watch her." Flight nodded and pulled the pup closer to her. "Stay close darling."
Pip jumped onto Female, she was back. He tore at her ears, like he had done with her mother. Female growled but began to shak, her eyes twitched. "Huh?" Pip jumped off. Female began to spark. "Ok, since when do dogs spark?" Thunder asked. "They don't!" Vixie whined. Female let out a huge growl, then her head exploaded. "What the? Shes a robot!" Pip smelled the burnt metal that fell everywhere. "Well let's go home." Pip said. Sally began to cry of joy. "It's over." She whispered. "We won, we did it." Night picked himself up weakly. "What about him? Flight looked at Female's brother cowering in the corner. "And me, Thunder, Vixie, and Olive?" Flight asked. "We have no owners to return to, only a destroyed village..." Pip smiled. "Flight, you can come live with me! My owners would love you! Vixe, I'm sure Night won't mind you living with him! Thunder, your big, but I know a sad women next door to me who could use a good friend. And young Olive! I'm sure Sally could use some company." Pip smiled. He then looked at the brother. "You can come too. I know somone who might want you." He came out of the corner. The friends walked away.
"Theres something I have to do first." Pip said as they walked outside. He grabbed branches in his mouth. He rubbed them together and fire sparked. He threw the branches at the building. "May Rufas rest in peace." With that the pack walked away, flames sparking behind them. The battle was over, the won. Together they defeated the Canine Killer. Together they did.

A fox in a snowstorm Epilouge
Pip watched as his pups ran around his yard. "Get together pups, your Aunts and Uncles are coming over." He smiled as Flight walked over and leaned next to him. As she said that Night walked in with his mate, Vixie, and his adopted pups, Flutter, Jake, and Eli. Sally walked in with Thunder and Olive, followed by Male, now named Storm. The pups played all day. Pip smiled at his friends. He would never forget what happened, three years ago.He would never forget Rufas either. "Rufas get off your sister!" Pip growled at his only son; Rufas.

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