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Hi Nadine!

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message 1: by Oana (new)

Oana | 17 comments Hi Nadine,

I was going to create a French history reading group but checked first if there were others and saw yours.

Usually I read 5-10 books on whatever country I am travelling to next and since I may visit France again soon, I thought I would finally delve into my list of to-read books on French history and French topics. It might be fun to have a group read. But however you take this group, it should be interesting. :)

message 2: by Nadine (new)

Nadine (britishfrenchhistoryenthusiast) | 11 comments Mod
Hi Oana! Great! I am so excited to have someone join the group. Its been up for a couple of weeks now, but I am not sure how the word about groups gets out. I went to Paris last year and I loved it! Seeing all the places I've read about was incredible. My next book on France will be France: The Dark Years, 1940-1944. What periods of time in French History are particularly interested in?

message 3: by Oana (new)

Oana | 17 comments Hi Nadine,

No particular period, though I have spent a lot of time on the 1780-1800 period. I also started reading about Paris after picking up a book there about the Huguenots (actually a Dumas novel) and passing by the places mentioned in the book. I'd be reading about some place then realize I was sitting next to that very church, etc.

It takes a while for people to gravitate towards the groups. I created one on medieval nonfiction when I did a work project that ended in August 2009; people are still joining that one.

I've noticed other people start discussions on different topics or start a group book read (here's one from another group I belong to: I see that my library has France: The Dark Years.

Though boy is that one long! :)

message 4: by Nadine (new)

Nadine (britishfrenchhistoryenthusiast) | 11 comments Mod
Yes, I just started "France: The Dark Years" two days ago and I think I am bit in over my head. The author seems like he is going to take an in-depth critical analysis of the period. It might end up being the hardest history book I've read so far except for a book I read on the French Revolution (though that one could have just been boring for me and not difficult). The first book I read on French History was actually about Catherine De Medici. Then I started reading about the Bourbons - it is definitely my favorite period so far.

Well, so glad you came aboard. I hope others find us soon. I will let you know how "France: The Dark Years" plays out :-).

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