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The relationships between the characters.

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W.C. Peever (wcpeever) | 2 comments Mod
Hello my name is Bill (aka. W.C. Peever…aka… the author of the Jumper Chronicles Series) and as I write the second and third book I find myself interested in what my audience would like to see happen to the relationships between the main characters. A few fans have written me about these relationships; some fans love where things seem to be going, some are angry about them. When I found out that I had fans I was over the moon, when I found out that they were interested and invested in the relationships I was over Pluto… (I am still not really over the fact that Pluto is no longer a planet). So I am putting it out there, I am not saying that I am going to change anything, I have a set idea in my head about where I want things to go in the series, I am however interested to hear what you have to say. After all…you never know. Thank you all!

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W.C. Peever (wcpeever) | 2 comments Mod
Yes... at this point my fans are mostly critics, their spouses and people who have won an A.R.C. from a contest. But it’s a start and some of my reviewers have had stunning insights into my book! I plan on keeping this site going for at least a year, so that when my B&M release happens in December those readers can join as well!
Thank you all!

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