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What do you wanna do???

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Uhhh there are two of these just to let you know

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what??? howd that happen???

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hmmmmmmmm so what type of rp???

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Uhhh idk like a highschool one??

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K make your charrie.

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Name: Grace
Gender: F
B-day: 12/31/94
Age: 16
Grade: 10th

Personality: Sweet and shy she has a loud, fun side she chooses to show, most the time though she is just quiet, she sticks up for her friends and isn't afraid to fight.
Crush; none yet
Family: Her dad and mom are divorced she lives with her dad..
Other:She has gone through more then she well tell, she is hard to read and feels like she is alone in this world, she also works in a Cafe after school to help out her dad.
Talents: She draws all the time and she is very good at it, she also just started to play the guitar but is learning fast.

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Youuuuur turn :)

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Name: Vincent Valentine
Gender: M
Age: 15
Birthday: 11-10-1994
Grade: 10th
Looks: Brown hair and eyes, weres jacket all the time(no hes not like zack), and usally weres baggy jeans.
Personality: Smart(though lazy and is SOMETIMES clueless), protective, gets in troble alot, fights alot, and shy around girls.
Family: Mother and jackhole of a step-dad(real dads dead.)
Other:..... has been arrested multiple times for different things. none which he openly shares the reason behind
Talent: plays piano very well, and is good at writing.

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Grace slowly walked to to school wishing it were still summer

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Vincent drives by on his way to school in his new loutis.

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((Excuse me you are only 15 :D))

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((so his birthdays is tomarrow. hey we should put their birthdays up.))

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Grace watched him past

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Vincent stops at school and sees a group of people. "Damn it," he mumbled, "THIS is going to get intresting."

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Grace folowed reaching school a minute after him

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already Vincent is fighting the group of boys(who are jocks :). But hes getting his ass beaten.

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Seeing this Grace quickly runs up " Stop it!!!" she yells

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"Stay out of this bitch." says one of the jocks.

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Turning to him she punchs him in the nose before grabbing both his shoulders and kneeing him in the balls " you stay the Fuck out of it." she says spitting on him

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(sorry had to go)

Vincent takes out the other 2.(thats all there was.)
"thx for helping. Whats you name??" he says looking at the ground.

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'Grace." she said

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"nice name. Im Vincent. uhhhh i should go." runs into the building without looking at Grace.

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she sighes slowly folowing him into the building There goes any chance of making a friend she thought

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(( btw I added a couple things in my charrie profile..))

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(saw 'em)

Vincent looks round the corner at the girl who helped him.

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(( Mkay))

She walked to her locker getting out her biology book before siting down on the floor and leaning against the lockers she pulled out her scetch book.

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Vincent just watches wishing he had the courage to talk to her.

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She slowly opens the Scetch book to a certain page before starting to draw, not yet sure what it is she just lets her hand to all the thinking

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Vincent sighs. He looks at his wath and noteses he needs to get to his locker soon. But the girl was ridgt next to his locker.

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after a while her drawing starts to take form 'a human...a boy' she thought...

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Vincent starts to walk to his locker.

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Grace hears footsteps and quickly looks up seeing Vincent she closes her scetch book quickly finally realizing who she was drawing.

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((okay bye!))

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"ummmmm high," says vincent looking at the ground.

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"Hi." she said smiling before standing up shoving her scetchbook into her bag

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"ummmm what were you drawing???"

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" Oh uhhh just a ....lake." she said finally

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"oh..... r u good?"

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" I don't know..." she said blushing

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"oh..... can you move pleas? I need my books and to get to music." he looks at the ground.

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she blushed even deeper " Sorry." she said quickly moving

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"Umm yeah." He gets his books. "so.... thx again for helping me earlyer."

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She shrugged " I wasn't going to let you die on the first day beck." she said jokingly

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(beck???? :P )

"Yeah well thx....... so what do you have next???"

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