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Locé Styx ours. <3

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Locé Styx amazing...

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Locé Styx yeah... i like long live better though :)

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Locé Styx yeah its in her album speak now, really good...
"i had the time of my life, fighting dragons with you"

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Teresa Somebody please tell me something. I can't seem to able to put an image on this comment section. I've tried Photobucket-nothing, Google Images-nothing. I've tried copy and paste-nothing.
All I need someone to do is tell me how you put your picture on this comment section or perhaps anywhere else I might want to add a picture. HELP!!!!
I want an actual picture to show, not just an url or whatever for you click on to see the picture.
I REALLY like to see a picture to be able to be copied and pasted here. PLEASE help.

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Teresa It seems when I ask somebody something, it takes them forever. Is there anybody that can what I had written before this that I'm writing now.

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