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**PLEASE keep in mind woman captains were not to common**

Rank(captain, mate, gunner/powder monkey etc):

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Name: Ruby Stone
Age: 21
Gender: MALE
Personality: Smart, cocky, laid back, but can be intense and over protective
Appearance: description
Ship: The Phantom Blade
Rank: fighter and second mate
History: His father gambled him to a pirate ship when he was eight. Amazingly enough he lived through thirteen years of the mess. The captain was sort of a replacement father, but not so much. Ruby is ready to find a new ship to be on
Other: Keeps a gun and blade on him at all time, likes making things go BOOM

Name: Zyra
Age: 19
Gender: F
Rank: hehehe, wench serving maid at a pirate bar
Personality: stubborn loud rude sarcastic. Can be fairly funnyand nice when she wants to be
Appearance: tall, slender, long black hair, deep blue eyes. She is fairly pale and has dark circles under eyes from sleepless nights. She has a birthmark on her right ankle.
Ship: not yet
History: She doesnt really remember it. She and her father traveld alot on his little fishing boat. But on one island she was "cursed". The next port they landed in Zyra's father died and she found work at the Pirate pub. After a few months at the pub and old woman came in and gave Zyra a necklace with a large black jewel hanging from it telling her to keep it safe.
Family: dead
Other: Tries to keep the necklace tucked away.

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Jazz | 2 comments Name: Timber Thorn
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Rank: Captain
Personality: Outgoing and forceful. Hard to cooperate with, she always wants it her way.
Appearance: Short, slender, soft grey eyes, hair always tied back in a ribbon, she likes to keep it back when she invents.
Ship: The Black Pearl
History: Her mum was a pirate. Piracy is in her blood, making her the best/youngest pirate to ever captain a ship. At 15 she's confused about who she is, and what she's really looking for. She's also ready to find love.
Crush: Alex, her 1st mate.

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