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games on kindle... how to??

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message 1: by Maxine (new)

Maxine (maxine_peters) | 31 comments Hi everyone.
Maxine from Australia.

I grabbed a freebie off the Amazon site, Sudoku game.
I put it into my document folder on Kindle but it comes up as a document and not the game..

my Q to you.... where do you put the games??
I found the tic tac toe game and have played that but I do love the challenge of Sudoku.

message 2: by Erika (new)

Erika (erikareading) Maxine, I got this game too. The game is played in the amazon browser so there should be a link to click when you open the 'book' and then instructions on how to get this to work. Maybe I can look later to see which folder the game downloaded to.

message 3: by Maxine (new)

Maxine (maxine_peters) | 31 comments that would be great if you could look for me. my wifi is not working right now so i have been downloading to my pc and transfering them over to my kindle.

message 4: by Erika (last edited Nov 09, 2010 05:05PM) (new)

Erika (erikareading) Okay, I've checked now. It is in the documents folder. Maybe you could delete it and retry. Maybe somehow it didn't transfer over right. I'm not sure what else could be wrong. Do any links at all show up for you? What's the first thing you see when you click on the "book" from your home page?

message 5: by Maxine (new)

Maxine (maxine_peters) | 31 comments ok clicked on the sudoku link on my home page and it gives me..... sudoku setup, wait, its not at the begginning.

mobi sudoku: volume 1

ahhhhhh its giving me links to click on.

oh golly gosh, now i feel silly.

message 6: by Erika (new)

Erika (erikareading) You found it? Yay! Don't feel silly. It was confusing for me too :)

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