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Personality(At least three sentances):
Secret(two max):
Other(Please include classes and stuff they may like to do):

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Name: Jezzabell (Bell)
Age: 17
Gender: F
Grade: 11
Personality(At least three sentances): Bell is a bit dark and twisty. She doesnt smile to often, but mainly because she is afraid to appear weak and vulnerable. She can be nice and funny if you just get to know her.
Appearance: description no piercings
Family: Little sister(11) and brother(1), Mom and aunt.
Secret(two max): Her little brother is actually her own son. Thats why she is 17 and a junior
History: At the age of 16 she had a boyfriend who abused her a bit. She ended up getting pregnant and dropping out of school. Her father died when she was fifteen but they stretched to real date to cover the pregnancy. Bell's aunt came to live with them after Bell got pregnant. Her boyfriend left her and moved across the country with his family.
Other: She is a science fanatic. Mainly to do with hte ocean. She loves marine life and going to the beach. English is okay, math is fine. Photography is fun to, but she mainly likes to do it as a past time. She loves the piano and is fairly skilled. She loves her son and tries to raise him well.

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Name: Kyle
Age: 17
Gender: M
Grade: 12
Personality(At least three sentances): He is a bit full of himself. Cocky, arrogant. But he is funny and sometimes has a side that shows he cares. Is protective of his friends and those he cares about.
Appearance: description
Family: Mom, dad, older brothers(19, 21), younger sister (15)
Secret(two max): One of his brothers is actually dead and has been for two years, the twenty one year old.
-Kyle is very smart, though he may not act like it, Harvard is showing great interest in him
History: His family is rich, thats where the cocky ness comes from. At the age of 15 he and his brother, the one that is dead, were driving the brother had a siezure and crashed the car. Kyle was fine but his brother killed on contact. Kyle shook it off and has been trying to forget it. His mother keeps bringing it up pinpointing it on him.
Other: English likely as not. He is very good at getting things done his way. He will play some baseball, and runs cross country.

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♥Cassie♥ | 18 comments Name: Bridget
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: 12th
Personality(At least three sentances): She is really sweet but kind of shy around people she doesn't know. The only time you wll ever see her be mean is if you mess with her or someone she close too. Also shes pretty smart and makes decent grade
Family: She lives with her Aunt Kelly
Secret(two max): Her dad died and her mother got in an accident and is now in a coma.
History:Her aunt is not really rich ut can pay the bills and they liv in a decent size house. Bridget works at a library so she can get extra money. Also she wants to go to UGA
Other(Please include classes and stuff they may like to do): She does dance and gymnastics and is pretty fit. She has a lot of friends but isnt the most popular girl

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♥Cassie♥ | 18 comments Can she like Kyle please?????

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♥Cassie♥ | 18 comments kk thank :)))))

Nicole aka Sparkles aka Lizzie :D (lizzynette) | 43 comments Mod
Name: Lexi
Age: 17
Gender: female
Grade: 12
Personality(At least three sentances): She's mostly outgoing, but is also shy. She's a little insecure about herself and is convinced no guy will ever like/want her. She used to wear her heart on her sleeve til a guy hurt her and she's now guarded.
Family: mom, dad, 2 older sisters
Secret(two max): writes poetry. scared she'll be alone forever
History: gave everything up for a guy and he walked away with her heart. got in a car accident and nearly died, was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks.
Other: likes writing classes, has a lot of friends, likes watching some sports (baseball is favorite but will also watch football and basketball)

;;BaileyGray♥ Name: Shay Brookes
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: 10

Personality: Shay is very sarcastic, and can sometimes come off as rude. She can be a bit of a people pleaser, but she still stays true to herself. Shay can be very flirty, and a bit of a tease.
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 125
Popularity Level: Shay gets along with almost everyone.
History: Shay grew up in an upper middle class family. She lived in Australia until she was 12, then she moved to Albertauntil she was 15. She moved here a year ago.
Family: Mom(Sarah), Step-Dad(Brad) and Brother(Blake)
Her dad passed away just beofre her 15th birthday. Her mom quickly remarried (mainly for money, but she would never admit it). Her real dad taught her everything there is to know about cars
Crush: Open
Other: Shay is an amazing artist. She always has her sketchbook with her. She also plays Guitar, Piano, Sax and she sings. She has a very light Australian accent.

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