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Terri Armstrong (TArmstrong) | 21 comments Murder, forensics, two, female P.I.’s…infinite possibilities!

Throw together two, FBI agents, two police stations, three forensic teams, four bodies, five possible murderers, two cross-dressers, a self-important, money-loving, ex-mob princess and a sometimes irrational woman who talks to herself and her Mexican Chihuahua and you get more than you can imagine.

Starleen Maddox (from Armstrong’s Menacing Trilogy) and Teresa Mancini (from Reina’s Ivanovich Series) are up-close-and-personal to a horrendously appalling crime. In the face of such horror, they did what anyone would do…they ran! Add to that the very bad idea—born from Teresa’s imagination—to start a P.I. business, basically to catch the guilty party and absolute pandemonium erupts!

Readers will find themselves smack dab in the middle of not one, not two or three murders, but four separate crimes where the FBI and the very new, very green “P.I’s” collide on more than one occasion. The murders are grisly, the forensic analysis is deep and both are only rivaled by extreme humor!

Two different characters from two different authors’ novels? Yes, you read it right, something that—as far as we know—has never been done before in the literary world. You might ask yourself, ‘how does that work?’ It works very well and you can read it for yourself in the newest book put out by Armstrong and Reina titled, “A Stab in the Dark” to be released in 2011.

If you have any comments, we look forward to them. You are welcome to email Terri Ann at or Starr Gardinier Reina at

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R.D. LeCoeur | 28 comments I am delighted to announce that the Sony Reader forum has selected my book, New Shoes as their December book of the month.

message 3: by Terri (new)

Terri Armstrong (TArmstrong) | 21 comments Congratulations, R.D.! Anything that brings your book to the forefront is wonderful. I wish you continued success and joy with your craft! Have a great day.

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