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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 225 comments I wish all books had a glossary of terms like the BDB books. I just started Darkfever and Im completely confused with these terms. Ive never read a faery book before. Can someone fill me in? What is sidhe-seer, seelie, and unseelie?

message 2: by FlibBityFLooB (new)

FlibBityFLooB Hey Rebecca,

Try flipping to the back of the book. My copy of DarkFever has a section called: "Glossary
from Mac’s Journal" that translates things for yoU :)

In my copy it's around page 350 or so

Has things like:
"UNSEELIE: the “dark” court of the Tuatha Dé Danaan.
According to Tuatha Dé Danaan legend, the Unseelie
have been confined for hundreds of thousands of years
in an inescapable prison. Inescapable, my *bleep*"

message 3: by Mariya (last edited Nov 07, 2010 05:49PM) (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) | 157 comments if you flip to the back there should be terms like these

SlDHE-SEER (SHE-seer):a person Fae magic doesn't work on, capable of seeing past the
illusions or "glamour" cast by the Fae to the true nature that lies beneath. Some can also see
Tabh'rs , hidden portals between realms. Others can sense Seelie and Unseelie objects of power.
Each sidh-seer is different, with varying degrees of resistance to the Fae. Some are limited, some
are advanced with multiple "special powers."

SEELIE:the "light" or "fairer" court of the Tuatha Dé Danaan governed by the Seelie Queen,

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 225 comments Ok thanks!

message 5: by Pansy (last edited Nov 14, 2010 06:18PM) (new)

Pansy | 739 comments I read the highlander series first and it helped a lot, especially the last 4 books. The last book goes into great detail about all things fae(Seelie and Unseelie). I just started Darkfever today. I have heard lots of great things about this series.

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