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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ashleigh walked into the lunchroom, looking around for somebody to sit with. It was no problem of finding who and where to sit with, it just a matter that if she wanted to sit there.

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments Sam sat alone, eating nothing but an apple, He looked depressed but he was quit happy

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ashleigh decided that today was going to be the day she sat with someone different. Then she spotted a boy in the corner of the lunchroom, eating alone with an apple in his hand. She walked over to the table and stood there shyly saying "uh hi, can I uh, sit here?" She pointed to the seat beside him waiting patiently.

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments "Ya sure, I don't see why not" Sam aid a little confused, he didn't usualy get people to sit with him yet even talk to him.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ashleigh smiled brightly and sat beside him, extending her hand, "I'm Ashleigh" she said, changing her excited smile to a warm one. "And you are....?"

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments "Sam, It's nice to finaly talk to you Ashleigh" He said changing his attitude to a kind and better one, he really needed someone to talk to and he was glad someone wanted to talk to him

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ashleigh smiled, "I like the name Sam, it's very cute. As are you" she said with another smile as she turned to open her chip bag.

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments Sam turned bright red and his face burned up, he got so shy but yet exited inside " Your very pretty" He said not knowing how to talk to her, Sam never spent much time around girls so he didn't really know how to talk to them

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ashleigh popped a chip inside her mouth, "thank you" she said covering her mouth because she was still chewing. "So, Sam, not to seem shallow and ask, but how long have you been at this school? I've never really seen you before" she blushed and bit her lip.

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments "I never really kept track but I would say about 2 years" He answerd opening up a little more

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) "Oh," Ashleigh said in surprise and dropped her chip bag "I know I zone out, but how can I miss a whole entire person for TWO YEARS!?"

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments Sam laughed "It's alright, It's sort of my goal to not be seen" He said sarcastically

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) "Really?" Ashleigh said, "why?" she really wondered why, he was really cute, funny, nice, and seemed smart. Total package, why want to hide it?

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments "I don't know, I guess I'm just to different from everybody else that makes me want to hide from the normal" He explained

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) "How're you different?" Ashleigh asked, now intruigued.

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lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments "Have you noticed that before you came I was sitting alone?" He said giving an example

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) "Well, well yeah, I uh, I did notice that, that's why I sat with you, but that doesn't make you different, per se."

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments "Alright, Have you noticed that you haven't noticed me in 2 years" He said with a sly smile

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ashleigh stuttered, "w-well uh, yeah, oh, I'm sorry" she said with a shy smile, looking down at her feet.

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments "It's alright, I don't hold grudges" Sam explained, Sam felt bad , he felt he had put her in a bad position witch was not what he ment to do

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ashleigh looked up and smiled, "that's good, then." and just then, her best friend since kindergarten, Lindsay came up to the table smiling, and sitting beside Samantha, "Heeeeeeeey Ashleigh! who's your new friend?" she said, pointing to Sam.

((I just noticed i've been saying Samantha o.o))

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments (lol I would have never noticed lol)

Sam looked to his feet, He didn't think that the other girl liked him so he kept quite

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) ((LOOOL ! Smartie ;D))

Ashleigh smiled, "that, would be Sam" she said with a brighter smile, "my new friend. And this, is Lindsay." she pointed to Lindsay. "Shake hands now and be nice" Ashleigh said with a teasing smile and a wink.

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lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments Sam smiled and gave a silent laugh "Hi, Lindsay" He said quietly

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Lindsay smiled and outstretched her hand, "hello there, Sam. Why are you so exciting that you had a chance to steal my best friend away from me?"

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) ((Cough cough. Dallas ;D))

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments Sam gave a glum look he wasn'tsure if she was seriose or not "Ummm sorry" He said with guilt

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Linsday and Ashleigh looked at eachother, then broke out into laugher until they were in tears, "sorry for what?" Linsday said when she had finally finished laughing,

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments Sam's face turned beat red, he was so embarrased , He finallydecided tolet loose andhe started to laugh along with his silliness

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) ((Whaa ? O.o))

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments (Huh? O.O)

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) ((I'm CONFUSED!))

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments (about what)

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Dallas wrote: "Sam's face turned beat red, he was so embarrased , He finallydecided tolet loose andhe started to laugh along with his silliness"


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lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments (oh well lindsay and ashliegh are laughing at him cuz he said sorry for taking Ashliegh away yet they where only kidding)

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) (OH!)

Ashleigh finished laughing with a sigh at the same time as Lindsay, which started a whole new fit of giggles for them.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) ((....))

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) | 45 comments Sam finally stopped giggling and with a smile he asked Lindsay to come sit with them

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