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Dale Carnagie!

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Prasad.bulusu Bulusu One of the earliest and best books I have read!..and perhaps one of the widely read and highly rated books!
...but Dale Carnegie committed suicide and wonder why this paradox..throws some questions if it is easy to express than practise...I am curious always to know what is the behind the scene it a popular figure or a swmi..or a public figure..political movie stars successfull industrialist etc...authour..his/her real life and what they write and what they are real are ...
invite some discussion...
Have a nice day!

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Prasad, i am really interested in this discussion, but i don't have much to say now, what about you... why do you think ?

Amelia Painter Dale Carnegie Training is based on Dale Carnegie's books and teachings. Founded in 1912, the training programs are still very popular. Millions of people have completed one or more of the Dale Carnegie Training courses offered around the world.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a staple for any salesperson that desires to be successful. And, in my opinion, the book has advice that would help most anyone improve their people skills. I highly recommend this book. I've read more times than I can count!

Carol Bro I agree it's an excellent book, but I read it some 35 years ago and it was "dated" even then. The principles, of course, always apply, but has the book been revised and updated to fit our 21st century world?

Jonathan Moran I was not a 100% interested in the subject matter, when I first picked up the book, however I found it to be quite profound, and quite certainly the best book of its kind. I also bought his book on Public Speaking, and must say Mr. Carnegie is one of the top 3 greatest success/self-help writers in history. Hands down!

Shery Elfeky this book is really amazing <3

P.G.Garodia School Library CJ wrote: "I agree it's an excellent book, but I read it some 35 years ago and it was "dated" even then. The principles, of course, always apply, but has the book been revised and updated to fit our 21st cent..."

very correctttt.........

S.Ali The book is amazing and i have learned a lot from it.

R.J. Gilbert I have to wonder how many people have read this book ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Only a small portion of it is about "how to influence people", but that is what I experience the most when interacting with folks who say they've read this book. The chapters on SELF-improvement either didn't sink in or were skipped over in the reader's haste to get to the part where they can manipulate other people into compliance.

I'm not knocking this book. I just wish more people would read it with self-improvement as their goal instead of thinking "How can I make other people do what I want them to?"

Lit Bug This book is about influencing people through self-improvement, I'd say - rather than blatantly trying to get people do what you say, it helps us identify the barriers we create by our subconscious behavior and helps us eliminate personality traits in ourselves that hinder our progress. I think it is a good self-help book. You not only achieve success professionally, but become a better person as well.

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Mike Rabasco I Think this is a great book. It is timeless great advice is given. Of course we have many advantages that were not available in Dales era. This book has value.

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Nick Still in the process of reading this book. I just finished 6 Ways to Make People Like you

For those of you who are contemplating reading this book, READ IT. You will not regret the skills you gain from it

Find it here too

Oliver Schinkten I do not intend to be argumentative, but I disagree that the book is outdated. I have worked with students with this book and I think that the fact the stories are so old is a good thing. I think this allows for the reader to understand why this principle was so important back then, and then is forced to come up with analogies or metaphors for how it is relevant today.

I think that if clear cut scenarios were given that are relative to today, the book would not be as effective because there would be less thought involved. I think that all of these principles are still very relevant today, which is amazing. Thoughts? I could be wrong on this, I just felt that it was beneficial when working with students on this.

Steven Amott You cannot read this book enough.

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Girdhar Joshi If phrases like 'ever-new''never outdated' can be used for any book, this is Dale Carnegie's 'How to win friends...'. The intrinsic human emotion and the reasons what made them happy or sad or laugh or cry remain the same. If honest appreciation of a person could make the other happy 100 years back, it will continue to do so 200 years hence. Therefore, this book is as relevant today as it was 70 years back. It doesn't need any updating.

Awdhesh Singh There is no doubt that this is an excellent book because it tells you to do a task by following the ways which are unusual. The theme of the book is that we must understand the point of view of other person and then persuade the other person to do the job voluntarily rather than forcing him to do the job. (What if he don't do it voluntarily?)

The Dale Carnegie formula work for some situation with some people. However, like a good marketing executive, he makes us believe that it should work all the time and we fail to achieve the goal because we don't follow these unconventional techniques.

If you really follow the techniques of this book all the time, you make your life miserable. It is because we must listen to our own voice also and follow the conventional path most of the time. Unconventional paths must be followed as an exception. If we make them our default action, we may fall in depression and fail in life.

Colleen Quinn Re-read this recently and marvel at how it's still relevant after all these years. love the tips on remembering names, and how to see things from the other guy's pov.

Beverly Dowdell There are many milestone comments in this book which changed my thinking. Changing my thinking changed my world both inside and how I related to people around me. It wasn't easy to set aside past behaviours and attitudes I had learned but it was worth digging it up and throwing it away and starting afresh. That God didn't judge people until the end of their days so what right did I have to criticise made me cry my eyes out for an hour and then the real work of change began! The blessing from that cannot be quantifiable.

3mmar It is such an entertaining and thought shifting book. I read Covey's habits first, then I read this book. After a while I wanted to revisit some of the chapters of Covey's book and I just realized that almost wrote his book and philosophy to criticize Dale and his teachings. Very big contrast in my opinion. Did anyone noticed that too ??

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P.J. McDermott Forty years ago my cousin said it was the most powerful book she had ever read. At the time I couldn't appreciate that 'winning friends and influencing people' was more than manipulation. Ten years after that, I read it myself, several times from cover to cover, plus 'how to stop worrying and start living'. I thought it was the holy grail.
It shaped my life from thereon, but I've met many successful people who have achieved a lot more than I have and they definitely do not espouse the principles therein. So, it's not the Holy Grail for commercial success, but it's still a good way to live your life, I believe.

Keranjit Kaur I have been reading this book since starting a course about managing people. I am trying to use what I have learnt in my work life and some of it seems to work.

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