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You're always reading...but do you ever think of writing?

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message 1: by H (last edited Nov 07, 2010 04:19AM) (new)

H (halm) Now imagine this:

You walk into your favorite bookstore, and you see a book with an amazing cover (must be gorgeous) on the bestsellers shelf. With your name on it.



Now back to reality:

If you do write, is it because you want to be rich and famous or because you just have to write?

I belong to the second category. Sometimes I'd be reading a book and I'll be wishing that I wrote something as good as that.

Anyways, just wanted to start a warming-up topic since the group is empty.

Waiting for your replies.

message 2: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Wow you write books? What are they? Are they available? I've been trying to write books for over a year. Usually it is fine until I get writers block then forget about it. Then I have an inspirational moment and start it all over again! Or did you even write a story? I am writing one about clones and one about ww2 and one about cats, based off of the Warriors series. Great topic by the way!

message 3: by H (new)

H (halm) I finished a book when I was a kid, back when I didn't delete every single sentence because it wasn't good enough. I just wrote whatever came to my mind and enjoyed doing it.

Now, I barely write one-shots so I stick to poetry for now.

Whoa, you're writing about WW2? That's deep, hope you finish it. :D

I write all kinds of things, nothing in particular--whatever flows my boat.

I wish there's a way to get rid of writer's block but as creepy as it sounds, it's all in our heads.

Ciao ;)

message 4: by Adelhaida (new)

Adelhaida | 4 comments Yes,I have began to write more and more.
I love reading a good book that makes you want to write something as soon as you put it down:)

message 5: by H (new)

H (halm) I know the feeling :D

I especially love it when a book's pretty kick-a** good I feel like I wanna write better.

message 6: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Yeah. But it seems that this one book, I posted an escript on a diffrent topic, has almost too much action, and so now I'm stuck.

Did any of you guys publish a book? That would be fun. I think that the easiest type of book to make is a child's book-I've always loved Robert Munch. But then you have to create a lot of pictures with it. I can never seem to end a book. I hear it's the main problem,ending the book. What do you guys think?

message 7: by Adelhaida (new)

Adelhaida | 4 comments I have actually thought of writing children books, and my best friends got a lot of connection:) I have written a short story on my page the other day but I really would like to get more into writing.

message 8: by H (new)

H (halm) The beginning is always easy, you get an idea and you start it off, but then you either get stuck in the middle or the end when there are too many loose ends to tie.

Do you post your writings anywhere? I have an account on FictionPress. I publish my poetry (mostly) there. Great community, pretty supportive people.

message 9: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Wow. I write poetry, but very little. I don't really post much. I's good that their supportive. Do you ever get any critisim? I think that's what I'm worried about.

I always think of sequeling a bookinstead of ending it. Most of us on this site seem to write stories. I collect ideas from many books. I suppose also from dreams and fears. Isn't that what every book is made from?

message 10: by Adelhaida (new)

Adelhaida | 4 comments Yes, you are right. But I think in writing it's most important to develop a stable timeline and a plot this will help with avoiding that matter.

No, I only posted one piece on my page. That was my inspiration from my current read. I'll check that out thank you. Do you enjoy writing more then reading?

message 11: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Hmm.. I'm not sure. I get excited every time I read what I wrote.. But for me it takes a lot of time to really write a book instead of reading it.

But if I don't like something that someone wrote in a book, my book can be better, It's like I'm improving other's books (not plagurism, just very simple plot lines) idea's that I like while writing mine. But since I read fast, and write very slow, and I like to write fast, I guess I like to read more. Because while I'm reading, I get more Ideas for writing..

There are really annoying books that go forward in the timeline 5 years, back ten years, it's very confusing.

I was on an others site one time, and he gave the writers a chance to write a section for him. Maybe he was having a writers block? I think that was a good idea.

(sorry long post!)

message 12: by Adelhaida (new)

Adelhaida | 4 comments I don't think I would do it for the money, it's just a passion that turned into a hobby. And along the way if people tend to enjoy, then so be it.

message 13: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
So do you write your stories for you? I mean only what you want to hear or, do you write for others to? I think i do both.

message 14: by H (new)

H (halm) Rivkah wrote: "So do you write your stories for you? I mean only what you want to hear or, do you write for others to? I think i do both."

I think I do both too. That's an interesting question.

I guess if I didn't care so much about the audience in my head, I would've written many books. It's just that there's a certain someone in my mind that keeps refusing the ideas I come up with or deleting my lines. No progress is ever going to happen this way or at least barely.

message 15: by H (last edited Dec 22, 2010 08:39AM) (new)

H (halm) Adelhaida wrote: "I don't think I would do it for the money, it's just a passion that turned into a hobby. And along the way if people tend to enjoy, then so be it."

I would want to publish my work, just not for money. It's the same as what you said, writing's a passion. And who doesn't want to share that passion with everybody?

I want to write something that would reach the readers' hearts. It might seem idealistic but that's how I think of it. I'm corny :P

message 16: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
So you want to make the reader feel happy? What do you think would be the base of your story? Romance, fighting, drama..
I think the books that we write are influenced by the things we read.

message 17: by H (new)

H (halm) I think that's mostly the case, Rivkah. But I read a whole load of things but the things I write are a little different, so I sometimes stray away from the genres I love.

message 18: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Hmm... So do you find your Ideas from taking one bit of plot you like from one source, then a bit of character from another?

When I'm writing I base my ideas from many different books, but sometimes I take a more specific plot line and use that for most of the book instead of creating it from scratch. IE: My book One of many; a book about clones came from some YA clone stories, by Carol Matas, but a character's name and others Danale, danyal, (forget what it's spelled like urgg!) from Chasing yesterday series, Robin Wasserman turned into Dunnal and a slightly different personality.

message 19: by H (new)

H (halm) I never do that (unless I'm writing fanfics, which I don't do that often). I never take ideas from other people's work. If I'm not creative enough to come up with ideas like theirs, then I don't write at all.

It's better to stop basing your ideas on others because before you know it, that's all you'll be able to write. Writing from your imagination would sound foreign.

message 20: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Hmm I never thought of that.. but it sounds true. Is sounding foreign good?

message 21: by H (new)

H (halm) Nuh-uh. It's awkward.

LOLs. You'd keep rejecting your own thoughts--that's what I meant.

message 22: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Thats confusing!

message 23: by H (new)

H (halm) Rivkah wrote: "Thats confusing!"

:P What is?

message 24: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
rejecting your own thoughts.

Any good books you've read lately?

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