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Andrew (frontline) | 129 comments I enjoyed the main story, even with Goldman's occasional interruption. In Buttercup's Baby, though, I've found it really distracting. Anyone else find the external narrative annoying here?

terpkristin | 4211 comments I thought the entire section to be a waste of space. I enjoyed the main story, and thought the interruptions added a bit of charm. But the introduction was a bit thick for me, and Buttercup's Baby actually made me like the book less...

Skip | 517 comments I view Buttercup's Baby as a riff on the rest of the book. Kind of like the comic that takes a joke and stretches it to the breaking point. The idea is that you find it funny, then silly, then annoying, then funny again.

I'm not sure that he succeeded in reaching the last point, but it didn't affect my feelings for the book itself. I do kind of wonder if he got tired of people asking him about a sequel, and if Buttercup's baby was just a way of making people stop.

Mathew Reverman (reverman) | 28 comments I enjoyed the joke I tend to like jokes that are taken to the extreme like this. Very Andy Kaufman like

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