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Ivan sat quietly beside Shizuo, his new patient. He watched the man curiously, then turned to his clipboard. "Oh," he sighed, skimming through it. "Car accident....Tsk, what a shame."

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 4597 comments "Hello, I'm Dr. Jones Nerosergon. DOn't bother telling me your name I'll forget it in the morning"EMily cam ein with her ususal witty attitude

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Shut up." Shizuo grumbled softly, coughing. "God, get me pain killers..."

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"I've got some right here," Ivan said softly, helping Shizuo into a sitting position. "Would you like water with them?"

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "No." He opened his mouth slowly. "Dry."

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"Okay." he opened the bottle and took out two pills, putting one in Shizuo's mouth.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Shizuo sat there, pill in his mouth, waiting for it to dissolve.

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"You can't at least swallow it...?"

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) He shook his head slowly. "Hurts too much."

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"Tsk..." his expression softened as he ran his fingers through Shizuo's hair.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Shizuo glanced up at him, eyes half closed. "Can I go home now?"

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"Not yet."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "but I want to." He whispered, then frowned. "Can you change my bandages? They are getting itchy..."

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"Of course."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "thanks Doctor." He mumbled softly.

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"You're welcome." he smiled. "Please, you can call me Ivan. I'm normally a doctor..." he nodded at Shizuo's wounds. "...But you need a personal nurse."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Shizuo narrowed his eyes. "i don't need a personal anything."

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"Yes, you do. You suffered major internal injuries." he looked at the clipboard. "And they're pretty bad, let me tell you."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Well I'm alive right? Just put a button near my bed and I'll press it if I feel sick." He growled.

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He shushed him quietly. "Don't be like that."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "I don't want a personal servant." He hissed.

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"I'm not a servant." Ivan sighed. "I'm just here to make sure you're cared for."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "I don't want to be cared for!"

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"But you have to be."

message 25: by Quackyduck (new)

Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "I'd rather die!"

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"Well, I won't care for you then. How about I just keep you company?" he smiled kindly and rubbed Shizuo's shoulder. "Is that better?"

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "No, it hurts."

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He shied away, retracting his hand. "Er..."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Everything hurts." He moaned.

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"I know. Here..." he handed Shizuo the second pill.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Shizuo opened his mouth, popping it in.

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"Hopefully that will help."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Hopefully." he murmured softly, swallowing it.

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Ivan took Shizuo's hand and rubbed it gently. "Is there anything else you want?"

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "To go home."

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"Something I can do for you. I can't legally let you go home yet."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Pull the plug?"

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"There's no plug to pull."

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Then kill me."

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"I won't."

message 41: by Lyric (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 4597 comments "And I have to cheak you out too"Emily sai dcoming back into the room with his chart. She sat on Shizo's bed. "Ok I'm going to have to ask you questions to make sure your ok up top"she taped her own temple.

message 42: by Quackyduck (new)

Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "I'm fine." He growled.

message 43: by Lyric (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 4597 comments "Well your goign to answer them anyway. When is your birthday?"

message 44: by Quackyduck (new)

Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Don't know."

message 45: by Lyric (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 4597 comments "What;s todays date"

message 46: by Quackyduck (new)

Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Don't know."

message 47: by Lyric (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 4597 comments "Ok one more and I think we can make a dicision. What is my name. I said it as I walked in"

message 48: by Quackyduck (new)

Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Um...I don't know."

message 49: by Lyric (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 4597 comments "YOur going to have to stay he for a much longer time"EMily said

message 50: by Quackyduck (new)

Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "No."

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