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message 1: by Dapplenose (new)

Dapplenose | 54 comments Mod
You're probably wondering exactly what this is for, so let me explain. Announcements is not the same as summaries. Roleplay announcements briefly state important events, and if aplicable, their causes and effects. Summaries tend to condense every social event that occured as well as a retelling of important events.

For example, while a summary might say "Flamepaw, Honeypaw, and Owlfeather fought off a badger. Honeypaw got hurt and the medcine cat treated her." Roleplay announcements would say "There was a badger attack and Honeypaw got a deep gash in her side."

Roleplay announcements are also a great place to post things like expectant or nursing queens, kits up for grabs, a leader loosing a life, a new apprentice that needs a mentor, or a new warrior. Those are all announcements. I will moderate this topic and make sure that ya'lll are getting the hang of it.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Sounds good, I have an apprentice ((Shadepaw)) in Thunderclan who needs a mentor

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I have a kit that needs to be adopted

message 4: by Laika, Head mod!! (new)

Laika | 914 comments Mod
We need.....

-The Shadowclan medicine cat apprentice

-The Riverclan medicine cat

-Inkstar's mate Silverflash
(played by Sephiroth)

- Sablemarten, Shadowclan deputy, also played by Seph.


message 5: by Nyghtmare, FOR THE HORDE! (new)

Nyghtmare | 696 comments Mod
Med cat apprentice for shadow and my sanity.

message 6: by Nyghtmare, FOR THE HORDE! (new)

Nyghtmare | 696 comments Mod
(That was it, right?)
[Technical Difficulties]
{Serious Mode}
PLEASE try to rp when you all can! I am always on, if not, I'm on facebook. But besides that I am on. So PLEASE roleplay.

message 7: by Laika, Head mod!! (new)

Laika | 914 comments Mod
Ditto that. There are 48 freaking members; and what, like three of us are active??!!! There's been no activity for a WEEK!! I really don't know what to do. I've sent out letters more than once to get the group moving, I've posted in every roleplay with posts that are supposed to start up something interesting, there's a prophecy, I update and spam-clan topics, I make polls, I make topics and folders and organize them- I am at my wit's end.

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SpazzyJazzy Sorry, I haven't really been active, and I would be now if I could, but I've got exams in two days, and I'm trying to devote all my spare time to studying. Monday night, though; I promise I'll be back by then.

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Emily  | 4 comments Why are you still on?!?! Get lost Jasmine!!

message 10: by Emily (new)

Emily  | 4 comments I feel so evil... >:D

message 11: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy MEEP! I got caught >.<

:P I'm doing homework! I swear! I'm glueing right now! Look! *Frantically glues*

message 12: by Emily (new)

Emily  | 4 comments GLUE FASTER!!!

message 13: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy B-b-but... then it'll be all wonky!

message 14: by Emily (new)

Emily  | 4 comments I know. I just wanted to say that... It feels empowering. :)


message 15: by SpazzyJazzy (last edited Nov 16, 2010 09:16PM) (new)

SpazzyJazzy XD

Yes, Ma'am! *Salutes*

message 16: by Laika, Head mod!! (new)

Laika | 914 comments Mod
The clans are hanging by but a thread. The ways of the Warriors are slowly fading away. Leaders are cruel and corrupt, plagues have overrun most of the clans. There are only three clans now- Plagueclan, Silentclan, and Galeclan. There are so few warriors who can still fight, apprentices and elders and kits are sent to battle. Herbs are few and far between; medicine cats must choose who to treat and who to let die. Winters are cold and harsh without and a queen is lucky to have one of her kits survive its first year. There are more battles than anyone can count. Faith in StarClan still remains, but what good does that do? Everyone is starving to death, and some cats must eat other cats in clans to live. How has this happened? The Twolegs are building factories, roads, malls, too close to the forest.
You must survive. Every cat for themself.

To join this group, you MUST have met the requirements:

You must:
-Have posted at LEAST 100 comments in the roleplay folders
-Not spam
-Be nice
I know, I know, it's a lot to join, but we need quality roleplayers and only active people. If you have any more questions, about it, just ask. This is a really fun and unique group that I've made, and I hope that you can be a part of it too!!!

message 17: by Sephiroth, And your voice was all I heard, that I get what I deserve... (new)

Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 171 comments Mod
What happened to my RP Positions list topic? >:

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