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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 304 comments Mod
I just made this because the groups dying and because...idk. Basicly I'm just going to talk about my day boring you to sleep.

I woke up got ready and went to school. Always fun right! I sat down in the cafetira and I am preacticly tackled to the ground by my buddie lizze. As she ranted about her birthday party tomarrow I munch on breakfast and get mulitpul huggs from all my buddies. Finally we go to class.

First period I have with lizzie so it's not so bad. It's Priciples of Human Resorces. I'm passing with flying colors. We spend that class goffing off. But we had to participapate went talking about one of the carres we got of a career altitude test. I talked about being a Plastic Sergon. I had gotten alot of medical stuff on there. FUn right! Bell rang and I put my stuff in the Food science room(right across the hall.) Then I walk Lizzie to class fighting me sayiong that I should carry her bag and her refusing. I end up winning. An We finish our walked. I Tell her to be careful of the jerks in the class and I'm off.

In this class I'm the youngest. The only sophmore. But I have jouinor and Sinor buddies with me. I spend the entire time reading. SInce I know all the matirial.

Next I have honors biology. Took a test. First one done. Well it was a tie between me and Cole who gives THE BEST hugs.(EXCEPT FOR YOU C!)

Next I have a one act play meeting. Uneventful.

Then I have spanish. I sit next to one of my bst guy friends Timmy. We studing, or were soupossed to be. My and Timmy passed notes giggleing and laughing.

I have Lunch now. BY MY SELF THat's right they put me A emo. In the same lunch as snobs and stuck ups! BUt I found some decent people to hang with. We sit in the very corner table sepperated from everyone else. We like it that way. I ran into the door on my way into the caf.

Now world history. Took a Test. First done. Read a book. Passed note with Arielle.

Geomatry. Another test. Second DOne. Read. Guy behind me tried to do...something. Idk but I was perverted so I elbowed him in the diaphram. He coughed and sputtered an dleft me alone. THey never learn.

Now I have ART! My face class! I did a paper scuplture and made it so the dragions head follows you pretty epic. Only me and another girl got it right.

here what we did:

We had the black out peperally today. I sat with my other guy buddie cause her was sad =(. But he's ok now =). After we messed around out side with the others. He poked my bellty botten and it still hurts T-T.

GOt on the bus. Came home. Read did home wrok. GOt on here. ANd yeeeeeeah......I'm done

message 2: by Lyric, I got a jar of dirt...and geuss what's inside it (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 304 comments Mod
I'm thinkin gof doing another one of these

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