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Alex layed in the grass not wanting to go to her math class....

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Zack walks to his early detention. (its 6:00 am)
" God i HATE Mrs. Gronninger."

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With a sigh Alex gets up and heads to Class.....knowing she was going to be late..

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(class doesn't start till 8:00 am..... you know how i said you couldnt put your crush on your school record?) Zack sees Alex and says hello.

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(( haha kay her watch is broken then :P and yea))

" hey" Alex said back to Zach

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"What are you doing up so early????" (im making a chnge to the charrie in a sec. when you can check it out and the reason will be revield soon.)

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(( okay))

"Early? she asks It's past eight."

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Stares blankly. "no its 6:13...... look.: shows Alex his watch.

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" Dammit,I hate my life she nearly yells." before plopping down in the grass again.

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"Why....... is it because of the watch???" (hey you read all of the message 5???)

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(( yesh. :D))

" It's because I woke up nearly two hours early.:

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(we should have something in here for that..... mind if Zack has a crush on Alex??? oh my change to Zack) "Oh....... why not go back to sleep??)

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(( Not at all and you changed the way you spelled his name??))

She lookes up at him " I don't know, what are you doing up this early? Detention?"

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(No..... i put the jacket. oh Im back.)

"Yeah. Mrs. G is a B****. I......... talked sombody in football and she yelled at me." Sighs.

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(( Oh ya that too!! and Hi!))

Alex smiled " well then you go have 'Tons' of fun in her class." she said sarcasticly, " And I well just sit here and enjoy the beautiful grass." before laying down

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"You know i could skip...... and hang around with you. She will probly find another reason to wright me up anyways."

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" If you insist." she said with a smile

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"Cool." Sits down. "soooooo...... what do you want to talk abought(sp?)???"

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She shruggs "wanna go for a walk?" she asks

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"Sure......... to where....... maby the pond???"

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" sure she said before getting up and picking up her bag."

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"Cool." Starts walking twords pond.

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" sooooooo, she said Hows your life been?

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"Good...... you??"

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" Ehhh" she said before sticking out her tongue..

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"What???" (confused about the toung- Zack is.)

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" I don't know I just don't like it here."


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"Oh well same here i guss..... did i ever tell you how preety you are???"

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Alex looked up suprised " No you haven't" she said blushing.

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Arizona was got up from a comfy library chair, and was heading back to her dorm room.

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Twitch Is Last-nameless and Pleased by This (learnhowtolivefromthedead) | 22 comments Nora was a new student, and got off the lone bus in her dark blue corset dress, her short hair ruffling slightly in the breeze. "I guess I overdressed. No one told me this place was so... cheery." She looked around with obvious distaste for the happy couples and smiling preps.

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Vina  (vinapeace10) | 106 comments Mod
Arizona had to run, because she was supposed to meet a new student and show her around. It said on her paper that her name was Nora.

((That's okay, right Star?))

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Twitch Is Last-nameless and Pleased by This (learnhowtolivefromthedead) | 22 comments (Yep! Thanks. :) )

Nora looked at her schedule; she was to be shown around by a girl named Arizona. Nora had heard there were frighteningly strict rules here- part of the reason her parents had chosen it. Not like it would matter, anyways, if Nora wanted to get in trouble, she found a way. Despite her determination to break the rules here, Nora was looking forward to meeting Arizona.

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Vina  (vinapeace10) | 106 comments Mod
Arizona went to the front of the school, and started searching for Nora.

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Twitch Is Last-nameless and Pleased by This (learnhowtolivefromthedead) | 22 comments Nora spotted Arizona, and waved. She could just tell, this girl seemed like an Arizona, and was looking for someone. "Hey! I'm Nora," she introduced.

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Vina  (vinapeace10) | 106 comments Mod
Arizona spotted someone waving at her. Nora

"Hi, I'm Arizona, nice to meet you"

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Twitch Is Last-nameless and Pleased by This (learnhowtolivefromthedead) | 22 comments "Nice to meet you, too. Where do we go first?" Nora asked. She shifted uncomfortably in her heavy blue dress.

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Vina  (vinapeace10) | 106 comments Mod
"Well, first I'll show you to your dorm. I believe you are staying in the same room with me, and my friend Alex.. so you can drop off your stuff."

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"hey Alex........ can i tell you something???" stops walking.

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She stopped by him " Sure." she said with a smile

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uts his hands on her sholders. " Well.... i.... ummmmmmmm." leans down and kisses alex.

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Her eyes widen in suprise but after a second she closes them and leans into the kiss

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leans back. "wow.... i dindnt exoect that."

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she laughed " well that makes too of use." she said blushing

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:yhea. i really like you you know.

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she blushes a deeper red "i kinda relized that a second a go." she said with a smile

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yhea well......." blushes deep red.

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" I really like you too." she whispered

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"wait ineed to show you something before you say that."

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