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Welcom to Otthello prep. Your charicters profile should look like his:

Usual Grade
Fave subjects
(no crush cause this is sussposed to be like a school record.)

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Name: Alexzandria (Alex/ Lexie)
Age: 15
Hight: 5 Foot 2 inch
Weight 110??

Personlity Very outgoing, random, honest, fun and really smart though she doesn't act like it.
Usual Grade A's B's ocasionally a C. ((She is smart but doesn't think grades are important. ))
Fave subjects History
Other Her Mother died in child birth, father is a drunk and her younger brother lives with thier grandparents.

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Name: Zack Rahl
Age: 14
Hight: 5'7
Weight: 122
Looks: Brown hear and eyes. Always weres a long-sleve jacket with a turtal neck on it.
Personality: Smart(though a slacker), troble maker, and has a very....... twisted attitude.
Fave subject: Math & music(plays the piano)
Other: Has been susspended in the past on multiple accounts (most of wich is fighting)including defacing school property. Both parents are dead.

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Vina  (vinapeace10) | 106 comments Mod
Name: Arizona
Age: 15
Height: 5 '4
Weight 118
Looks awww such a cutie Pictures, Images and Photos Except a little younger looking
Personality ...
Usual Grade C's or B's, and rarely a A or D
Fave subjects: Orchestra and Writing ((My fav subjects!))
Other: Parents wanted to get rid of her, so they sent her there.

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*Gasp* I live in Arizona!! haha lol

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Vina  (vinapeace10) | 106 comments Mod
Carleyfries wrote: "*Gasp* I live in Arizona!! haha lol"

Ha! My best friend's name is Arizona!

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:D amazingness!!!

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Twitch Is Last-nameless and Pleased by This (learnhowtolivefromthedead) | 22 comments Name: Nora Lupine
Age: 14
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 117
Looks: Short black hair in a reverse bob, dark blue eyes. Sunlight sensitivity to the extreme.
Personality: Clever, seems to be able to ignore conscience. Can display signs of Narcissism, and Type A cynicism. Generally kind to classmates, first impressions crucial. Strongly dislikes prospect of Dating; cleared for extended male contact. Dark personality, odd sense of humor. Around friends tends to be cheerful and spontaneous, entire personality lightens.
Usual Grade: A's in technical thinking, writing, music, B's in social skills and classmate friendliness.
Fave subjects: Excells in writing, music, art, and religion. Leans more to mythical side of Christianity.
Other: Top student in cross-country team, theatre skills suggest great actress.

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Nikki | 155 comments Mod
Name Natile
Age 15
Hight 5'5
Weight 116
Personlity Likes to RP
Usual Grade A's B's
Fave subjects Everything
Other none...

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Name nikki
Age 16
Hight 5'5
Weight 115
Personlity See in RP
Usual Grade A+'
Fave subjects Music
Other ---
(no crush cause this is sussposed to be like a school record.)

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Lydia (lydia167) | 2 comments Name: Lisa Morro
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115
Looks: mix of brown and blonde hair. green eyes.
Personality: Loves to read and write. Plays softball, trying to learn to play the piano again. Seems outgoing and cheerful, but is very dark on the inside.
Usual Grade: A-
Favorite Subject(s): World History, Elements of Fiction
Other: Father died when she was little.

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Nikki | 155 comments Mod

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