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message 1: by John (new)

John Balliro | 4 comments Mod
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After reading the Creation's tale, chapters 11-16, how has the Creation become more humanized in the eyes of the reader? Do you believe that the Creation acts as any person would given his situation? Do you think his request is a reasonable one? If you were Victor, would you honor his request?

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris Sadler | 4 comments The creation learns how to live on his own by observing anmials and human beings. He learned to speak by listening to birds and learned to talk by listening to the De Lacey's. He also learns how to get shelter and make his own food with fire. He roasts nuts and berries. He also learns how to read and he get emotional when he reads three books from the De Lacey's house. The creation also helps around the cottage without anyone noticing him.

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris Sadler | 4 comments I believe the creation does act as a person in his situation. He is abused and betrayed many times because people are affraid of his appearance. So if i was in his shoes i probably would have done the same thing as him by killing others to get revenge. I would have been confused like him as well because i would be getting treated poorly by helping others out.
If i was Victor i would help the creation out because i was the one who got everyone into this mess. I would be responsible for the creations actions.

message 4: by Ajian (new)

Ajian Belden | 2 comments In the previous chapters, we saw the creation as not exactly a human being but more as a object. We never really took his emotions and reactions seriously. He was no more than mistake created by Victor. In the creation's tale,we see him developing himself more into a human. We observe his emotional side and it's relation to his actions.He acts like a "normal" person. He has a mind and therefore is able to reason. With the request by the creation for Victor to create a female friend, I find it very reasonable. One of the things that made the creation so evil and angry is due to the lack of love he recieved from humans. Maybe a female monster can give him the love he needs and make him a better person.

message 5: by Adrianna (new)

Adrianna D'aurora | 2 comments It is safe to say that the creation is becoming more humanized. It has learned how to survive by himself with nature, including finding himself food and shelter. He discovered the difference between light and darkness, fire, and how society really is. People are scared of him and their reactions to him usually occur with him getting physically and verbally attacked. Being the creation and living that type of life couldnt be easy. Due to this, I feel as though the creation had no other choice but act in the way that he did. His request is not too much to ask for. He has been miserable his whole life and needed some happiness. I dont blame him for wanting the companionship of a female, since that is the nature of man. If I were Victor, I would honor the creation's rquest. Every human being and living creature needs some happiness and companionship in their lives.

message 6: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Douyon (cindyd93) | 2 comments After reading about the creation through these chapters i believe that he has become more humanized because he is civilized. now. Before he could barely speak and now he speaks perfect english and uses words and phrases that most english college scholars would use. He is showing how he hs become more human because he let his emotions get the best of him when he killed William. However i do not think that any other human would act that way bcause after killing william he felt no remorse he felt relief. He is asking a resonable request because like all human beings he just wants a companion and someone to be there for him. However i do not believe that Victor should give him what he wants because he can't control creation how is he going top be able to control antoher one.

message 7: by Rachel (new)

Rachel  Fistori | 2 comments The creation has become more human because he begins to realize things he previously ignored before. He was able to copy nature and realize a purpose for fire. He has learned how to speak and understand French. Also, he had taught himself how to read. I believe most people in the creations position would as betrayed as he does, but I don’t believe that most people would kill for that reason. I think that the creation’s request for Victor to create a woman that is just as hideous as the creation would have been reasonable given the creation had not killed William and framed Justine. If I were in Victor’s shoes I would be scared one, and secondly I would have to think about the long terms affect this would have if I didn’t or did create the creation mate. I’d take into consideration that if I were to create him a mate he would have to leave my family alone and never contact us again, but if I said he could have a meltdown and kill me. All in all it’s a very tough decision for Victor to have to make.

message 8: by Priscilla (new)

Priscilla | 2 comments the creation is humanized because it has emotions. it can tell that it is not welcomed. it tries to learn as much as it can from nature and learns language. i think just like adam, the creation was feeling sad and lonely. i think the reason he gave for causing all that isn't convincing for it's actions.he just proves that if i create another creation then the situation would be worse. i would have to deal with two creatures haunting my family. if i were put in victor's shoes, i would probably kill the creature before it got close to my family.i would definitely think of what is best for both of us, me and the creation. i would create the mate but after like 2 weks and it hasn't backed off then i guess both die before the problem becomes bigger than me

message 9: by Bernard (new)

Bernard Adrien | 2 comments The previous chapters of the book never talk about what the creation felt as the action was happening nor did we ever really acknowledge his presence up until this point. After the creation tells his tale you can sort of see what he is feeling and sense that he is becoming more human. But even so we can still compare him to a monster. As humans we know that taking and giving life is above us so it isn't our decision to decide who lives and who dies. The fact that he decides to eliminate Victor's family because of his misery and loneliness is a sure sign of his animosity.So know i think that Victor should not respect his request for a mate but instead should just take back what he gave to the Creation.

message 10: by Jess (new)

Jess Cameron | 2 comments Through out the begining of Frankenstein, the Creation is portrayed as a scary monster that is out to harm Victor. However, after reading Chapters 11-16, the reader can now see that the Creation has become more humanized. He is able to speak, read, think, and feel emotion just as any other human being would be able to. Any other person would have acted like the Creation did in the begining of his life up until the point of murdering William and framing Justine. Even though he is lonely and miserable, I do not believe any other normal person would murder or frame another in order to seek revenge on their creator. The Creation's request for a mate is reasonable and I think Victor should grant his wish not only because it will make the Creation happy, but it will protect him and his family from future harm.

message 11: by Matt (new)

Matt Garvey | 2 comments The creation has taken on a human like role and learns more about the human race more and more. He learns to speak and read. He goes out into the wild and becomes like a boyscout. I feel he has roughed it like a lot of people and people just don't get him unfortunately, but killing people isn't the answer. He says his life is precious well he should remember "the golden rule." The creation is victor's doing and in think he has to end him so he doesn't kill anyone else. The creation is a very interesting character in his journey and how he has been treated. This is still a poor reason for why he says he has become like this though. Kill the creation before he kills anyone else!

message 12: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Mcgillvray | 2 comments The creation has become humanized in the eyes of the reader. There is an endearing quality about him that makes the reader "root" for him as he tries to fit in with the world around him. He's been brought into this world without knowing what to do, how to act, or why this world is how it is. Although he is not biologically human, through chapters 11-16 he has taken on so many human qualities, that inside he has become "human". Every person or creature feels the need to fit in somewhere, and if I were in the same spot as the creation I would have done the same thing. He reacted to his situation by trying to make it better for himself. He's been able to learn how to read, how to speak, feel emotion and fend for himself all on his own. He also has taken on one of the harsher emotions of the human race - revenge. He is hurt by Victor's abandonment and decides he'll send the message by contemplating the destruction of Victor's family, and carries out vengence against Victor and you could even say the human race by killing William. He is disgusted with the treatment he has recieved from every person he's encountered. He acts hastely and can't control his emotions. He's lonely, depressed and is mentally and physically lost. He sees love and wants to experience it and asks Victor for a mate. I think Victor should grant his wish for the safety of his family.

message 13: by Steve (new)

Steve The Pirate | 4 comments I believe the reader see's the creation diffrently than they do in the beggining and that makes him see more humanized. the Creatuion learns his actions through humans which he gets his behavioral traits from humans. he learns what it takes to survive in this wild life except he doesnt understand the consequences of murdering people. victor Created the Creation and he has to stop him before things get worse. i think victor should treat the ceation with a mate to make the creation happy

message 14: by John (new)

John Balliro | 4 comments Mod
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message 15: by Clara (new)

Clara | 3 comments I believe that the reader starts to see the Creation as human when he starts to feel true emotion and learns to read and write. He clearly wants to be a part of the family that he watches from a distance, and feels rejected when they do not accpet him. If i were in the Ctreation's shoes, i would probably feel the same way. He didn't choose to be created like that, and his request to have a companion seems very reasonable, because everyone deserves to have someone to love . If i were Victor, i would definately horon the Creation's request.

message 16: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 2 comments The creations tale is mainly one of much internal sadness and despair. The Creation truly did begin it’s life as a monster. He was composed of different parts and materials that all together created a very, very burdened being. The creation starts as a bit of a savage. He does not understand how to speak and is only acting on some of the very basic instincts that any animal has. It is only when he is observed in the woods does when he starts to show some of the first real signs of any human understanding or emotion. He is seen observing the nature around him and the ability to fend for himself. He starts to show later more signs of human intelligence when he meets with the DeLacey’s. He does not actually live in the household. He lives in a small shed on the outside of the house. He lives there in secrecy because he does not want to frighten any of them. He is seen doing chores around the house daily, though he does this without any notice. This is quite fascinating considering that he is Frankenstein. It is only later that he starts to learn to speak. He then makes a very peculiar request to Victor. He requests a mate. Obviously after he had observed how regular people had gone about there life that he had wanted a wife of his own. Yes, if I were Victor I think I would allow him a mate. Although, if I had done this there would be extreme precautions taken.

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