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message 1: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
Umm, well, this is where you can chat if you want to talk about pointless things while in the group

message 2: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments okk then. so wut u up 2?

message 3: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (last edited Nov 04, 2010 10:59PM) (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
maybe we should move our Australia/American Disscussion over here??

i moved it over here

message 4: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
ok, yes i've seen a kangaroo (many times) but only coz i travel. u need to get to the alice b4 ur gonna b able 2 c 1 easily, and even then thers no guarantees, but ull prb c an eagal. Kangaroos, wallabys, lizards and emus do not just pop up everywhere. you will not walk down a street and c heaps of wildlife. our sitys r like urs, but mayb not so crowded. im 14 and aus is NOTHING like what u c on tv. 2 start with, we dont actually say g'day all the time. we say hi and hello just like everyone else. yes, dude, mate and stoked DO come in a bit, but we don't intentionally talk like bogans. please refrain from using aussie slanf on this site, i only used it to... well im not sure coz it pisses me off. it is SERIOUSLY ANNOYING when u meet sum1 from a different nationality and their all 'oh, g'day mates. im totally stoked to meet you dudes'. that is painful and steryotypical. the beaches exist only on the gold coast, sunshine coast (both in QLD) and on Phillip Island where maddie and i both happen to live. pengins, koalas, seals and various birds can be found in abundance here, but it'll be hard to find them anywhere else. whales are not common where we live but NSW and QLD get a few in the summer. most of aus. is desert and even on the island, which is one of the most southerly points, it can hit about 35-40 degrees celcius in the summer. we do not walk around in bonds singles and bordies, and not ever male has a beer gut. you will not be able to find digeridoos, boomerangs or felt hats just anywhere. if you have anymore questions about life in Aus, then I (and possibly maddie) will be happy to answer them.

message 5: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
and just for fun, i want you american girls to name every stats and or province that borders where you live and tell me about the 'hidden' america that you don't see on tv.

message 6: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
for instance, is it true that all of you american girls say like at least once per sentence? :)

message 7: by M'n'm (last edited Mar 17, 2011 05:42PM) (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
Meg and I live in the north eastern portion of the country, it's cold most of the year and warm for about 3-4 months, I just moved here two years ago, from the southern half [ Kentucky] and I miss the heat. It snows more the farther up north you go. Sorry, I really don't know a lot about up here, meg does she's from here, but I can tell you about the southern parts. It never snows anywhere below Kentucky, the people do have southern accents, but like you said, it's really annoying when people try to mimick the accent.The beaches in Florida, [which also has Disney World in Orlando] and California are the most popular. We don't say like that much maybe once or twice every couple of hours, but trailer park girls tend to say it a bit more then the rest of us. Oh yeah, we're trying to make Puerto Rico an official state. The people, well, it depends on where you live. In the more northern parts people have really... different accents, when saying the word bag they will pronounce the "a" with a long a sound instead of a short "a" sound, kinda sounds like beg when they say it. Down south we tend to like spicy food. Canada, and Mexico border us, but there have been a lot of illegal aliens crossing our border cough:from Mexico: cough. There was a civil war ummm, about 200 years ago, and it split the country in half between the north and south, but after the war ended we came back together, but there are some cultural differences now depending on whether you're in the south or north. We text a lot. You probably won't see a hippie, oh, and there is a volcano in the well populated city of Seattle [Washington] that could blow at any minute. Washinton, and Washington D.C. are two different places on opposite sides of the country. Why Washington D.C. isn't a state, I don't know. :D

message 8: by M'n'm (last edited Nov 05, 2010 12:36PM) (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
That's really cool about the kangaroos and wildlife, yeah, we really don't know that much about you guys, unless you count the movie Finding Nemo, or Kangaroo Jack as educational. lol
P.S.The average american teen has at least 70-100 text messages per day, so if me or meg us a lot of " lol, btw, ikr" its because we're accustomed to it. Sorry if anyone finds it annoying. :D

message 9: by M'n'm (last edited Nov 05, 2010 12:42PM) (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
How big do the kangaroos get, [sorry i know dumb question] and does Australia have a queen or king, president, or prime minister? Does Steve Irwin's family live there or did they move or something? [ I'm a Steve Irwin fan, although his daughter is a horrible actress, lol :D]

message 10: by Meg (last edited Nov 05, 2010 09:42AM) (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments OMG that is so cool about australia. it sounds so cool. i wish i could go there. well we live in the northern part of the usa as m'n'm said. our weather changes alot here. in summer it can get to 100. in winter it can get to below 20. we can have blizzards that make school canceled. In summer it can get so hot out u hv 2 stay inside. we hav alot of rain. n we have squirrels and chipmucks and robins n stuff instead of other stuff u hav. also alot of us txt. including me. so sorry about that. we listen to music like some of it icludes Ke$ha, lady gaga, black eyed peas and alot of other. we play basketball here, cross country(running), soccer, track,football,soccer(its called football everywhere else) and more. here where we live we hav 2 go 2 skool 5 days a week(monday trough friday)and for like 8 hours. we r in middle school. both of us r about ur age. so thts a little more about us. dou want 2 no NEthing else??

message 11: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments n yes we like say like in like every like sentence. but we do say like but not that much...well okkk..some of us do...

message 12: by M'n'm (last edited Nov 06, 2010 01:20PM) (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
lol, meg is a valley girl wanna-be, and what are you talking about? In the summer the hottest day this year was 94 degrees, and that was only one day and then it went back to mid 80s, oh yeah, you know how it rained and was gloomy a lot in twilight, that's what Spring is like, I seriously miss the hot weather lol, where did the 70 degree decembers go... [ 70 degrees Fahrenheit is 40 Celsius, 94 is 34.4, 80 is 26.7 rounded]

message 13: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments no. hahaha

message 14: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
Uhuh yes it was.

message 15: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments noo. its been like 98. i hav lived her longer than uu!! lol

message 16: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments i wish i wud hav lived in a place with 70 degree december... :'-( its ALWAYS cold here in the winter and even 2day it was wayy cold. sum dude was even wearing a striped scarf 2day with a hat n a puffy jacket. ahahah. lol

message 17: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
omg, 98 NEWSFLASH 98 isn't hot when its dry, humidity counts meg!

message 18: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments okkk then

message 19: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod

message 20: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments grrrrrrrrrrrr. well u lived in the south n its hot there. but thts hot hereee!!!!!!

message 21: by M'n'm (last edited Nov 05, 2010 12:07PM) (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
:D Any other things to add?

p.s. lol me and Meg agree on [like,] nothing. [stupid girlie giggle] :D

message 22: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments yeh. its kind of truee

message 23: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (last edited Nov 06, 2010 05:07PM) (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
there are 2 types of kangaroo. red ones can get up to 2m, but the little gray ones can be on abt 500cm.
im guessing that u use farenheit, so i have no idea how hot or cold the tempretures you're talking about are, because you couldn't get to 100celcius without being fried alive.
so it wasn't steryotypical of me to asume that you both sent heaps of txts. that a relief, but considering that within my freinds the record in txts per day was only 50 you guys still txt to much for me.
yeah, i no about the locations of washington, and my record is naming 45 out the 50 states without getting help, and it shocking how much of your tv ends up over here. i heard about the civil war, but i didn't think that it totallt split the country.
australia has a prime minister (leader of the government) and a governer-general who represents the queen (and is te head of state)
aus dosen't have any acive volcanoes, but we've got some really awsome extinct ones, full of water or full of nothing.
umm, steve, bindi and the other one (bob) were all born here, but terri was american or whatever. bindi is the single most annoying person is australia to me. bindi is now the poster child for basically everything. we have 5 day weeks as well 9-3.15, so thats just over 6 hours, but only 4.5hrs of that is spent doing actual work (less on fridays). PE is complusory, and we play hockey, softball, netball, basketball, football (aussie rules, dif 2 yours), soccer, cricket, along with athlectics/running, swimming, cross-country, discus, shotput and high-jump. at our school, drama, art, woodworks/desing tech, and cooking, graphics are complusory for 2 semesters.
The hottest its got in recent years was the summer of 2009, were the februray bushfires (black saturday) claimed 173 lives in about a week. it was the biggest bushfire season on record, and coz victoria is one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world (and were looking at another hot summer) there are already warnings about this summer. it got up to 40 in the shade, and i no heaps of people who were affected by it.
i went on camp in gr4, and there was an american who i rekon said 'like' about 5 times in ONE SENTENCE! so u guys arealready doing better then her.
but for the accents...we don't have the same split that you guys seem to. all aussies pretty much sound the same, unless they had relos who were from another country.
and i can't believ that i haven't ever asked about yor families????

message 24: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
for instance:
In my family there is
a) my sister: Jackie, aged 12yrs.
b) my mum: eva, one of 5 children from a greek family. shes stuck in the awkward position of haing an older and younger brother, and an older and younger sister (brother, sister, mum, sister, brother if that makes sense?)
c) my dad: ash, one of 4, oldest boy with only a sister above him.
i have 7 uncles and 6 aunts, and between them they have given me 17 cousins. 12 on mums side, of which only 4 are girls. 5 on dads side, and 2 are girls. so if it makes sense:
mum, boys:8
mum, girls:4
dad, boys:3
dad, girls:2
im scared to find out how many second cousins i have, coz mum had 20+ cosins herself, and dad had 12, so i have a HUGE extended family that i have no idea about.
my great-grandfather raced 'the trump' to win the melbourne-caufield cup double in 1937, and his brother raced 'nightmarch' to the melbourne cup victory in 1929.

message 25: by M'n'm (last edited Nov 06, 2010 06:34PM) (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
Your grandfather was a champion jockey?!? THAT'S SOOO COOL! Ohh and bout the Celsius, Fahrenheit thing I used my phone to convert it: 40 d. Celsius is 104 d. Farenheit, 30 d. Celsius is 86 d. Fahrenheit, and 20 d. Celsius is 68 d. Fahrenheit. :D I love my phone :D
QUESTIONS: Is the movie on Pharlap the Australian racehorse true, or was he a myth?

And geez, 5 "likes" in one sentence? She really must have been trying lol. Yeah bout the civil war, we had two countries with two presidents, but after the union won it and we came back together the union president [Lincoln] became the official president.
I'm related to Elvis Presley, I'm like, his 7th cousin. [I swear I'm NOT JOKING!] A grandfather of mine to some extent signed the Mayflower Contract [To long to explain, but look it up on wikipedia if your interested]

message 26: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments seriouslyy???? howw did u know that?? u r relatd 2 elvis?? lol

message 27: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments n bindi is everywhere??? tht wud get old really fast... i mean really.. she had her own show n stuff.

message 28: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod

"Bindi the jungle girlllll! [freaky shout]

Oh, and I looked it up on :D

message 29: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! u no elvis??? well, ur related 2 him anyway!!! that is so f****** awsome!

yeah phar lap (two wrods, 'farlap' means lightning in malaysian or something, but the guy who owned him wanted 7 letters) was completely real. i havent seen the movie, so i dnt no, but yeah, im guessing that it was pretty much all true. as in, the basic story line would've been the same.
u no how i told u abt my great-great uncle (he raced nightmarch)???? yeah well, he was one of the only ppl who could claim to have beaten Phar Lap! wow, we must have soo many ppl who are related to famous people in this group.

message 30: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
and OMG!!!!!!!! i hate that song. i always used to get up at 7 on wkends, and it was the first thing on. i sat through pretty much every episode for almost 6 months thinking "jesus christ who in the whole f******* world actually puts the tv on to voluntry WATCH this peice of garbage?"

message 31: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
Woooooooooooooow that's wicked, YOUR GRANDFATHER BEAT HIM, good god, [stands up and claps] and Bindi, [holding back a scream] she is just an annoying person, just looking at a picture of her makes me want to slam my head in a car door lol.

message 32: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments OMG ikr. i wanna hurl myself off a cliff then i wud choke myself and then DROWNN!!!! i was the happiest person EVERRR wen they canceled that show. i mean who watched it?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 33: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
only coz i had 2 meg, only coz i had 2

message 34: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
hey, what time is it when your reading this and how long ago did i post it. its 8.26am for me now, so what time would it b 4 u guys over in states

message 35: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
You posted this 16 hours and 36 minutes ago, and its 8:13am now

message 36: by M'n'm (last edited Dec 04, 2010 05:04AM) (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
On my cell phone its got world time, isss ittttt, 1:17am your time at this moment?

message 37: by M'n'm (last edited Nov 09, 2010 06:24AM) (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
We're bout 7 hours ahead of you, it was about 3:10pm when you posted that text for us. :D

message 38: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
okayyyyyyyy. well its 1.22pm now 4 me, so that would make it almost half-past 7 for youz

message 39: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
That would make it half past 8 for us, 1:22 plus 7 hours= 8:30ish for us :D

message 40: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments woahhhhhh. so much math!!!!! OMG. hahahahaha

message 41: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
urgh, let us now leave the maths behind us. it is an evil creation fit only for the classroom.
so, what pointless crap has everyone got into?

message 42: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (last edited Nov 11, 2010 12:00AM) (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
ok, ive got one.
do you really believve that guys insult you when they like you. (and i dont want to hear ANYTHING out of you, Maddie, beacuse i already know what your going to say)
btw, mads u have aprox. 4wks, 4days b4 the end o term

message 43: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
Hahahahahahaha, well, I watched Smoking Gun Presents, its a dumb show with a bunch of comedians that watch vdeos of people doing dumb things, and failing. LOL I love that show!

message 44: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments hahahahahaha. wow. she always finds the wierdest stuff on the internet. she should hav her own show or sumthing

message 45: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments and on tv. she just finds the wierest and sum of the messsed up stuff their is

message 46: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm | 3318 comments Mod
It's funny though lol

message 47: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments yeahh...o and go on Google or a search thing that you guys have and look up Robot Unicorn Attack. okk. its messed up but fun. the music is even worse than the game....

message 48: by Meg (last edited Nov 16, 2010 02:50PM) (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments ooo. n u guys.... does it snow in Australia?? It's sad here because we snow board and stuff....i mean its so cold that it SNOWS!! isnt that right M'n'M. I know how much you LOVE the snow. especially when you get to go into it. lol

message 49: by Zoe, Always Dreaming (new)

Zoe | 1343 comments Mod
yeah its snows, but only in the alps, which are abt a 4hr drive away from where me & maddie live. and it only snows in the dead of winter. we dont have full-snow coverage like u guys would

message 50: by Meg (new)

Meg K. | 529 comments awwwwwww... it snows sumtimes in November 4 us!! :-( but not yet...not yet.. WHEWW. but M'n'M cant wait.

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