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What makes a good mystery great?

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Nadine Doolittle What separates good mysteries from great mysteries? Is it the suspense? The crime? The violence or how high the stakes are for the characters?

I'm thinking about Stieg Larsson's series that grabbed a lot of readers by the throat. I haven't read Girl With the Dragon Tattoo yet--it's sitting beside my bed waiting for me. But wow! am I curious to know what rocketed this mystery to the top.


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Kim I think it's the suspense, where all the characters are likely suspects, with clues flying everywhere. A real "Wow, I didn't see that coming!" at the end.

Charlene Stieg took the time to develop unforgettable, well rounded characters that you want to get to know better. He adds amazing twists and turns throughout his books. Unlike some authors whose writing in lazy, weak. The fact that you asked this question before reading the book suggests you fall into that the latter category.

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