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Feeling Nostalgic? The archives > Should Godard be honored with an Honorary Oscar despite anti-semitic controversy?

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message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael I have pretty much zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, but the man's being honored for his work and nothing else. People who don't like him don't have to applaud or stand. I'm not sure that every thought and opinion a person has can be held up to scrutiny and used to judge/punish. (Assuming the thoughts and opinions aren't acted on)

message 3: by Ken (new)

Ken (playjerist) | 721 comments These situations really can drive you bananas. Intellectually you understand that artistic work almost has to be separated from considerations of behavior and character. Emotionally, you feel as though, “a prick like that should never receive an honor.”

In this case, I’m going to cop out and say that my favorite French New Wave director by far is Francois Truffaut. Though he did win a Best Foreign Film Oscar for DAY FOR NIGHT, I’m not aware of him having received an honorary one. So give a posthumous honorary Oscar to Truffaut instead now, and maybe a posthumous one to Goddard when he’s literally breathless.

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca White (rebecca_white) | 1028 comments I could echo Michael 100%. No bigot will ever be someone I'd trust or call a friend, but I want to be able to look at work separately. Goddamn it, my favorite poet is T.S. Eliot! I'd rather not even know, although I'm not saying people shouldn't be exposed. And it definitely is easier when time has gone by and you can intellectualize it or something.

message 5: by Jan (new)

Jan | 241 comments >>I hate these kinds of things...should he be honored for his obviously genius film work or should he be dishonored for his political/racial views?<<

I felt this way during President Clinton's administration. Should we admire him for the capable job he was doing running our country or vilify him for his deplorable moral standards?

message 6: by Lori (new)

Lori Oh I missed this!

I love Godard. His early films really changed not only the way I view films, but politics, even life.

And remember I was raised Jewish. So with him I can separate because I only found out about his anti-semitism years later.

But yeah, fuck him as a person! :D

I also love Wagner. And RA - TS Eliot too. Those are pearls that were his eyes.

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