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Special Guest > i will watch my filthy mouth in her presence!!! i promise!!! say hi to Jackie the Librarian!

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod

Jackie "the Librarian" Hi Alfonso!

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
ok Jackie! let's get things started it!!!


Jackie "the Librarian" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Because no one really knows what they're doing, Alfonso. All we can do is laugh. :)

Jackie "the Librarian" And eat fudge.

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
HEHEHEH there is no other choice! well there is crying! or denial! but i think laughing is better!!!

still! there is something i must ask you!!! sometimes you are online really late at night... and imean late! even by your time zone... i must know what is it that you do so late in goodreads.... are you fixing books? talking in the secret GoodReads' babe club? planning the next sexy pillow fight??? what is it Jackie!!! my 3 readers want to know!!

Jackie "the Librarian" It's true, I'm in a few secret Goodreads groups, Alfonso. They're not as exciting as you'd think. Although, you're right, we did plan the Portland Goodreads babe pillow fight in one of them. That was TOTALLY staged, by the way. :)

But what I'm really doing is playing Scrabble over on Facebook. I'm very good.

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
ha! i love Scrabble! we should play one day! but i get to play in spanish!!! and you can have your husband (you the one who is married to the dude who speak like 20 languages right?) to check my words! i also kick ass in Scrabble!!!

next question!!!

lets talk a little bit more about the GoodReads Babes... it has come to my attention that a NYC reunion is being considered... you think they can beat the sexiness that went down in the portland one???

message 9: by Jackie "the Librarian" (last edited Nov 04, 2010 12:01AM) (new)

Jackie "the Librarian" Alfonso, if you get to play Scrabble in Spanish, I get to play in English and Spanish and French. We'd have to do it in person, though - Facebook won't accept foreign words. Which sucks.

There is NO WAY a NYC reunion can top the Portland one! We had Sarah Montambo AND Eh! AND Karen AND Elizabeth AND Ceridwen AND Meredith AND AND Marie AND K.I. AND, of course, ME, the sexy Goodreads librarian herself.

I can't see any other grouping beating that. The only thing missing was our group getting crashed by some Goodreads guys. I don't know where Steve Mort was, or King Dinosaur, but they really missed out on an opportunity. We were doing drunken arm wrestling on Saturday night, for heaven's sake!

Jackie "the Librarian" Oh, and by the way, I'm not married anymore.

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
so you saying that the east cost dont have the same babe power that the west coast does!???? strong world Jackie!!! strong words!!!!

i wonder what their response to that will be !! and i hope they get to answer that here!! you hear that east coast babes! if y'all want to answer Jackie y'all better do it here in STUPID!!!

and you know why the GoodReads dudes didnt invade??? cuz we didnt know nothing about it!! if i would have know trust me! i would have crash on that drunken arm wrestling contest!!!!

YOU SINGLE!!!! you do know i did hit on you in the past??? when you had the avatar with you dress as a princess thing where you holding a magic wand right??? but then you drop the i'm married bomb and i backed out!!! now is the chance to ask you!!!

in a scale from 1 to 10! 10 being the hottest! how hot you think i am????

Jackie "the Librarian" HAHAHAHAHA!!! Really, you hit on me, Alfonso? When was that? I thought you liked BunWat.

Alfonso, I can't rate you on a 1 to 10 scale, that just doesn't work for you. Dude, you're as hot as a serrano pepper. ;)

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
SHHHHHHHHHH! dont tell nobody i have a minor crush on Bunny!!!! (i think smart is sexy) and i was hitting on you when we were discussing The Wheel Of Time book in THC... back in the days!!!

and thank you for the hot pepper reference!!! i am that hot!!! i'm we in demand!!!!

next question!!!

Jackie, you're a librarian, both here on GoodReads and in real life. This strikes me as roughly equivalent to a bus driver who takes his family for a drive in the country on his day off. Is there anything you like to do which doesn't involve books?

Jackie "the Librarian" No. Only book-related activities for me. I go to book groups, watch movies based on books, and go shopping in bookstores on my days off. ;)

Just kidding! Sure, I like to go for bike rides, see movies, crochet, swim - I love vacationing in Hawaii, I go snorkeling, and I've gotten to swim with green sea turtles! Awesome!

I'm an artist, and I like to draw and paint a little, although not as often as I should, mainly just Christmas cards. I also play piano and have just started learning the ukulele last year.

I like listening to live music, too, and just last Saturday I went to the Night of the Living Tribute Bands event at the Capital Theater. If you dressed in costume, it was only $5.00 to go. I dressed as a black cat, and ended up dancing with a guy dressed as Boba Fett. And getting picked up, literally, by some other guys and swung around. That wasn't as much fun.

I may have been drunk.

Jackie "the Librarian" Just a little.

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
what the fuck!!! you sound like a cool drunk!!! i love those!!!!!! dude! we need to hang out!!!!! i'm even better at scrabble if i'm drunk!!!

but we'll discuss that in some other occasion! now i need to stay in the librarian subject! after all you are Jackie The Librarian!!!

Sorry to stick to this topic of you being a librarian, but is it hard to keep your literary tastes to yourself when you work at a library? If somebody at your library is checking out a lame-ass book that sucks, do you have to bite your tongue to keep from saying "Why are you reading this shit?" How about if they're complaining that a super-awesome book was "boring" -how do you keep yourself from kicking them in the balls (or ovaries)?

Jackie "the Librarian" I'm an adorable drunk. You can ask anyone!

Okay, about taste in books when it comes to working in a library. My tastes DON'T MATTER. I have to listen to what the patron wants, and match it to what I know about the books. If someone wants the newest Nicholas Sparks, I'm going to help them get it, not say "why do you read that crap?"

Actually, I have no idea if Nicholas Sparks is crap. I've never read any. I'm a youth services librarian, so I read mostly kids' and teen books.

It's not hard to not kick anyone in the balls, or anywhere. I'm really a very nice person, with few violent tendencies. Just don't snore in the library, and we'll get along just fine.

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hahahah i never heard anybody ever describe itself as "an adorable drunk" you should get that on a T-shirt!!!

now... i know i promise to keep my filthy mouth at bay... but i wanna play a juvenile high school game called "fuck,kill,marry". I will give you the names of three famous authors. You have to choose to fuck one, kill one, and marry one (and explain why). you feel like playing for only 3 rounds??? or you want to skip this part of the interview? i'd hate to make you uncomfortable!!!

Jackie "the Librarian" Let's just say "sleep with" for the first option. If that works for you, I'm up for the game.

Jackie "the Librarian" Can one of my authors be Neil Gaiman? :)

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
great! i will edit it on the video so "sleep with" comes out instead of the F world!!!

Round 1 (Highbrow)
1) D.H. Lawrence, 2) J.D. Salinger, 3) Jean Paul Sartre

Jackie "the Librarian" Okay, I'd sleep with Salinger, because he's a fascinating recluse, but I think he'd be too weird to live with long term.

I'd marry Lawrence, he was fairly prolific, and I like his ideas about female sexuality. There's promise there.

And I'd be happy to kill Sartre. He was a misogynist, and I didn't enjoy having to read him for my French major in college. Marrying with him would be definitely a Huis Clos, NOT a good idea. And I doubt he'd be very good in bed.

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Round 2 (Lowbrow)
1) Steven King, 2) Tom Clancy, 3) Dean Koonz

Jackie "the Librarian" None of those guys are Neil Gaiman, Alfonso!

Okay, I'd sleep with Dean Koontz, I liked Watchers, but I don't want anything long term with him.

I'd marry Steven King, for his money.

And I'd kill Tom Clancy, because I hear he's a real jerk. And conservative. And the military doesn't like him for revealing secrets about submarines or something. Anyhow, I'm sure we wouldn't miss him. He's out of original ideas for books.

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
omg! you killing me here!!!!

Superfreaky bonus round (Women!)
1) Mary Shelly 2) Sylvia Plath 3) Jane Austen

Jackie "the Librarian" I'd sleep with Mary Shelley, and get her to tell me all about Percy Shelley and Byron, and that rainy summer they spent in Switzerland. But she seems a little flaky, so I wouldn't want to marry her.

I'd marry Jane Austen, of course! I love all her books, she's ADORABLE!

And I'd kill Sylvia Plath, because she's maudlin, but that wouldn't really be necessary. You do know she committed suicide, right, Alfonso?


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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 561 comments Mod
hahahahah! there was no Neil gaiman!!!

just cuz you are an adorable drunk!!!!

round 4!
1) Neil Gaiman 2) J.R.R Tolkien 3) K.I. Hope

Jackie "the Librarian" K. I. Hope? You mean King Dinosaur's girlfriend? I almost made out with her in Portland, during the drunken arm wrestling. I came THAT CLOSE, I swear!

Okay so, I'd sleep with K. I., but I can't marry her because she's King Dinosaur's girlfriend. And a girl. And this country still has laws about that, which is stupid. We'd have to elope to Canada, and I like her, but not THAT much.
Sorry, K. I! We could still make out, if you want!

I'd TOTALLY marry Neil Gaiman! He's really hot, and creative, and writes books for kids and adults, and I LOVED The Graveyard Book. GoodReads suggests I friend him, and that's practically being married anyways, right?

And I'd kill Tolkien, after he wrote the Lord of the Rings (which I don't love, but I know a lot of people do) but BEFORE he could write The Silmarillion and that whole history of Middle Earth. That was unforgiveable. Really.

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omg!!! the Silmarillion is my favorite book of all times!!! the horror!!! THE HORROR!!!!

this interview was amazing!!! i can't wait to see the results in video!!!! i will give you the last word! and i really hope we get to have a second one! we need to talk more about the sexy times and all the almost make out from the Portland Babe Reunion!!!!!!

message 30: by Jackie "the Librarian" (last edited Nov 04, 2010 12:00AM) (new)

Jackie "the Librarian" My last words are:
- Avoid sparkly vampires, the ones from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are MUCH hotter.

- When in doubt, give chocolate.

- And, Keep Calm and Carry On, everyone. It's going to be okay.

Thanks for interviewing me, Alfonso! This was fun!

*edited to add: I was completely sober during this interview.

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for those who are to lazy to read!

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