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Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 91 comments Shattered Earth is my 3rd novel, currently $2.99.

What its about:
Advanced humans, called Terrans, leave Earth when its threatened by a massive meteor. The remaining humans on Earth fall back into primitiveness. The advanced humans, and a group of aliens, the Ragnor, involve Earth in an interstellar war. Thousands of years later, the humans of Earth decide to do something about this. Interstellar politics will never be the same again once Earth is done with their revenge.

These Terrans involve themselves throughout human history. Some play as King Arthur and Merlin. Another is a scientist, whose name is Galileo, and he gets into all sorts of trouble for challenging official orthodoxy about the sun, the Earth, and which one is revolving around the other. Then, we have Amelia Earhart, who has a very valid reason for disappearing. When an alien spaceship gets shot down over Roswell in 1947, President Truman orders the creation of Area 51, Project Blue Book and Sign, and has the United States embark on a plan that will culminate 60 years in the future. Nothing will ever be the same again when the United States gets involved in interstellar politics. But, the whole plan backfires when Earth ends up the worse for wear over it. Other species find out what Earth did, since no one else was bold enough to even try, so they want to help bring down the Ragnor once and for all. The new President of the United States imagines a galactic federation or a republic, but, none of the other species wants anything to do with it. Once they destroy the Ragnor's technology, they leave the Ragnor to ponder why all the other species hated them enough to attack them. Will the galaxy remain at peace?

Where to buy:

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Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 91 comments Check out the chapter sample of the novel on my blog:

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Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 91 comments Until the end of March, this novel, and my other 3, are on sale for $.99 each on Kindle:

in the US:

In the UK:

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Orbs n Rings (autumnbluesreviews) | 33 comments Thank you! Just passed it on here to my readers.

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Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 91 comments Thanks! Um... you have me as Chris, instead of Cliff. No problem though, that happens a lot. :D

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Orbs n Rings (autumnbluesreviews) | 33 comments I am so sorry I fixed it now. I am having a bad day today. After I had my post completed I went into edit one thing and I lost the whole post. I had to start all over again. I hate bloggerr sometimes. Arghh.. It makes me nuts. All fixed now. I like to pick one random author and do one featured post on my blog and today it happen to be you. I stick to .99 or Free posts to keep it simple. Since I have a lot on my plate with reviewing. Hope it brings you some hits:)

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Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 91 comments Sorry about your bad day, I've had the same problems with blogger, which is why I used wordpress more. Anyway, getting my first name wrong is absolutely no big deal, it actually happens all the time, causing me to wonder if I should change it to Chris.... ha ha

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Orbs n Rings (autumnbluesreviews) | 33 comments Na, it is just that your name is not common so it confuses people. I always get called Diana and people always think my name is Diana. They take the g and turn it into an a. Since my name is not common (common in Puerto Rico only) people get confused. I do have a wordpress account but felt it was to time consuming to set up. It is hard to move all your readers once you have a set blog. But if I decide to move it that will be it. Have a great Wednesday!

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