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One on one

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I will be one on one with you

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K then

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((ok so can i make a girl and a guy and then you and we roleplay))

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(( sure))

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((KK whats the topic))

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((You pick)

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(( idk but i have to go i will be on later))

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((awwww ok))

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((Sorry i went to the hospital))

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((oh what happened))

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((I got very very sick))

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((you all better now))

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((Yes would you like to roleplay you pick our topic))

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((thats good...ok how about vampires, soul mates, or sexuall activity or if you have any ideas))

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((Um how about supernatural kidnapping like the kidnappers are vampires and werewolfs ..........or somthing like that???)

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(( I like it alright and then the vampire and werewolf fall in love or something))

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((Or the vampire falls into love with the human captive and the same thing with the werewolf. I will make a guy werewolf and Girl human you make a guy vampire and a girl human if thats ok))

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((all right but girl vampire boy human..so then the vampire can fall in love with the werewolf))

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((How about boy vampire my girl human and i make anouther guy werewolf and you make the girl vampire))

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((ok you think better then i do))

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((LOL ok i will started on my 3 carries))

Kidnappe or kidnapper:

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Name: Alex
Age: looks 17 but is 150
Speicies: Vampire
Kidnappe or kidnapper: Kidnapper
Crush: Kate
Other: none
Looks: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...

Name: Lexi
Age: 17
Speicies: Human
Kidnappe or kidnapper: Kidnappe
Crush: Jay
Other: scared of vampires
Looks: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...

Name: Lala
Age: looks 18 but is 160
Speicies: Vampire
Kidnappe or kidnapper: Kidnappe
Crush: Cane(werewolf)
Other: ?
Looks: http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&am...

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Your vampire should hav a crush on my carrie and mine vampire on lexi i think

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ok i got confused

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i need names to put in

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

ok The werewolf is cane the human girl is kate and the boy vampire is Jay

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Name: Cane
Age: 29
Speicies: werewolf
Kidnappe or kidnapper: Kidnapper
Crush: Lala
Other: He can be mean and nasty
[image error]

Name: Jay
Age: 29
Speicies: vampire
Kidnappe or kidnapper: Kidnapper
Crush: Lexi
Other: He is kind but can be very mean

Name: Kate
Age: 16
Speicies: human
Kidnappe or kidnapper: Kidnappe
Crush: Aex

Tattoo Anime Girl Design Images

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is my picture showing

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not the second one

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how about now

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((i will be back later

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ok and no it is not showing

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((well lets started any way))

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Kate was walking home alone at night after work. she was short and skinny and very very sleepy.

Cane was sitting in a tree waiting for his next victim.

Jay looked around for any girls out alone.

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Lala walked out of the ally way alone

Lex walked around the park smoking a cig

Alex watched Kate walk home

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Kate sighed and sat down waiting for the bus

Cane smiled watching the girl

jay looked at lex

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Alex walked over to Kate "Hey there"

Lex sat down on the bench and took out another cig

Lala walked past the tree. " I'm hungry" she spoke to her self

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Kate looked at him "Hi" she said warily

Cane jumped out of the tree and wrapped his arms around her

Jay smiled "You got a cig:"

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Lex looked at him "Sure" She handed him on "I'm Lex" she spoke and moved over so he could sit

Lala gasped and pulled away with unhuman strenght looking at him

Alex smiled turn on the charm "Hi I'm Alex"

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"I am jay" he said lighting the cig

Cane grabbed her again and knocked her out

"I am Kate" she said moving away a little

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

"Nice to meet you Jay" Lex smiled

Lala blacked out

Alex didn't move anymore "Need a ride"

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He nodded smoking alittle more.

Cane pick her up and took her to his house throwing her in the basement and locking the door. His basement was inescapable.

"No" she said

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Alex just smiled "Alright then Have a nice night" He walked away

Lala woke up in a dark basement but with her night vision she could see that there was no way out "Fuck face let me out of here"

Lex looked away. she started to get up

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Kate sighed and got up and still headed home

Cane laughed a little

Jay smiled at her

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Alex followed her and watched her from a tree.

Lala banged on the door and cracked it a little. she started laughing

Lex turned to him "What you smiling at"

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