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Gale Force (Spoilers Alert)

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message 1: by Phoebebb (new)

Phoebebb | 20 comments Mod
I know this book hasn’t actually been release yet, but when it has and people have read it, this topic is up and waiting for comments.

message 2: by Lizzyswann (new)

Lizzyswann | 3 comments what's it about? does anyone know?

message 3: by Phoebebb (new)

Phoebebb | 20 comments Mod
Gale Force is the 7th installment of the Weather Warden Series. If you haven't read the series you should. :o)

message 4: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathry) So, what I was thinking in the other thread but didn't want to spoil for anyone, is that Kevin had massive opportunity to betray everyone but he didn't. I'd fully expected him to, but I guess the whole thing of him respecting Joann but not particularly liking her because she knows too much about him and because she's seen him at his worst, kind of makes him seem more human. But he's still a murderer and I'm cautious about him but I think he really loves Cherise and probably doesn't want to mess that up. I still think he's slimy though.

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