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message 1: by Phoebebb (new)

Phoebebb | 20 comments Mod
Here you can post any reviews and/or general discussion on the series.

This is personally one of my favorite series and Caine cannot put these books out fast enough for me. It’s such a unique series already, and having djinn in the plot is just an added bonus. Alice is my favorite Djinn because she looks so sweet and innocent, but what lurks beneath the surface is anything but. I also love Joanne’s classic car infatuation and I can’t wait to see what she’ll be driving next in Gale Force; August 5th.

message 2: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathry) I love the car infatuation too! What else I love about the series:
The ACTION! There's so much!
David. (need I say more)
Cliffhanger Endings. This is not always a good thing!

message 3: by Phoebebb (new)

Phoebebb | 20 comments Mod
Definitely! She has great taste in cars.

message 4: by Shanon (new)

Shanon (boban) I enjoy the twists and turns in this series so much. I love that the bad guy(s) in one book may be the good guys in the next too. I can never predict what's going to happen and the series is always fresh & original. I have one more book & then Outcast and I'll be all caught up (yeah!)

message 5: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathry) You're right about the good guy/bad guy surprises. I appreciate and enjoy reading about the bad guys too, even if I do not like them. Kevin comes to mind more than anyone else. In the first few books, I was thinking, man, why doesn't Joanne just kill him!

message 6: by Shanon (new)

Shanon (boban) I was like that at first too - but he's actually a sweet kid underneath that tough exterior I think. I recently finished Thin Air and liked the insight Jo got when she was in his head. Makes him more likable to know more about the hell he went through as a kid. He's also so protective of Charise - too cute! There's hope for him yet (I hope)

message 7: by Phoebebb (new)

Phoebebb | 20 comments Mod
I'm not too sure about Kevin. It is sad reading about what he has been through, but I still don't trust him. I think eventually Joanne will have to do something with him.

message 8: by Shanon (new)

Shanon (boban) That's very possible too - it's so hard to predict anything with this series!

message 9: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathry) So I started typing more about Kevin but I checked and I'm not going to say a word more until you both, Shanon and Phoebebb, and anyone else, have read Gale Force. I'm trying to not provide spoilers and I can't wait to see what you guys have to say about book 7!

message 10: by Phoebebb (new)

Phoebebb | 20 comments Mod
You can post it in the Gale Force discussion =)

message 11: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathry) Durr...forgot there was one :)

message 12: by Shanon (new)

Shanon (boban) LOL

message 13: by Evangeline (new)

Evangeline (evangeline9) | 1 comments I absolutely love this series. There is nothing like it. It just grabs my attention and I never know really where the storyline is going. I am just now finishing up Thin Air. Does anyone know how many more there will be? I heard that the one after Cape Storm was the last one. Is that true?

message 14: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (gloriaoliver) | 6 comments I believe there's either 1 or 2 more books. Rachel felt the poor things have gone through enough and deserve some happiness/respite. :P She does, however, have the Outcast offshoot series. So still more stuff for that universe to come. Woot!

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Total Eclipse is finally out today!!! Just got my copy so I'm about to read it now.

message 16: by Purple (new)

Purple (purpletan) | 7 comments I haven't had mine. They say its the final book.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Yh It is. Hope you get urs soon

message 18: by Celia (new)

Celia (celiafa) | 1 comments Can anyone tell me where to find the short story Embers? I am also trying to find out all of the short stories that go with the Weather Warden Series along with their reading order.

message 19: by Phoebebb (last edited Jul 06, 2011 12:16PM) (new)

Phoebebb | 20 comments Mod
Here is a site that lists her anthologies and what series the short story is related to. At one point someone posted a site on here where you could read her short stories for free, but I don't remember which thread it was posted on.


Also, I updated the group bookshelf and if a short story in one of the anthologies belongs to a certain series it will be found under the shelf for the series as well as "Anthologies and Others." For some reason it doesn't let you order the books within the shelves in any type of order, so they're scattered. Hope that helps.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

i just discovered Rachel Caine's "Weather Warden " series. I've only read the first one, and I am really excited that there are 6 or seven more. I read the "Outcast Series" first , not realizing that it was a spin off of the Weather Warden Series.Just so happy to find another really well written series.

message 21: by Emily (new)

Emily Ross Hello :-) I read the Weather Warden series and the Outcast Season quite a while back (I remember waiting eagerly for each novel of the Outcast Season to come out) and now I've just started reading them all again. I much prefer the Outcast Season to the Weather Warden series, but they are all amazing :-) Lewis and Cassiel are my favourite characters from both series :-)

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