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Deadhouse Gates - Spoilers OK

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message 1: by Tomi (new)

Tomi The nature of this book is quite harder and despite the scorching environment, darker. It kept me reading almost 200 pages per day but still I think Gardens of the Moon was slightly more multifaceted. DG seems to be a build up for the books to come.

And again, re-reads are in order. So much happening.

Malazan books are for me the ones that you would like to re-read as you are reading them. :)

message 2: by Robin (new)

Robin 55077 | 4 comments Malazan books are definitely great for re-reads. I've read each of the books numerous times and am currently doing the re-read with Tor. So far we have done Gardens of the Moon and we are halfway through Esslemont's Night of Knives. Can't wait to get back to the main series and pick up with Deadhouse Gates. I have read most of these books about 5 times and every time I read them I find something that I missed or something that clicks as a reference to something in another book. I have never read anything that had me this excited on multiple re-reads. Gotta love Erikson!

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