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message 1: by The (new)

The Pyromaniac00 (pyromaniac00) Today is mid-term elections day. I live in Wisconsin, and out of all the candidates, if I could vote, I would choose not to vote. They are all too comercial and slanerous. I would vote for the one who recognizes his own flaws and those of America and hiw they can connect and be fixed logically. None of them do that, they only attack their opponents. Not respectfully either. In your state, who would you vote for and why? If none, give a reason to why none like I did.

message 2: by The (new)

The Pyromaniac00 (pyromaniac00) In case you don't know what mid-term elections are, they are the candidates for Senate, Governor, etc. The probobly run endless TV ads that annoy the **** out of you.

message 3: by The (new)

The Pyromaniac00 (pyromaniac00) Wisconsin turn-out is, so far fromwhat I've heard, Republican Scott Walker wins for Governer, and Republican Ron Johnson wins for U.S. senate. I will check the results of the rest of it now and update this in a few minutes. If you live in another state, please list who you would have voted for, why, and who really won each election.

message 4: by The (new)

The Pyromaniac00 (pyromaniac00) Governor REPORTING 99%
Scott Walker, GOP 1,127,798
Tom Barrett, Dem 1,004,802

U.S. Senate REPORTING 99%
Ron Johnson, GOP 1,125,287
Russ Feingold, Dem (inc) 1,020,650
Rob Taylor, Constitution 23,330 1%

Attorney General REPORTING 99%
J.B. Van Hollen, GOP (inc) 1,219,777
Scott Hassett, Dem 889,692

State Senate Dist. 5 REPORTING 100%
Leah Vukmir, GOP 30,193
Jim Sullivan, Dem (inc) 25,476

State Assembly Dist. 25 REPORTING 100%
Bob Ziegelbauer, Ind (inc) 9,697
Kerry Trask, Dem 6,458
Andrew Wisniewski, GOP 3,321 17%

Milwaukee Sheriff REPORTING 100%
David Clarke, Dem (inc) 246,312
Steven Duckhorn, GOP 83,463

Racine Sheriff REPORTING 100%
Christopher Schmaling, GOP 44,802
Joseph Buckley, Dem 23,085
Jeffrey Gerrietts, Ind 3,427 5%

Sheboygan Sheriff REPORTING 100%
Todd Priebe 25,052
Mike Helmke, Dem (inc) 21,410

Walworth Sheriff REPORTING 100%
David Graves, GOP (inc) 25,822
Paul Yakowenko, Ind 2,415
Csaba Keller, Ind 1,929 6%

Next two are important to me

Pewaukee Merge With Village REPORTING 100%
Yes 4,513
No 2,582

Pewaukee School Bonds REPORTING 100%
Yes 4,344
No 3,745

From elections, in total, it is mostly GOP (republican). We'll see how things work out until next year, when we can fully decide whether this was the right choice or not.

message 5: by Lauren, radical atheist...beware! (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 2702 comments Mod
Now that the House is a majority of Republicans and the president is a Democrat, nothing is going to get passed. Congressional gridlock.

message 6: by The (new)

The Pyromaniac00 (pyromaniac00) Interesting opinion. Kinda the wrong place to post this, but it works. So any opinion on the voting results?

message 7: by Lauren, radical atheist...beware! (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 2702 comments Mod
I'm upset Republicans have the House, but really I'm mad because of why they have it. Everyone expected Obama to fix 8 years of mess in two, and because he hasn't worked any miracles, they decide to throw the Democrats out of tge House, and now if Republicans working against him in Congress, how can Obama get anything passed.

message 8: by Lauren, radical atheist...beware! (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 2702 comments Mod
Plus, now everything that the Senate wants to get through the House will shoot down, and vice versa.

message 9: by The (new)

The Pyromaniac00 (pyromaniac00) I guess the Senate hasn't updated their website yet. They need to do that as soon as elections are confirmed. It stills shows Democratic majority, and it still shows Russ Feingold, when it should show Ron Johnson. We don't know if it really is republican or democratic majority.

message 10: by Lauren, radical atheist...beware! (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 2702 comments Mod
No, I think the Senate might still have Dem majority. I think it's the House that has Republican.

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