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message 1: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian (ChristianOzera) Im making a Chatroom for all members of The Hero's of Olyumpus!

message 2: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian (ChristianOzera) Make an account if you want, but you dont have to. But its way more fun if you do. you can customize your profile with music pics, vids, and alot more :D

message 3: by Hayato (new)

Hayato Bray | 21 comments how?

message 4: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian (ChristianOzera) the link >.> then sign up.....then go to out ur music....paste it in ur profile thingy....and theres the music....then get a pic from google, then paste it to your profile....BOOM. background!

message 5: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian (ChristianOzera) if u get on the chatroom i can explain it a little better.

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