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Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) | 30 comments This is a fanfic from the warriors series. The characters and plot so far are all my ideas.

genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

A young cat named Ivyleaf is surrounded by death and suffering as, on the day of her warrior ceremony, she see's her first dead cat-Patch-and is chosen for a patrol on the attack of his murderer. What will happen next to the sweet, gentle Ivyleaf?

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Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) | 30 comments "Ivypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"
"I do!" mewed the gentle she-cat known as Ivypaw.
"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. From now on you will be known as Ivyleaf, StarClan honors your intellegence and integrity and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan."
Cheers rose up from the crowd below as Blizzardstar gave the apprentice her warrior name.
"Help-!" a raspy cry sounded from the fern tunnel. Heads whirled around to the sound. A black and white tom cat dragged himself into the camp before collapsing with effort.
"Who are you?" Demanded Blizzardstar.
"I-I'm Pat-ch..." he couldn't finish his name.
"He smells of ShadowClan!" reported a muscular tabby tom. A gurgling sound came from the bloody stained ShadowClan cat and a pool of blood formed around his head. Deep cuts covered the cat's body. The brown tabby from before padded over to him and sniffed him. He cringed. "He's dead!" he meowed to the white leader still perched on Highrock.
Ivyleaf stared. She had never seen a dead cat before.
"Spottedfire, Darkfang, Firesplash, Mintpool, Dustystorm and Ivyleaf, gather at the entrance. Thornbramble, see me in my den."
Thornbramble was the deputy, the tom that announced Patch's death.
Ivyleaf stood in place thinking of what could be Patch's killer.
Was he murdered? Why did you pick me? Am I ready for this? She was puzzled. Doubts swarmed her mind and she almost didn't hear the mew of Dustystorm from beside her.
"Ivyleaf, are you coming?" She shook her head to clear her thoughts and followed the gray-brown mottled cat to the entrance where the rest of the cats gathered, waiting patiently. Finally Blizzardstar padded back out onto the rock, Thornbramble at her side.
"Thornbramble will lead the patrol." she mewed. The brown tabby tom leapt down and headed the patrol on out the tunnel. He slowed as he noticed Ivyleaf lagging at the end.
"Are you okay?" he mewed matching his pace with her's.
"I'm fine... Just... nervous..." she admitted lowering her ears.
"You wanna know a secret?" he asked her. "Even the bravest warrior is nervous before a battle. Anyone who's not is mousebrained." he glanced at Darkfang for a moment but turned back to her with a smile.
She smiled back, spirits lifting and she picked up her pace. "Thanks Thornbramble" she mewed.

Screeches sounded as they neared the ShadowClan camp. They had crossed the border without a problem. Blood stench was in the air making Ivyleaf's pelt prickle. An ear piercing shriek mixed with that of thunder, and dark gray clouds rolled in.
"Do you think StarClan wishes us to participate?" a light gray she-cat with green eyes, known as Mintpool whispered. "Why would they bring this weather if they did?"
Ivyleaf's doubts returned. Could the older she-cat be right? Did StarClan wish them to take part in this battle?
By now, droplets of water spattered the ground lightly and thunder rumbled in the distance getting closer each heartbeat.
The seconds felt like minutes to Ivyleaf and she could swear the other cats could feel her heart booming with tension.
"Now!" hissed Thornbramble as they paused right outside the thorn tunnel. The ThunderClan cats burst into ShadowClan's camp yowling battle cries'.
ShadowClan's attackers whirled around in surprise at the sudden explosion of cats in the clearing. The intruders smelled of crowfood and ShadowClan blood, typical rogues. There were many of them, muscular and dangerous. She gasped as a blood smeared golden tabby tom hurled himself at her. She leapt up with all her might just as he came crashing past her. He slipped on the, now rain soaked ground.
Here was Ivyleaf's chance. She flew at him, claws unsheathed slashing at his side and exposed stomach ruthlessly. But he was to strong. He lashed out with a back paw and flung her away. The large tabby got to his paws and charged at her. Ivyleaf tried to pick herself off the ground, but it was too late. He flipped her onto her back pinning her down by her throat. He held up his other paw, claws glistening, and slashed down her stomach from her throat to her tail.
Pain stabbed at her like a knife as everything went black and the sounds of battle faded from her ears. Her eyes closed.

"Ivyleaf..." called a sweet, she-cat voice.
"Ivyleaf..." the call came again.
Ivyleaf stirred groggily, eyes slits.
The surrounding area was dark except a single ray shining down upon the waking cat, Ivyleaf.
"Awake young Ivyleaf..." She blinked awake and lifted her head slightly. The small tortoiseshell she-cat looked around but no one was there. "hello?" she called.
"Turn around... and smell what you can see..." The voices continued on. Her ears tipped back slightly at this quiet demand. She continue to lay there.
"Can you hear my voice?" The sweetness in the echoed voice changed to that of irritation and Ivyleaf got to her paws and padded slowly in the direction of the she-cat voices.
"That's right sweet-heart..." The gentleness in the voice returned, beckoning Ivyleaf forward- into the darkness.
"I'm the one that will guide you, to the limits of your choice..." the voice continued as Ivyleaf paced forward.
Suddenly, a she-cat leaped in front of her swiftly.
Ivyleaf gasped and jumped backwards in surprise.
"Do not be afraid young one." the older she-cat whispered gently.
The she-cat was one Ivyleaf recognised from the past. Oh yes- her grandmother. Her mother told her stories of her grandmother, a medicine cat- one of the best to. Her name was Snowswirl, a beautiful white cat with tortoiseshell patches. She didn't just use herbs to heal a wound, she used hope, passion and the will of StarClan to keep her cats healthy. Ivyleaf's mother told her a story a long time ago when she was still Ivykit.
Snowswirl had just become an apprentice- her mentor foxheart, a dastardly ginger tom who would rather sleep than heal.
She would travel across territory for the same herbs she could get a few foxlengths outside camp.

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