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Firestar's Death RUMOR

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" brambleclaw I'm leaving you in charge. I'm going on a patrol w-,"
"no your not firestar" jayfeather mewed grimly. "your still weak from the battle."
"and and i wouldn't put it past shadow clan to attack while they think we are weak." brambleclaw interrupted.
"I'm not a helpless kit. i can hold my own, i just need some time alone and if they do come i will try to hold peace, after all it was partly my fault for russetfur's death." No, it was not," lionblaze muttered as he walked up beside him
the forest was dark and humid, as lion blaze, jayfeather,dovepaw and graystripe,followed quietly downwind of their leader, after he insisted on going alone to renew the scent markers, and to give the patrols a break. lion blaze just had a bad feeling there might be trouble. graystripe led, while he trailed dovepaw and stayed close to his blind brother even thought jayfeather hated it he refused to leave his side in the dark night while shadow clan warriors may wonder in the night jayfeather muttered in his ear, "ask dovepaw to check for other clan warriors. if we run into them I'd like to be ready."
"sure. dovepaw ca-"
"i can't focus right now, but i know there around, but not yet on the border."
"shh!" graystripe mewed briskly, "i don't know what your talking about, but your going to wake the whole forest!" They walked on and followed fire star. they were heading out of the territory. finally firestar stopped to hunt and continued on. soon cliffs were visible
"were are we going?"
"i don't know, dovepaw." lionblaze confessed.
"maybe he's just wondering around." dovepaw suggested.
"no, he wouldn't be wondering around by the shadow clan side for nothing." graystripe mewed.
so What is he doing then? lionblaze wondered. a leaf crackled. firestar stopped dead in his tracks and spun around.
"Who's there? Show yourself!" he cried. lionblaze sank his claws in the dry earth. He knows we're following him!
He looked around and noticed they were behind clan territory, no longer in thunder clan territory or shadow clan, but behind it! graystripe sharply whispered,
"duck down, before he sees us!" then two ghostly shadows emerged from the forest and crept closer, for a heartbeat he thought it was tigerstar and hawkfrost. he opened his mouth to drink in the scents and shivered. he recognized one of the scents right away and remembered the second scent scarcely. dread fell over him instantly.

firestar stalked of closer to the cliffs, trying to confuse the cats by surprising them from the rock's shadows. a dark memory stabbed his heart when he saw dove paw flick her ears toward a third cat stalking the black tom with amber eyes. she was a light brown tabby with blue eyes. Breezepelt and heathertail! a forth cat appeared. he smelled strongly of shadowclan. tigerheart! what are they doing here? then a sense of treachery rushed over him like a jolt of lightning,
"i-is that ivypaw?" with the blood roaring in his ears he barely heard graystripe's confused mew. "what is she doing here?" he mewed hollowly.

ivypaw stopped and darted into firestars side, bowling him over on his back. a surprised yowl rang out in the air. it was beginning to rain. thunder roared over head. lionblaze saw dovepaw race after ivypaw. he turned and saw graystripe had tore after breezepelt darting under his legs and flinging him onto a rock.
"lionblaze! i said where is firestar!" jayfeather mewed crossly almost spitting each word out.
"He's-" lightning struck the ground.
"what did you say?"
jayfeather repeated "i said, he's fighti-" a quick flash of brown tabby bowled him over before he could finish. familiar accusing blue eyes burned with hate were starring at him with disgust. "what are you doing here!" lion blaze yowled
"I was following breezepelt without him knowing, and he was with other cats following firestar!" she spat.
"And hedgehogs fly!" lionblaze yowled, as he thrashed his back legs madly.
"believe me, iths thure!" heathertail said with a mouth full of golden fur. she jumped off of lionblaze as the sky flashed. "i mean, its true! i saw breezepelt leave camp so i followed him here!" innocence flashed in her eyes.
"why should i believe anything you say!"
"lionblaze i never told any cat about the tunnels! i swear on starclan!"
"then how did they find out!?" his furious yowl rang out louder then thunder.

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"the kits told everyone at camp, lionblaze." ashfoot said calmly. her voice surprised him and made him jump.
"ashfoot, where did you come from!"
"i followed your scent out of camp."
"what's happening?" jayfeather sprang up and sprinted to his brother's voice.
"i think i know. lionblaze, breezepelt is a cat that has joined tigerstar. and tigerheart is his kin, he must be with him too!"
"TigerStar is dead, jayfeather!" ashfoot mewed briskly.
"not entirely."
"What?" the two wind clan cats mewed.
"it is possible." he mewed, flicking his tail irritatedly.
"How is it possible!?"
"i don't have time to explain everything! just stop them!" before they could argue jayfeather ran after breezepelt who was still fighting with graystripe. then he was stopped by lionblaze. "I'll handle this, you go get brambleclaw." lightning stuck the grass and set it aflame, it spread across until it blocked jayfeather's way back to thunder camp the hungry flames broke up graystripe's fight. jayfeather was choking on smoke when the hungry flames broke up the fight with graystripe, lionblaze, and breezepelt. graystripe and lionblaze ran toward jayfeather to guide him to the high cliff path, while breezepelt ran away from the fire, to fight with dovepaw,and firestar. tigerheart appeared and sprang out in front of lionblaze. "follow me! hurry!" lionblaze had no choice, the fire was closing in. oh starclan! tigerheart leaped down the cliff edge and disappeared. where did he go? lion blaze looked over the edge and saw a rock path that led a steep way down. one wrong paw step and a sheer plummet to ground. his fur bristled at the thought of jayfeather falling to his death. "I'll be fine lionblaze, I'm not a kit!" jayfeather mewed grimly. " i don't want to lose you like we lost hollyleaf!" "I'll be fine....Go! hurry up."
"yeah were getting burned back here" mewed heather tail nervously. his heart leaped when he saw a familiar black figure behind the smoke.
"is i-it you...." the the ghostly black figure to seemed to nod,but the wind blew the smoke over the side of the cliffs and vanished.
tigerheart yowled "other way, the smoke will kill us there! this way!" he bounded over lionblaze onto a rock on his right and disappeared thank you starclan!
he and jayfeather leaped together. jayfeather sprinted thought the Sharp cliff rocks following tigerheart's scent. lionblaze saw graystripe and ashfoot jump safely over. where's heathertail?
heathertail, after a few heartbeats of staying in the thick gray smoke she leaped over lionblaze and he dashed after her. a loud piercing screech halted all cats. they ran towards the very edge of the cliff, to find ivypaw and breezepelt fighting firestar. lionblaze darted for breezepelt but, hard rock ground tore at his paws and graystripe beat him there. he knocked ivypaw off her paws, fiery tufts of blood stained pelt were scattered on hers.
"what are you doing? starclan told me to kill him! get off!" he ignored her and didn't move.
firestar felt the gash across his head trickle blood into his eyes. he threw off breezepelt and aimed a blow at his shoulder. lionblaze leaped on top of breezepelts back and he collapsed underneath his weight. he felt his black fur beneath his jaws as he grabbed his neck, but heathertail flung herself against him and drove his breath out of firestar. breezepelt lunged for him and grabbed his hind leg. pain scorched through his leg. he turned back on breezepelt and grabbed him by his scruff.
breezepelt pelt went limp and they both fell toward and rammed into graystripe, who flew off of ivypaw. ivypaw jumped up and charged for firestar but he didn't move, instead he jump straight up in the air and came down hard onto ivypaw as she ran by. she wailed her legs furiously and, couldn't get free. breezepelt tried to drag him off , but lionblaze batted him in the eyes. breezepelt bit down on firestars neck. ivypaw struggled free and pelted against firestar. breezepelt released his grip on him, and firestar fell over the edge of the cliff. quick as lightning lionblaze bit firestar's neck scruff but the rain made it impossible to hold a firm grip. his paws slipped forward. but he dug his claws in the hard rock. graystripe and jayfeather came to help but, breezepelt blocked them and laughed
"ha ha, you will now feel my pain, that i suffered from crowfeather, for not loving me, for turning me into a shadow, it may not be the same but, as you watch your kin and your valued kittypet leader die, you'll regret being kitted." he yowled in triumph and slowly crept toward firestar and lionblaze, "now if you try to save him i'll kill them both."
lightning crackled again and breezepelt swiped his clas over lionblaze's back. he slipped more to
cats from behind yowled in triumph.
"where did they come from?!" jayfeather mewed
"jayfeather my dear half brother, they trained in the dark forest and they've been sent by tigerstar!"
starclan help me! firestar yowled bravely "let me go, it's okay lionblaze!"
"No, i will not let you go!" breezepaw lashed out raking his claws over jayfeather's blind eyes. jayfeather screetched with pain, swat him over the ear. breezepelt let out a snort of irratation "lionblaze you can only save one cat. your arrogant brother or your kittypet grandfather," firestar swiped his chest"
"let me go!"
a grey tom with a black tail appeared from the crowd. he stunk of shadow clan. he stepped foward glared at him.
"oh lionblaze, i do beleive your time is running out!" he smile with darkness in his dark eyes, leaped foward, and bit down on jayfeather's neck. firestar lashed out madly, and lionblaze lost his grip.
firestar dropped down, fear and sorrow in his eyes. but lionblaze heard a hard slap and squinted his eyes to see firestar lying limply spralled out on a rock near the bottom of the cliff they tried to escape the fire from. a faint dawn light shone on his firery pelt making it light like fire. he turned and saw all the cats silenced with regret or triumph. he saw graystripe run toword the ledge cliff rocks trying to find a way to get down where his best friend lay. he slashed at breezepelt's throat.
blood welled from the gash on breezepelt's throught. "we have surved our purpose here we must return to the clans and-" he coughed and gaged.
"Leave, Now!!" the cats scattered everywhere even the gray shadowclan warrior raced to the clans. breezepelt raced past lionblaze "this won't be the last time lionblaze"
"until then breezepelt, watch Your back!!"
lionblaze and jayfeather raced after graystripe and found him sharing his last words with his leader and best friend. lion blaze heard dovepaw and tigerheart aproach with brambleclaw, sandstorm, squirrelflight, dustpelt, cloudtail, leafpool, and cinderheart, followed by dawnpelt, tawnypelt, and blackstar.
"Oh no firestar! sandstorm screetched!" shocked gasps from them made firestar raise his head; blood from the corner of his mouth. she curled up beside him. he tried to purr but choked instead. "firestar...don't die...please...." squirrelflight begged. she licked his fur straight again. he just stared at her with sorrow. he winced and fought for each breath. she turned to leafpool and jayfeather. "can you save him?" she closed her eyes and sighed deeply.
"i-i can't save him now...." leafpool lost whatever hope she had left and dove foword.
"Don't die please, please don't die!!!!" squirrelflight layed beside him.
so much pain and hurt in graystripe's eyes, "you were my best friend from the first time i met you as a kittypet you were there for me, still are and you always will be my closest friend firestar..."
"and you will always be my closest and most dearest friend a cat can have.." firestar mewed softy. remebering all the adventures, getting into trouble for feeding riverclan, guiding windclan home, fighting bloodclan, exposing tigerstar, rescuing mistystar, and the others from tigerstar, and now...
"it ends here are adventures will be remebered for ever, as long as you remember me."
"no cat will ever forget you firestar, never." blackstar said thoughtfuly. the dawn lights grew pale and clouds began to cover them. he struggled to breath
"BrambleStar you will make a fine leader" his body quivered. one last time, every cat held their breath even blackstar as he said "but now, bluestar and yellowfang are waiting for me, and i must go to them now," and slowly the great leader's eyes darkened.
his firery pelt seemed to stand still as if it were quenched. his chest sank, the stongest and the bravest cat ever was gone.
"he's gone to hunt with starclan now." brambleclaw whispered.
ashfoot leaned in "he was noble and brave right to the end, every cat in every clan will honor and morn for him." lionblaze padded to him, and pressed his muzzle agenst him and whisped just so he could hear
"i will never forget this day, and breezepelt will be served justice for this deed. i wont ever forget"

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where did you get that? I haven't read it yet so i don't know what it says.... but where did you get it??

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it's probably from the newest book

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I do not know. 0.e

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Yup ^^
I sad that Firestar dies, though.

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yeah D=

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I got kinda annoyed at him at the end, but I still loved him.
I gotta tell my friends who donthave a goodreads.

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I hate Firestar, but im sad for Sandstorm, cause i love her. But im also not sad for Squirleflight and Leafpool. Bitches those two are.

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Regan *sickkkk* wrote: "where did you get that? I haven't read it yet so i don't know what it says.... but where did you get it??"

A person I know on youtube who video chats the Erins. She scribbled down what Erin said. It's just a rough draft and I was told it may not be the way they decide he dies in the end.

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I hate Firestar AND Brambleclaw! They should have BOTH died! graystripe deserves to be leader!!! and i'm GLAD Hollyleaf died the next cat who should die are Lionblaze, Leafpool and Squirrelflight!

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Wow!I should call you guys traitors!Without Firestar the books NEVER would have been started.I don't believe this crap.Even if it just a "rough-draft" It dosent sound one bit like the warrior books.Believe what you wanna believe but I don't believe any singal word of it.D:

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I liked FirePAW and FireHEART but he would have been better as a loyal warrior then leader, he can't take fighting. He won't fight. Even his own mate called him off for it! "Don't you fight anyone anymore?" is a quote from the books said by Sandstorm herself. No one agrees with thta no fighting thing except Brambleclaw. Leafpool was a traitor(along with Squirrelflight), Hollyleaf was too paranoid and ove-obsessed the warrior code and Lionblaze was in love with himself. "Oh, I can win every battle because I'm so better than everyone else I can't get hurt!"

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Diitoo~ish ^^

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hehe i'ts the truth, in my oppinion! xD

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Totaly true. Erin hates Shadowclan! It tis my favorite.

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Mine to! What's wrong with ShadowClan??? I don't like RiverClan... to selfish...

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My tecnical "birth clan" is river clan. Screw them. My favs..

1. SHadow clan - THeir just frickin awesome!
2. Windclan - I'm fast..probaly would fit into one pretty well... used to be my fav..till onestar. he screwed it all up
3. RIverclan - Stupid furry fish-faces
4.Thunderclan - COme on! what a pathetic excuse for a clan! Just a bunch of kitty pets and sore loseres. House of tratirs and bitches.

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I agree with you 100%, Sissy!!! woot!

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*High fives* Onestar totaly wrecked windclan!

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yah I know!!! Blue agrees to! ^^

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Poor Russetfur! and she was my favorite..... tawnypelt kinda trashed the entire meaning of Shadowclan.. But she is kinda cool.

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Sissy the Mint wrote: "*High fives* Onestar totaly wrecked windclan!"

But...I like Windclan... TT.TT

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I don't like WindClan ever since Onestar acted the way he did even after all the things him and ThunderClan went through together. That is my oppinion.

I think Tawnypelt would make a fine THUNDERCLAN dep/leader not Shadow. She just isn't a true ShadowClan cat in my mind.

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Russetfur is really ruthless...... My kind of cat. She tried to kill Firestar! Any cat who does that has a high rank in my book!

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Sry, I ment Tawnypelt... ^^ Russetstar should be next leader for ShadowClan, not Tawnypelt. Liek I said, Tanypelt has a ThunderClan heart. She doesn't have the feirceness it takes to be a ShadowClan leader.

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Its perfectly fine. :) ROwanfur is okay...... I wish Russetfur was deputy still. DIE LIONHEART!!!!

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) Lyla (Scourge) wrote: "I hate Firestar AND Brambleclaw! They should have BOTH died! graystripe deserves to be leader!!! and i'm GLAD Hollyleaf died the next cat who should die are Lionblaze, Leafpool and Squirrelflight!"

I agree with you. Graystripe was originally the Deputy, and he deserves to be leader.

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I know right!?
*singing* Party, Karamu, Fiesta, Forever!

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Tahtipolya Grey***1# hyperactive ninja*** wrote: "Yup ^^
I sad that Firestar dies, though."

I'm glad he's gone, sorry. I'm a Firah hater. >.<

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) I don't really hate Firestar, I just hate Brambleclaw. He's retarded. And not near as wise as Firestar and Graystripe.

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Tahtipolya Chaotic wrote: "I don't really hate Firestar, I just hate Brambleclaw. He's retarded. And not near as wise as Firestar and Graystripe."

I hate how Bramble isn't with Squirrel anymore.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) SAME HERE! Bramleclaw needs to learn how to forget and forgive.

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Brambleclaw gets back together with Squirrel later... I HATE them both...
Personally, I think Firestar is a pussy! and not in the cat way either...
Graystripe is fukkin awesome!

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Tahtipolya I agree about Fire and Gray. Squirrel and Bramble are (or were) my favorite couple, they were so cute together...

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uh... no. Squirrel was a rotten liar. She couldn't even tell her own MATE teh truth!

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) That's the whole point of the story though! You weren't suppose to know till the end, and neither where the characters. It makes it more fun.

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It just made me mad. I felt like Jayfeather through the whole series... I felt so helpless and lost...

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Tahtipolya But, Squirrel didn't lie to Bramble. She had to do it or Leafpool would've been shunned from the Clan. However, I wouldn't care if That happened. I always hated Leafpool.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) Yeah seriously....Leafpool is dumb.

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