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Ok, What the hell is going on here? Tell me, I can't stand not knowing!

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Karina ok, so I am almost 2 1/2 month late on this one and not one person wrote in the spoilers section! so I guess I will begin and maybe i will get some feedback:

I didn't love the book, even though there were some funny moments, I felt that the book dragged on longer than it should have. The last 100 pages I was dragging my feet but I wanted to finish the book so bad and just get it over with. Some of the characters antics I couldn't stand, such as Colonel Catchart and his need to be the a general.
My favorite characters were the chaplain (I mostly felt bad for him) and I enjoyed Milo, even though he tried to feed his men chocolate-covered cotton and his explanation of the syndicate confused me to no end but I believe that obviously was the point. I did LOL at the parts where Milo would replace items (such as the first aid kit and the rafts) with notes apologizing that the item was not there etc. etc. good for the syndacite etc etc.
This book was definitely goofy and kooky, for example Nately being in love with a hooker, and Doc Daneeka "dying".
As stated earlier, the book could've been shorter and it dragged, I wish it was just like Yossarian wished he flew with Orr and went to Sweden.

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