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Gareth Mottram (garethmottram) | 9 comments Pitch for Y/A Supernatural Action Novel - Jason Willow
Jason Willow by Gareth Craig Mottram
Jason’s father has a secret past of wielding arcane power in a hidden war against demons and the fanatical Brethren who summon them. After years fleeing from inhuman assassins, Jason’s mother is killed and the hunt is on for the rest of the family. A terrifying new world opens up all around Jason - a grey world of demons, possessed innocents and secret societies. Amidst first love and betrayal in an isolated abbey, Jason has to decide whether to embrace his own supernatural powers and enter the treacherous, deadly life his father swore to leave behind.

But time is running out. Nothing in the abbey is what it seems and slowly, the ripples of Jason’s unlocked abilities begin to draw in the darkness that has stalked him since birth.

Jason Willow is packed full of hard-hitting martial arts and gun action, suspense and tightly controlled powers. The high-octane elements are balanced by friends and enemies embroiled in complicated family and romantic relationships. The story plays out over such locations as a remote Scottish island, a high-tech abbey stronghold, a gang-controlled school and a hellish brewery town lost deep in the Yorkshire moors.

The U.K. School Librarian Association said of Jason Willow:
“This exciting first novel is not for the faint hearted with menacing locations and action descriptions. It is a story of the struggle of a boy who has all the usual teen angst as well as having to deal with a family secret which catches up with him. Issues of bullying, violence, family loyalties, friendships and the battle between good and evil make this a fairly complex but exceedingly hard to put down novel…”
(School Librarian Magazine, Summer 2008)

You can read the first 45% of it for free at SMASHWORDS

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Angie | 2687 comments Mod
Fabulous! Thanks for posting!

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Gareth Mottram (garethmottram) | 9 comments Thanks Angie - hope you get a chanace to sample it if it's your sort of thing!

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