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In Search of Lost Time
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message 1: by Blackbook (new)

Blackbook I am trying to figure out how to rate books, that in some cases, I read more than 30 years ago. For example, when I was younger I thought D H Lawrence was amazing. Do you base your star rating system on how you felt (if you can remember) at the time? Do you re read? Some books I go back to as old friends. I don't know how I feel, or what I think about DH Lawrence in 2008 as compared to 1988. I don't think of his work as the work of an old friend. Just curious if other people have come face to face with this issue.

message 2: by Denise (new)

Denise | 5 comments certain books don't have the same effect on us depending on our age. A book that we have loved when we were 20 (D.H. Lawrence for example) might not be as interesting when we are 50. It is hard to make a generalization about a rating system.

message 3: by Blackbook (new)

Blackbook The above comment is true, of course. That was the point I was trying to make. Perhaps, I won't rate books at all, just mark them read.

message 4: by Bishop (new)

Bishop (a_bishop) | 72 comments Just mark it as read, but don't rate it if you don't feel comfortable doing so. If you ever get a chance to go back and read it you can adjust accordingly...or not.

message 5: by Kieffala (new)

Kieffala | 76 comments I rate books I read long ago based upon how I felt about them then. Of course, if I've re-read, I try to make a combined rating, at least if I feel differently about them.

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