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message 1: by M (new)

M (dolly_loves_disco) | 22 comments Mod
Has anyone read Sunny's other work, the Chinadoll series? In anthologies The Hard Stuff & Skin on Skin ?? M x x

message 2: by Sonya (new)

Sonya | 2 comments Have you read them?? Any good?

message 3: by M (new)

M (dolly_loves_disco) | 22 comments Mod
No I haven't but they are on my amazon wish-list. Don't think they have any PNR element to them but Sunny's writing is fab so sure going to be steamy stuff! covers sure look promising ;) M x x

The Hard Stuff by Karin Tabke Skin on Skin by Sunny

message 4: by Pearl Reads (new)

Pearl Reads (pearl24) Those covers look very tempting. lol

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura  | 1 comments Anyone got Mona Lisa Craving or Eclipsing? Haven't been able to find them. electronically.
What are the names of the titles of the China Dolls series?

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