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These characters are set in the old days. About 1800 or so.

Outline for your Demon or Downworlder.

Actual Age:
Species/Type(warlock, forsaken, vampire, etc.):
(For Demons, but you don't have to say...)What kills them:

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Name: Persephone Hartwood (some call her Seph)
Age: 19
Actual Age: 21 (Born in 1857...since CA is set in 1878)
Species/Type: Vampire
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown-black eyes, 5’6”, toned
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Personality: Assertive, tough, strong-willed, determined, impatient
History: Turned when she was 19, her entire family was killed and she has been out for revenge on the one responsible.
Crush: None yet
Other: Tries to subsist on animal blood, but has been known to give into her cravings for humans

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Name: Kallinai
Age: 18
Actual Age: 18
Species/Type(warlock, forsaken, vampire, etc.): Lycanthrope
Gender: female
Appearance: shockingly black hair with a redish glow, gold eyes, kind eyes, soft features, pale skin, 6'3" tall, toned muscles, lean, thin, beautiful.

Personality: she is shy and timid, but very determined and tough. She is patient as can be but will blow up if ever needed. Good person to have as an ally.
History: unknown to most, and foggy to even herself, but only because she tucks it away and hides it.
Crush: open
Other: she is a great spy and knows how to use weapons very well. She leads her pack.

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Susan Name: Blane
Age: 26
Actual Age: 294
Species/Type(warlock, forsaken, vampire, etc.): Warlock
Gender: female
Theme song: I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace.
Appearance: average hight, with long, lightly curly dark red hair and long, sleek, pointed black fox ears. She's pale with big eyes that are a deep, pale green. She's lean/slim.
But she gave away all of her magic, converting it to healing, to Kalli, and can no longer use it.
In doing so, her demon blood has become more prominent, developing white scales around one eye, from her elbow to the tips of her fingers on her right hand, and replacing her nails and forming in the middle of her palm in the other hand. Her eyes have become jet black, and she is now poisonous. She also has two shark-like teeth one on her bottom row of teeth, and one on her top row of teeth, one over the other, on the right side of her mouth. She also developed stronger muscles all over her body, and became inhumanly fast.

Personality: She keeps to herself most of the time, but doesn't refuse company when it's offered. She's quiet, but impatient, and likes to listen rather than talk in a conversation, unless she has something important to say. She's extremely curious, and loves to just walk around places, wandering is a habit of hers. She's a little timid around other Downworlders and Shadowhunters, although she has trained her magic and muscle tone in case of emergencies.

History: She was born on the fourth of December 294 years ago. She was brought up by a woman with the Sight who found her alone on the side of the road until she stopped growing. She was trained through those first 25 years by the High Warlock, who she found one day, wandering the streets again. They became close friends, and he taught her everything he knew. She wandered anywhere since then. She used to be a member of the Demon's Advocate, and was in love with the Cult's leader, Lano Leon, but regrets it.

Crush: She can't help but still feel something for Delano Leon.

Her father was a Raum Demon
She has a quick mind. She has been watching Delano, creeping around his loft, looking for suspiscious activity, as a self-punishment for not being caught as part of his cult. She has so far managed to stay unnoticed.
The reason for the activity is to try to bust him for still driving innocent people mad or killing them.
She is desperate for redemption.

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Susan Name: Delano Leon
Age: 30 (He took longer than most to stop aging.)
Actual Age: 352
Species/Type(warlock, forsaken, vampire, etc.): Warlock
Gender: Male
Theme Song: I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace. (Yes. Same song.)
Appearance: He's average height (5'8), and Spanish. His hair is usually uncombed and greasy, a dark brown. He has thick stubble on his cheeks and chin, and jet black eyes. His demon mark is a black dragon claw in place of his hand. This characteristic gave him the name of "the Black Dragon."
Personality: He's uncaring and harsh. Hates Nephilium. He's gotten bored with most everything, and lives, lazily and comfortably, in a Loft which he bought with the money from his earlier years.
History: He used to be part of a cult called The Demon's Advocate. They were set against destroying the Enclave and every Shadowhunter.
Crush: Blane. He used to love her, and despite everything, even the fact that she's trying to prove him guilty, he still does.
Other: The reason for Shaye's insanity.

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Name: Thorne Dusk
Age: 18
Actual Age: 83
Species/Type(warlock, forsaken, vampire, etc.):Warlock
Gender: male
Personality: very very smart, funny will be your bestfriendforever or hate you with a passion so don't piss him of or your life will be a living hell
History: he is young even for a warlock he was adopted when he was 8 his adoptive parents have just recently died. he did not even know he powers until he was 16 when he was walking through a park and 4 balls of energy one fire one water one earth one air following him from there on knowing that he could control the elements and was a warlock
Crush: Jake Gyllenhaal (in real life too yummmy!!!)
Other: is obviously gay but proud of it

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