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♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 146 comments Mod
Outline for Shadowhunters!

Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.):
Weapon of choice:

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Susan Name: Jade
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has ink black hair that falls to a few inches above her waist, almost brown amber eyes with golden flecks (in the right light), and pale skin. She's rather short, but this doesn't bother her.
Personality: She usually keeps to herself, and doesn't really like to get to know many people. Despite her size, she's just as threatening as the other Shadowhunters. She has a very dark glare, and has an aura of confidence and a menacing calm that tends to cause people to forget that they are taller than her. She gets angry rather easily, but holds it down. She's very emotional, but she creeps away from the others enough to hide it. She tends to stare into space, losing all focus and remembering something or thinking deeply.
She refuses all love. All trust.
And destroys herself constantly because of that.
Place she lives: I don't know. Um... the Institute? New York.
Skills: She can sneak into a shadowed corner and almost disappear. She likes fighting with a knife in her hand, but her throwing skills are less prominent, although acceptable enough. She loves her bow and arrow, and in battle, she is lethal with it. She is very fast and agile, but isn't very strong. She is also graceful and balanced, but doesn't show it unless she's focused.
Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrow.
History: Jade's father killed her mother when Jade was five years old. He did so because Jade's mother was having a secret affair with a Downworlder. He killed her out of rage of being cheated and because it was a "filthy" Downworlder that she was cheating on him with. Jade ran away, because she witnessed the murder before her very own eyes. She found the Institute soon after.
She got in the Institute saying that "She belonged there." and that "This was the only place she would be wanted." Since then, the people at the Institute left her alone and didn't ask questions. Her experience as young girl taught her to have nothing to do with getting to know someone at all- she despises and is terrified of trust, friendship, and love (Although I have a twist in mind for that.) So, this is also the reason why she is really messed up, why she can't get that horrid poetry of suicide, betrayal, and risks and consequences of getting to know someone out of her head, why she's so quiet and hides from the world. She cries at night, sobs into her pillow, and acts like a jerk to any moderately snappy person she finds, shutting out anyone that wants to show her kindness, all because of that. She's been ruined since childhood.

And it's all because of the Purist. Her father.

Crush: I have a plan. *evil smile*
Other: She is actually shy of unknown company. She watches newcomers from afar for the first couple of hours that they are there, and then, when she's ready, she may show herself.

What do you think?

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♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 146 comments Mod
Name: Harmony, some call her Harm. (Appropriate, don't you think? :D)
Age: 17, close to 18.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Eyes are dark blue with really light blue flecks, hair is very dark brown and long but looks black, has gold thread intertwined in it, she is very tall, slender, but very muscular from training. She is a little pale, and she has many scars. Also has a tattoo of a small bird on the nape of her neck.
Personality: Very clever but extremely stubborn. Doesn't listen to directions very well, chooses to do what she thinks is best. Hard to get on her good side, is sneaky and sly, very fierce, protective, has a good heart but can be devious. She is a little moody at times, and can be harsh when she wants to be. Doesn't like people very much.
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): Institute in New York, originally from the one in London.
Skills: Amazing fighter, has good eye-hand coordination, and can run really fast. Is very strong. Despite all this, she sometimes thinks to fast and is careless, it sometimes causes consequences. When she is fighting, she is very focused but tends to try to show off. Isn't very balanced, but is good at throwing her knife. Is also good at archery.
Weapon of choice: Black dagger
History: Was raised by her grandfather, in England, who used to be a Shadowhunter. Was taken by a Downworlder one day and taken to the USA, she escaped. Made her way to the Institute. She was only 6. Has lived at the Institute for almost 12 years.
Crush: Open
Other: Is British. Also plays the piano.

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♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 146 comments Mod
Name: Alex
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Really light blonde hair, dark green eyes, muscular, tall
Personality: Clever, tries to be in control, good lier, is a smart-alek and tends to know things people don't, doesn't fall in love easily, is very secretive and doesn't like people to know his past. Is also very conceited.
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): New York Institute
Skills: Very quick, but very careless
Weapon of choice: Seraph Blades
History: Parents were killed by demons, came to the Institute for safety.
Crush: open
Other: Loves to mock people

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Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 3 comments Name: Lir Daichi
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Vincent Valentine
Personality: He was never trustworthy and has a close circle of friends. He doesn't speak much, most believe him to be mute. He tends to kill first and ask questions later.
Place they live: He lives in the Institute in Ireland, though he is now taking a trip to America.
Skills: He likes to climb and can beat most in foot races. He is an excellent marksman.
Weapon of choice: Kusarigama and throwing knives. If absolutely necessary, he uses a revolver.
History: He had a short suicidal period when he was younger, he bears twelve marks from his wrists and higher on both of his arms.
Crush: None.
Other: He is solitary and has a Raven called Corvus.

Name: Lyat Faltow
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tifa Lockhart
Personality: wild, she has never known disapline. She has a dry sense of humor and an easy smile.
Place they live: Institute in Ireland
Skills: pick-pocketing and picking locks, she can break into most anything but has never been a strong fighter with weapons.
Weapon of choice: bare-knuckle irish boxing.
History: She had a brief stint with Lir a couple of years ago.
Crush: None.
Other: She has many dark secrets and is not one to be trusted.

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Emma (zeeberg) Name: Dina Lee Lightningbolt (Call her Lee)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: description
Personality: Fierce, stubborn, loyal, sarcastic, Cocky, etc.
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): The Institute, New York
Skills: She's really good at hand-to-hand combat and silent as a cat. She's not good with bow and arrows, but her skills with throwing knives are excellent.
Weapon of choice: Kris and dagger
History: When Dina was 5 years old, her mom was killed in a fight. Two years later she left her home, and went to the Danish institute, demanding to be taken in. Noone knows why she left, and she never speaks of it. She's been moving from institute to institute since she was 10, always finding trouble, always being sent away. Always being restless. She just arrived at the New York Institute.
Crush: None
Other: Dina can be a jerk. She takes distance to every feeling she might have, and bottles it away somewhere inside.

✌☮Cloeyஜ♥ | 80 comments Name: Veronica
Age: 16
Appearance: black hair, brown eyes, tall
Personality: snappy first thing in the morning, understanding
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): new york institute
Skills: good at hand to hand combat
Weapon of choice: sword
History: none
Crush: none
Other: none

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Braden A.K.A B-Ballin (b-ballin) | 50 comments Name: Zack Hallow
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): Used to be Oklahoma Insitute but now the New York one.
Skills: He is really quick and smart. He is a great shadowhunter but he doesnt believe it. He lacks that self confidence. Making him sometimes weak in fighting. But if he doesnt think about it he's fine.
Weapon of choice: Seraph blade, and knives.
History: Zack is a kid born in the life of Shadowhunters. His mom and dad are both still alive, but they have other jobs. And only go on official clave missions. He lived in Oklahoma for most of his life, but his dad being a lawyer. Moved out to New York for better work. He has always had a good life. He is an only child, and is spoiled by his parents.
Crush: Open
Other: Keeps his feelings to himself, keeping them bottled up.

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Name: Faye Theron
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark brown hari that falls straight 3 inches past her shoulder. She has jade green eyes and tanned skin. Short and skinny, not really curvy.
Personality: She's shy and usually keeps to herself. Determined and has lots of stanima. She's slightly sarcastic and defensive sometimes. She's easy to read and trusting, which is her fatal flaw.
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): Transfered to the New York Institute from the Arizona one.
Skills: Smart and observant, but she doesn't have the best vision because her Sight rume was never drawn right for some reason. She's little, so she can fit into small spaces, and she very light and a good jumper.
Weapon of choice: Whip or daggers.
History: She had a too close of a call with her identity as a Shadowhunter with some mundanes and the Clave immedeately evacuaded her from the Institute. The transfered her to the New York one, but she had to leave her parents to run the Institute she was at.
Crush: Open
Other: None. I'll add something if I think of anything ;)

A Kid Named Megan☮ | 2 comments Name:Aiyanna Black
Appearance: girl 3 Pictures, Images and Photos
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.):An Institute in New York
Skills:She has great agility and strength.Her wits also help
Weapon of choice:Seraph Blade and dagger
History:Born as a Shadowhunter.Her mom was killed by her dads' mistress.Is out to get revenge.She has 1 siblin who she has never met.
Crush:No one yet
Other:Doesn't talk much about personal life.

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Megan♥ M.M.M*Crazy5 wrote: "Name:Aiyanna Black
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.):An Institute in..."

Evelynn Courtney wrote: "Name: Faye Theron
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark brown hari that falls straight 3 inches past her shoulder. She has jade green eyes and tanned skin.
Personality: She's shy and usually ..."

Sweet charries, both of you!!!!

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Name: Roya Armando
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: adorable lucy hale Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: Roya has a complicated personality that matches just perfectly with her complicated life. She's learned to always, always have her guard up, and never be too trusting, yet she lets her heart get the best of her at times. Roya is quirky, and her lips are usually found resting in a sad smile, her bright, liquid hazel eyes usually seemingly as if she's in a different world. At times, she can be completely defensive, argumentative, and the most stubborn girl you will ever meet. Roya is fiercely protective, but it's only because whenever she does love [again], she doesn't want to lose what she's lost so many a time.
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): As a child, Aria was brought up by the London Institute. Then an unspeakable, tragic event occurred, and Aria fled. Since then, she's bounced around from institute to institute all around the world. Along the way, she's gathered haunting memories--it goes along with why she has to leave the Institutes every few months.
Skills: Extremely fast runner, skilled with daggers
Weapon of choice: 8 inch iron daggers with a silver hilt, engraved with intricate designs of vines and fire. Her stealth and agility is also a great help, and her sense of logic.
History: Roya isn't like other shadowhunters. Roya also isn't her real name--she was born Annabell Locksmith, but changed to Roya Armando shortly after. Her life hasn't been easy. Never knowing her parents, she was dropped off the old fashion way on a door step at the London institute, and that's all the life she's known since then--fighting, death, fighting, death, and the occasional few nights of sleep. The only family she has ever made had to do with fellow Shadowhunters, but every time she sticks around long enough, someone she has loved, or grew close to, had mysteriously died one way or another. Since the death of her best friend Katah at the London Institute at age 12, Roya's life has never been the same.
Crush: Ariana Fairweather
Other: Will get back to you later. :)

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Jeannie (serenity77) Name: James
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, good looking, strong, longish brown hair, one bright blue eye and one bright green eye.
Personality: Kind, strong willed, a nature leader.
Place they live: Used to live in Australia and trained at the institute with his family and has since moved to the England institute to live.
Other: Is an expert at the bow and arrow, and is also good with a sword and a dagger. Can use most weapons well.

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Emma (zeeberg) Name: Davin Lysaar
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: description
Personality: Davin is a kind soul. He geniuenly cares about other people and how they feel, though he likes the occasional heated discussion, argument and fight. He has a serious look to him, and often acts like his much older than he is. He's joyfull and witty and easy to be around. Behind his facade of seeming carefreeness, he is hiding a terrible past, which once in a while shows in his actions.
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): Has lived at the Oxford Institute almost all his life. Just moved to New York Institute.
Skills: He's an observer. He can scan a room and take in everything in one go, thus making him great at undercover missions. He forgets to look out for himself instead of others, which can be fetal in a fight.
Weapon of choice: Seraph blades ( )
History: Davin, who's parents used to run the Oxford Institute, is british born and bred. He grew up fighting demons and the occasional downworlder. He recently moved to the New York Institute, though noone at the New York Institute know why.
Crush: -
Other: Davin drives a Harley, and loves it. Whenever the talk is about mechanical devices, his eyes are twinkling with joy and excitement. He can fix just about anything.

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Emma (zeeberg) Yeah, I do. Not quiet as amazing as one might think, though the many different languages does make it interesting :)

And yes, I've been to L.A. once and Chicago twice. And some random cities around Chicago, but that dosen't matter :)

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I hate L.A.
It's awful.
TO much smog and such.
I haven't ever been to Chicago though.

What part of Europe do you live in?
You don't have to say.

message 17: by Emma (new)

Emma (zeeberg) I like Chicago a lot :)
- It's allright, I live in Denmark. Not a very big country, riiiiiight between Sweden and Germany.

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Do you have an accent?
Just curious.

message 19: by Emma (new)

Emma (zeeberg) Of course I do. Well, I have when I speak english anyway.

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Nice Crystal :D

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Name: Alexandria Jane Fairweather (Ariana)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Her straight,fiery red hair flows just a little past her shoulders. She has a habit of putting it up whenever she's deeply comtemplative about something or just entirely fusturated. Her creamy,milky skin is mysteriously barely scarred,not including the multiple Rune Marks. The only one actually noticable is a long,faded one that starts from the back of her neck to her lower back. She honestly doesn't remember how she got it at all. She always gets an aching headache whenever she tries to tries to remember. Most people don't find her intimidating at first glance, she has a strong but delicate heart-shaped face with warm,chocolately brown eyes. She's averagely tall,around 5'8. She has lean body but a feminine build from so much training and fighting.
[image error]
Personality: She has a feirce charisma that she carries around her but she can sort of be a chameleon at times, lerking quietly in the background. She puts up, at most times, a nonchalant,unfazed attitude. As if nothing seems to affect her. She has a very dry,sarcastic attitude and doesn't really take well to orders. She does her own thing and if that doesn't work,she wings it. She can sometimes be the type of person to just say what she thinks without actually thinking about the aftermath of anything. She doesn't hesitate at all. Hesistating gets you killed.
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): She was oringinally living in Idris her whole life but once she turned 18,not too long ago, she moved to New York and found the Institute.
Skills: She's most comfortable with sword-fighting an is highly skilled in it. Her father taught her and lets just say it really toughened her up and she most defintely didn't grow up playing with dolls. Her father also showed her some old runes when she was younger,some that people have forgotten. She's uses all the time in battle
Weapon of choice: She uses a black sword,named Kaldeio . It's a powerful sword and the blade turns to black,whispy fire.
History: Her mother, Marie Hayle, died giving birth to her. All her life she was raised by her dad in Idris, raised to be a fighter, an incredible Shadowhunter is all she ever wanted to be. She wasn't exactly born into a rich family but her father was respected,especially after the loss of her mother. The mother she never knew. She never talks about the subject of her mother at all and she never plans to. Her father never exactly agreed with the clave on the treatment of downworlders. He always believed there was some kind of..humanity in them,despite their demon blood,but of course he kept to himself but she could tell. It's one reason she left Idris for good and to take on the mundane world.
Crush: Boys never really tend to cross her mind. They've never seemed important to her. She's always thought that she had to be better than them. Being an only child and a girl.
Other: Many secrets,alot of them she doesn't even know.

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Girl on Fire wrote: "Nice Crystal :D"

haha,yea i accidently posted it the first time but i wasnt even done with it yett, i hate ipods :b

✌☮Cloeyஜ♥ | 80 comments hi ya!!

A Kid Named Megan☮ | 2 comments K-haha I call dibz on Davin:)

✌☮Cloeyஜ♥ | 80 comments sure.

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I love how you use a ';)' and say wink. Hahah

✌☮Cloeyஜ♥ | 80 comments thanx. its mi typing signature.

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I see :P Are you on an Ipod or something or just do it yourself?

✌☮Cloeyஜ♥ | 80 comments i do it myself.

k well... i got to go. bye.

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Crystal *The smexyy Mrs.TaylorLautner* wrote: "Name: Alexandria Jane Fairweather (Ariana)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Her straight,fiery red hair flows just a little past her shoulders. She has a habit of putting it up whenever she's ..."

Love the character!!!!

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It's totally awesome :)

✌☮Cloeyஜ♥ | 80 comments nice.

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Why thank yousss :D

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Hey Crystal, did you get my inbox message?

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh yea I did! I just forgot to respond hahaa

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Oh hahah :P What's your opinion on it?

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 30 comments Name: Allesa
Age: 15
Gender: f
Personality: Unsettled in a way that she cant stand still. She's not the solitude type, and likes to be around people. She's verry nice and friendly, but it's hard to make friends with her.
Place they live: New York Instute
Skills: Knifes, rune drawing
Weapon of choice: Knifes and daggers
History: She was raised in the New York instute, and has traveled around to lots of instutes around the world for training, and to look for her parents that left her at the instute as a kid.
Crush: open
Other: Creative. You show her a blank sheet of paper, she'll write you a novel.

✌☮Cloeyஜ♥ | 80 comments nice yo!!

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emily*the ninja* wrote: "Name: Allesa
Age: 15
Gender: f
Personality: Unsettled in a way that she cant stand still. Sh..."

"You show her a blank sheet of paper, she'll write you a novel."
Oh my gosh!
I love that!

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 30 comments Thanks, I'm kind of like that. I love wrritting.

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♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 146 comments Mod
I love writing to.
I have no idea how people couldn't like it.
It's so amazingly fun.

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 30 comments Yeah. Peope think my writing is weird though cuz i right like im older than i am......

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emily*the ninja* wrote: "Yeah. Peope think my writing is weird though cuz i right like im older than i am......"

I get that too. :) Do you have any up on goodreads?

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 30 comments yeah, a few.. ive been doing more writing, but im going to try and get back to goodwriten

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Cool :)

✌☮Cloeyஜ♥ | 80 comments hi.

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♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 146 comments Mod
Hey Cloey!!

wink ;)

✌☮Cloeyஜ♥ | 80 comments hey!
what goes on?!

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Lunabell | 9 comments Name: Juliet (nickname=Letta)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Place they live (Idris, a certain Institute, etc.): New York Institute- just arrived after attack on previous Institute in San Francisco.
Skills: Her expertise is hand-to-hand, and being resourceful with whatever she has. But she loves using daggers, and she is working on mastering the whip. She likes archery but that's just not practical, but she does enjoy slingshots.
Weapon of choice: Oh. Whoops. that's above.
History: She lived at the San Francisco Institute with adoptive parents that she loved just as much as any real ones, and she had lived with them her whole life. But there was a terrible attack on San Francisco, and her family has been lost- not dead as far as she knows, just lost-, including her four year old little brother. She's brought her infant little sister with her but barely sees her anymore what with all the increased fighting.
Crush: She's never really thought about it before. But maybe there's someone...? She's bi I think.
Other: IDK.

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