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message 1: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian (ChristianOzera) Ive read all of them. One of the best series ever!

message 2: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian (ChristianOzera) But book 2, the sea of monsters, sucked!

message 3: by Hayato (new)

Hayato Bray | 21 comments yeap! book 2 is the lease of my fave in the series, i think without the character of tyson the cyclops in it, it would really suck more!

message 4: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian (ChristianOzera) i know! im glad tyson was in it, without him, i wouldnt of been able to bear it!

message 5: by Hayato (new)

Hayato Bray | 21 comments hahaha! tyson rules!

message 6: by Snow (new)

Snow (angelwingsanddevilhorns) PeanutButter!!!!!!!!!!!

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