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message 1: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments I know we have a few writers in this group, so I was wondering if anyone else was planning on participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)? For those who haven't heard, it's where writers try to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. It works out to 1,667 a day. Anyone who's interested, here's the website:


I plan on participating. Anyone else? Maybe we could turn this thread into a support thread, and discuss how far we've gotten and if we succeed. I've tried two other times, and only made it through the first couple weeks. I'm hoping to do better this time!

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason (j_calvin) | 13 comments I've joined Nanowrimo for the first time. It's a little daunting. My usual writing is done at my own pace.

Trying to fit in 1667 words a day with kids, dayjob, and an entire weekend lost to inventory at said dayjob should be interesting.

Less than 24 hours left for me until it starts!

message 3: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments Less than 24 hours here too. *deep breath*

message 4: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) Im there this year, and every year!!! I'm also writing an Urban Fantasy this time round. Last year was sci-fi.
My user id is Neffis and you can buddy me at:
For the first timers, welcome on and...
you're in for one heck of a ride!!!

Frances (who is getting severely excited)

message 5: by Akaria (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments I'm breaking my NaNoWriMo cherry in about seven hours. 50k words is very daunting but bring it on!

message 6: by Jason (new)

Jason (j_calvin) | 13 comments I added you. Those who want to buddy me you can find me under user ID: Jason_Calvin

I think the excitement, or is that nerves, are setting in.

message 7: by Lisa M (last edited Nov 01, 2010 08:49AM) (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments Okay, the NaNoWriMo site keeps crashing on me. (Maybe it's my comp? I dunno.) My user name is singingflames if anyone wants to friend me. :)

It's officially started here!!! Good luck writing!

EDIT -- Okay, this is a bad beginning. I had to reinstall Word on my comp, and now it's choking up. At this rate, I'll be writing my novel in Notepad. >.> Soooo, yeah, I'm getting a great start to this.

message 8: by Akaria (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments Oh no! Hey, at least Notepad is better than by hand! Maybe you can find an old typewriter and channel Hemingway or something. Good luck getting up and running.

Been a good day so far. Got some good blues music on. "Honey Your Husband is Cheating on Us" really seemed to kickstart the creative process.

message 9: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments I've discovered how limited Notepad is (no italics, every time it wraps the words around, it seems to stick in a hard return, etc), but yes it's much better than by hand. I think I'd drive my husband insane if I tried using a typewriter. :P

I had to find a word counting program online so I had some idea where I was. Overall, once I got started, I had a good NaNoWriMo day. I overshot the daily goal of 1,667. The last two years I fell behind on the weekends. Once you get too far behind, it's just impossible to catch up. Hopefully, I can get ahead and not have that issue this year.

Good writing!

message 10: by Jason (new)

Jason (j_calvin) | 13 comments Well it's day two and I've managed so far to keep up. In fact I've managed to surpass the daily write goal on both days, which is probably a good thing since I have inventory this weekend at work and may lose a day in there.

I hope I can keep up. It's good to have a group of people that you can chat with.

message 11: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments I'm right (write :P) at the word count I need to be at. I got ahead the first day, then had a poor day yesterday because my puppy got sick all over the house. And I mean all over. So I spent too much time on that. After that my girls came home from school and needed my attention. Bless their hearts, I love them, but I can't write with them around. After they went to bed, I got some more done, enough to break even for both days.

It is nice having someone to chit chat updates (or puppy complaints >.>) with.

message 12: by Akaria (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments Hey NaNoWriMo crazy people! How did the writing go today? My day started out really slow. Couldn't get into it and was a little hungover from hanging out with friends last night. Something clicked around 3pm and it was smooth sailing until 7. Totally exceeded word count! Next week I go back to work and have no idea how to make this work. :(

Hope your puppy is better Lisa.

message 13: by Jason (new)

Jason (j_calvin) | 13 comments I managed to stay ahead of the word count again today. I was really struggling last night to force the words out. Tonight went alot better.

I have to do all my writing after work. It hasn't been easy that's for sure. For me it usually involves my iPod and headphones, so I can block out the world around me.

message 14: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments The puppy's better, thanks. :) Altho, she had us wondering what she ate. Ugh. Thankfully, afterward she didn't have anymore problems. She's teething and I think she found something outside she shouldn't have chewed on. I don't know what. I just hope it doesn't happen again. T_T

I finally have an honest-to-goodness word processing program! Yay! My hubby knows computers and pointed out there's a free program called OpenOffice online. I downloaded it, and it's sooooo much better than Notepad. I'm estatic. (Altho, it snuck a Bing search bar onto my browser when I specifically told it not to. >.>)

I spent part of my writing time yesterday clearing up all the hard returns Notepad insisted on putting in. (After taking out the returns I didn't want in there, I lost 3 pages.) And I added italics where I wanted it, instead of the weird punctuation I used to symbolize it. I never realised how much I liked italics until it wasn't there. I probably should have waited on that, but I was playing with the new program.

I'm a few hundred words behind my word count, but I hope to make that up today. :)

message 15: by Akaria (last edited Nov 04, 2010 04:15PM) (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments Open Office is great. Even though Word is loaded up on this computer I still use Neo Office. It's another free WP program and is so easy. It has a word counter although the official site seems to crediting me ~400 words less than the WP program.

Headphones are the way to go in a house full of people. I've also found RainyMood to be soothing.

message 16: by Lisa M (last edited Nov 05, 2010 08:59AM) (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments I've never heard of Neo Office. I love free stuff! :) I wonder why the site's crediting you less? I haven't actually put mine up on the site. I've just trusted the word counter in OpenOffice (and before that, a word counter site I found online). Now I wonder what it'll credit me with. I'll have to check. >.>

I'll check out RainyMood. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

EDIT -- My word count was roughly 50 words less on the site. How weird. I wonder if one program just counts characters and says X number of characters is about one word, and the other counts actual words.

message 17: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments Anyone else having problems with names? :P I hate coming up with names, and it really interrupts my flow of writing when I introduce a new character. They need a name. And each time I blank out. The theme of NaNo is just write super fast, and stuff can be changed later. So I'm finding a lot of simple names popping up (Jake, Ed, etc.). Last names are the worst for me: Brown, Jackson, Michaels, etc. Just a pet peeve.

message 18: by Akaria (last edited Nov 06, 2010 10:58PM) (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments Can't say I'm in your canoe Lisa. Characters usually don't introduce themselves to me without a name. Sometimes it will be the wrong name but they will have a name!

Lots of writers suggest going to baby name sites. Think of what the charcter is like. If he's a foul mouthed cop from the mean streets of Chicago maybe Joaquin isn't the best choice. OTOH if he's a sensitive classical pianist calling him Diesel might come off a little strange. Unless of course that's exactly the effect you want.

There's a GR group dedicated to Dangerous Heroes and we have a thread with suggestions for all kinds of sexy, rough, alpha sounding names. Come on by and see if that gives you some ideas!

Last names are harder. Usually I pick the last name of someone I know. Sometimes the first name of someone will work too if it's unique.

message 19: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments Thanks for the suggestion! I found the group. Can you tell me the name of the thread, and what folder it's in? I scanned the topics on the main page, and clicked on a few, but didn't find it.

My problem is finding names that "fit" with the characters I'm imaging. (Heh, one of my favorite guy names is Jacob -- before a certain book came out -- and my novel is about werewolves. Well, I've got to be real careful not to drop that name in.) And I struggle finding names for walk-on characters, people that need a name but aren't around long or are just referenced to.

I have a baby name book somewhere, but we moved and it went into hiding. I'll have to bookmark a site instead. Sometimes with last names I flip through a phone book. I just don't want to take the time with NaNo. :P

message 20: by Akaria (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments It's in the Food for Thought section and the thread is called Good Bad Boy names. It hasn't been active in a while so you might have to expand to see all.

I hate it that you can't name characters certain things w/o people assuming it's influenced by Twilight. Meyer did not write the first vampire book ever. *eye roll* Personally when you say Jacob I think of Jacob (Nightwalkers, #1) by Jacquelyn Frank . He's one yummy demon.

I've never read the Twilight series. There's not a werewolf named Derek is there? Too bad if there is though. That's my dude's name and it suits him perfectly.

message 21: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments LOL, I've never finished Twilight so I have no idea. I couldn't get past the first 80 pages. Derek's a great name, tho. I love those strong two syllable names. Another name I love is Jared, but every time I hear that one now, I think of Subway. >.>

Thanks for telling me where to find the names. Can't wait to check it out. :)

message 22: by Akaria (last edited Nov 07, 2010 03:54PM) (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments Jared's a good one! Forget Subway. Think about the actor who plays Sam Winchester on Supernatural. Jared Padalecki is a cutie.

message 23: by Lisa M (last edited Nov 07, 2010 07:56PM) (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments Awww, I don't watch much TV. I've never seen Supernatural, altho I hear it's good. I'll check him out tho! ;)

EDIT -- He is a cutie. Much better than that Subway guy. :)

message 24: by Jason (new)

Jason (j_calvin) | 13 comments So it took almost all weekend but I was able to get caught back up to the word count. No more days off writing for me. I will hit the word count every night...I hope.

I have the same issue with coming up with characters names that aren't my mains. For Nano, I'm doing what you suggested, just using a generic name; Dave, Stepanie.

Hope all your weekends went well!

message 25: by Lisa M (last edited Nov 08, 2010 11:22AM) (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments Congrats on catching up! In 2008, I missed one day and could never make it up. After several days of struggling, I gave up that year. I'm glad you pulled thru! :) I hope you have plenty of time after work for it. I hate crunching in a ton of things to do.

Right now I'm just above word count. But my trend seems to be that I get ahead, then something happens so I end up right where I should be (or *gulp* a little behind). I keep plugging away. Whenever I hit that day's word count bench mark, I try to push some more out. The rest of my life likes to sneak up on me and ambush my attempts.

I found a good (I think) name site. It's a baby name site, of course, but it works. It also has ethnic names. Just scroll to the bottom for those.

EDIT -- LOL I never posted the link. Whoops. Here it is. http://www.babynames.com/index.php

message 26: by Akaria (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments Congrats on catching up Jason! You mentioned having a very full plate so I'm glad you're chugging along.

What's that baby name site? I need names for Derek's son and ex-wife.

message 27: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments Here's another good site for names. It lists the most popular names (in the USA) for whichever year you put in. This is good to make sure you pick accurate names for whenever that character was born. (Granted, accuracy is not a huge concern with NaNo. :P) That option is in the middle of the page, near the bottom. There's other interesting information listed too, if you're into that.


message 28: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments This is great (and about NaNo) --


message 29: by Regan (new)

Regan (regansummers) | 34 comments Lisa MH wrote: "This is great (and about NaNo) --


Oh, that is too freaking cute!

And now, back to trying to pry today's word count out of my flustered little brain.

message 30: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments I'm falling behind. :( Colorado weather's changing, and that always gives me a headache. Finally, today I had to take migraine medicine. I spent most of today resting. I was already 1,000 words behind. I'm hoping I can at least get today's words in tonight now that I'm better. Gah, no good.

message 31: by Akaria (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments That youtube video was adorable!

I was two days behind but got caught up today. Thank the writing gods! Thirteen days in and I'm kind of exhausted. Writing every single day is the easy part. It's just trying to keep up with the rest of life. Thursday my characters picked 3am as an appropriate time for a chat. Thanks guys. You can go a few days w/o sleep. Me? Not so much.

Hope you're feeling better LisaMH. Migraine's are a nightmare.

Did you end up staying on track Hillary?

message 32: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments Congrats on catching up! It's so hard once that word count gets behind. I'm still behind on today's (and a little more beyond that), but hopefully I'll get at least that done.

Gotta love those 3 AM character chats. My problem is uncontrollable scene plotting as I'm trying to go to bed. "Oh, this would be cool. And I could add that. And then this ..." It's endless, and I can't sleep. Fun, fun.

Right now, I'm feeling better. Thanks for asking. :) I hope my head has adjusted to the weather, or whatever it needs to do. Storms always do that to me.

message 33: by Akaria (new)

Akaria Gale | 21 comments NaNo is kicking my ass so hard. It's exhausting! The actual writing is going ok but the other stories I was working on before NaNo want attention and are getting really cranky. MC from the other piece I was working on forced herself into a scene in this book. She is one pushy vampire!

How's everyone else faring a little past the halfway point?

message 34: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments I've fallen behind. :( Things keep popping up that need doing and it's been a bear. I keep plugging along tho.

message 35: by Jason (new)

Jason (j_calvin) | 13 comments So after trying to keep up, I fell off the pace and now have added the Nanowrimo project to the "Get back to it later" pile. I will try again next year and hopefully fare a little better. Thanks to those who were cheering me on.

message 36: by Regan (new)

Regan (regansummers) | 34 comments Akaria wrote: "That youtube video was adorable!

I was two days behind but got caught up today. Thank the writing gods! Thirteen days in and I'm kind of exhausted. Writing every single day is the easy part. It's..."

I only just crawled out from under my Nano/holiday travel rock. I did not "win", but met my goal, and many of the words are salvageable, so I'm happy.

Congratulations to everyone who won or met/exceeded their goals!

message 37: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M | 311 comments Congrats on getting your goal! I made it about halfway, but I fell behind and could never catch up. But that's the farthest I've gotten in NaNo so it's a success in that respect. Just not an official win. I had fun writing, and hope everyone else did too. :)

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