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Jo (Penname8) ((from the series the 39 clues))

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) ((Thank you!))

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Cat walked around the halls of HQ, running her fingers along the walls. She sighed. "I'll find you Daddy." Cat whispered. Then she grinned. "But until then, I'm in charge!" She took out her advanced phone and spoke into it. "Calling all agents! Please report to the training area immediately! This is a code YELLOW!"

((Code Yellow means on alert!))

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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Linlee walked outside in the heat. She looked around, looking for Cahills. "Something's not right," she whispered to herself.
She pulled out a phone and called a Madrigal. "Hey, Cahill activity is done." she said.

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Cat groaned. "I hate it when everyone takes a vacation!" She pressed a special button on her phone and cautiously spoke into it. "Calling any Lucians, Januses, Madrigals and...." She took a deep breath and growled. "Tomases." Cat recompiled herself. "Please report to your video chat conference areas immediately!" She hung up. As she sat in her father's throne aka the recliner, Cat considered something. She pressed the button again. "You don't have to be high status to respond to this message." Cat added.

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