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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
Name: Isabella
Grade(9/10/11/12): 9th
Personality: Responsible Kind Caring
Other: the quiet and nice girl and sometimes people take advantage of that
sister is Laila.

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Appearance: later-
Personality: smart, fun, silly, lovable, hyper
Other: addicted to caffine and music and shopping. She and her twin brother live with their aunt after there parents left ot do volunteer work in Africa. After three years their parents never returned. Frankly Reah and her brother dont care

Name: Ryker
Appearance: later
Grade: 12
Personality: a bit calmer than his sister but still is fun and lovable. He also tends to be a bit more morbid and not as happy go lucky all the time
Other: See sister. HOWEVER- Doesnt do the whole shopping thing. He still hates his parents for abandoning his sister and him, he wont tell Reah this. He over heard his aunt talking to the parents and knows that they dont want him of Reah any more. Is a bit skater ish

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Name: Victor
Personality:lazy when it comes to school work,calm,cool
Other:he hangs out with his friends a lot. he is mostly always lateto class.

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NO!!! THE PIC!!!!!!

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X( meanY!

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im not mean.....well not that

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(OMG! i spelled mean right!)

:] haha

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( :) )

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Name: Kira
Appearance: Yalarin Pictures, Images and Photos
Grade(9/10/11/12): 10
Personality: shy and timid but, still shows that she is a party girl
Crush: Victor

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Name: Luke
Grade(9/10/11/12): 11
Personality: Totaly a jock
Crush: Kira

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
Name: Laila
Grade(9/10/11/12): 12
Personality: LOVES boys, Girly, Smart, Flirty, Attention Wanter, can be a bitch (i think you know what kinda person im makin her)
Crush: wants 1
sister is Isabella
Other: doesnt really have any TRUE friends

message 15: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) it be cool if luke like Kira

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haha ur right

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 2226 comments Can a chacter I'm making have Celia his crush? His name is Ryan and he is really smart and sweet also he has a big flirt for a brother

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
can he like isbella or Laila? its ok if not :)

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 2226 comments Name: Ryan Peterman
Apperance: Tall, long/shaggy black hair, has ocean blue eyes (Look on my friend Jacob and James in their pictures the one with the tall one with shaggy black hair)
Grade: 9
Personality: Super smart and sweet, also a bit austictic he zones out a lot
Crush: Celia
Other: Only has a twin brother for family

Name: Jacob Peterman
Apperance: Same as Ryan
Grade: 9
Personality: A huge flirt, and super smart
Crush: Laila even though she is wwwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy older
Other: Same as Ryan

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 2226 comments Thx :) look at the new pic! U like?

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 2226 comments My picture to the right, and Jacob and Ryan are twins

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Name: Lizz
Grade(9/10/11/12): 9
Personality: calm,cute,smart,nice.
Crush: wants one
Other: People think she's a nerd, but she doesnt' want to be one.

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
someone should make the teacher

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
aha okey dokey her name is ms.jones

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
? what in the actual rp?

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Darkerling the Necromancer Name: John
Appearance: brwon hair, brown eyes, 6'0"
Grade(9/10/11/12): 12
Personality: Tend to hang out with himself, it okay with being with people, but mostly wants to find 'the one'
Crush: any/all
Other: can be creepy at times.

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
well this is the cherries for the rp. the actual rp is the other one

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
YESH IT DOES!!! and im in other rp groups which makes it MORE confuzing!!!

message 30: by ash (new)

ash name: Bella
grade: 12
presonality: funn nice can be random calm and sky once she knows you she loved to talk
crush: open

message 31: by Darkerling (new)

Darkerling the Necromancer bella as in twilight XD

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

TWILIGHT? *Runs away*

message 33: by ash (new)

ash lol ik but i like the name and i dont really like the books that much i just like the name tehe :)

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

ACK I hate twilight..
Stupid Stephenie Meyer, that is not how you book!

message 35: by ash (new)

ash name is just bella i said nothing about twilight........

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Ok, sorry. =( I wasn't saying anything against you, anyway..

message 37: by ash (new)

ash name: sam
grade: 12
prsonlailty: can be a jerk and likes to talk

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Is it to late to make a person??

message 39: by ash (new)

ash no you can make a person

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message 41: by ash (new)

ash lol

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Name: Nikole
Appearance: >>Long brown hair
>>Crystal blue eyes that sometimes look purple
>>Dark red lips
>> Tan soft skin
Grade(9/10/11/12): 9
Personality: Goofy and crazy but if a guy comes around she likes she gets really quiet.
Crush: Open

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Bree (pretndsparkly99) | 9 comments Name: Ireland
~Hair: Long, dark brown and curly
~Eyes: Big and a forest green
~Skin: Fair/ Light Peach
Grade(9/10/11/12): 10th (15 years old)
Personality: Very shy and sweet and romantic
Crush: open
Other: Twin sis below =)

Name: Essence
~Hair: Long, dark brown, curly
~Eyes: Big and forest green
~Skin: Fair/ Light Peach
Grade(9/10/11/12): 10th (15 years old)
Personality: Outgoing, funny and athletic
Crush: open
Other: Twin sis above

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Rory (roryreadsandwrites) I don't like twilight either. It's kinda weird.

message 45: by Rory (new)

Rory (roryreadsandwrites) Name: Josh
Appearance: Brown wavy hair, brown eyes, dimples
Personality: Sometimes acts random when he's around a girl he likes.
Crush: Lizz
Other: He is a player!

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Appearence: with blueish hair)
Other:Is Victor's brother.

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witch one?

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Name: Amber
Age: 16
Grade: 12
Crush: open!
Personality: Smart,quite,shy
Other: She skiped a grade.

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nice charrie Amber.

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Name: Roxy
Appearance:Slim, eyes change colors, black hair
Personality:nice, sweet, patient
Other: has been abused

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