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message 1: by Roberto (new)

Roberto Rasmussen | 1 comments this group is small. i can only hope for its growth. I have been draw to the Paranormal all my life. spending every second i have researching studying history comming to my own written conclusions. i have no doubt in my mind the existence of evil and unknown paranormal or as i like to say "yet to be proven science" i do beleive i know it to my soul. However what is truth what is reality is so blured in the eyes of modern society that somthing that should be found and burned despised and war'ed apon has turned typically into commercial entertainment. I do not blame non bleivers for critisising the Paranormal when they have such lies and misleading "facts" thrown at them. Men and women beleiveing they know of such misteries and erasing true fact and substituting their own beleifs to suit themselves. People i promise you there is real evil in this world. Manking must prevail and cast such huantings to abiss. This is our world. I call to arms all vigilanties ready to fight a real evil, not some game not some myth or legend but faces of hell.

message 2: by Silis (new)

Silis | 1 comments Hello Roberto :)
Nice to meet another connoisseur of the Supernatural.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

SOITENLY...., Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk...

message 4: by Adan (new)

Adan | 3 comments Good comment Roberto! Lets kick some sucker-ass!

message 5: by Douglas (new)

Douglas | 5 comments Amen brother Adan.
Ciao, douglas

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