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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 58 comments Name: Nathan (prefers Nate)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Career: Musician
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Nathan is outgoing, but sometimes anti-social. He's not a fan of interacting with the world but he is forced to against his will. He has a wild side that is rarely shown, although at times he can be hyper and can't help himself. Nate is also a hot head. He has a bad temper and when you piss him off, the roof will collapses and hell breaks loose. You can call him a jerk.
History: He played at his scholl talent show revealing a hidden talent of his. His friends got together every Saturday making them up and playing for people who wanted to hear them play. Their band took off from there.
BF/GF: Open
Crush: Open
Family: Two younger sisters, mother and father

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 61 comments Mod
Personality:She has a knack for getting into trouble no matter where she goes or what she does because she is not afraid of anything, she tends to judge people very quickly and thus hates more people than she should and has never been in a serious relationship, she cannot keep her opinions in and she is way too honest for her own good and she hurts people without knowing it
History:She was abandoned when she was 5 years old on the side of the road when her parents were killed in a plane crash and her aunt didn't want her and she has lived in an orphanage until she turned 16, she has always had an extreme talent for almost all types of dancing and she has been in a few movies as a back up dancer, she is soon going to play a lead role in a movie though she doesn't want to
Family:She doesn't know any of her blood related family
Other:She is almost always alone though she is now a star, the only people who have real interest in her are the paparazzi

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Name: Ino "Itzy" Spider
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Career: Artist/Author
Appearance: Short, light brown hair with deep choclate highlites.Large, light lavender eyes.Freckles.About 5'6
Personality: Silly, inaginative,loyal,brave, la di da.
History: UHM.I am to lazy to type it up real fancy and such, but she came from a middle family.Her parnets are dead but she has 2 sisters that live with her grandparents
Crush: OPEN >:D
Family: grandparets and 2 little sisters

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Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) Name-Violette Sivaro
Career-Well known model/talented artist/actress
Appearance-Violette has glossy black hair that tumbles to her mid-back. Her eyes are a hypnotic ice blue framed by dark, thick lashes. She sports a perfect hourglass figure. She has paler skin and a clear complexion, high cheekbones and full lips the color f pink rose petals. She stands about 5'7".
Personality-TBA in RP
History- her mother was another famous model and her father a popular and successful director.
Family-mother and father, although they're usually to busy
Other- n/a

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 61 comments Mod
Career:Doesn't have one
Personality:He is usually very quiet and extremely shy, people are always using him as their friend because he has money and connections, he is constantly contemplating suicide
History:He has never gone to public school and has never had a normal life style because of his parents and all he wants is to be average and boring like other people
Family:His mother who is a model and his father who i a famous actor
Other:He is not in the least bit famous, he just has famous parents

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 61 comments Mod
lol thanks

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Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) Kayson <3 ;) lol. Maybe Violette could make him less..suicidal if you know what I mean *wink wink nudge nudge*

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 61 comments Mod
maybe she could lol

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Sarah  | 2 comments Name: sam
Age: 19
Gender: F
Career: singer/actress
Appearance: l8ter
Personality: sweet caring
History: she has a good past
Crush: Kayson?????
Family: mom and dad

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