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Let's have a moment of silence for Irina Spasky.

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luhvBOOKS ((R u going to start the play or should I))

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luhvBOOKS ((Never mind i'll just go, okay?))

She jumped over an empty tin garbage can and set her landing. "Brother, they've been here. It was a chase."

A tall, suited figure kicked the can over to the side with his black leather shoes. "Dang it! TWO competitors?! I thought you said we were in the lead, Jessica!"

"Quiet, Cameron. We need to end this," she said while picking up a piece of crumpled parchment,"and they left a present behind for us, brother." She sneered and began gather her things.

"We're going to Moscow?" Cam questioned.

"Yes, Cam! We are. And maybe we'll find some bloody Cahill cousins to, eh?"

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"So,cousins I see you have found your way to Russia."14 and a half year old Maria stated plainly.

"But I asume you know that the clue is in Moscow,right?"

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luhvBOOKS "Yes," Jessica said defiantly while she looked concerned at her need-to-be-manicured nails.
"We found the clue two of the competitors we chasing after. They must ahve dropped it. You know, I don't trust you, Maria. We shouldn't even be seen with you. If Drew and Claudia find out...they can use it against us!"

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" know i don't care about that suff,right"maria pointed out.

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luhvBOOKS ((Sure...sorry!))

Jessica turned her back on Maria. "Brother, could you even more worried and annoying. It's a friendly chat with our cuzin. i believe this will benifit us,"she turned back to Maria,"ALL of us."

Cam spoke,"Look, it's not like I'm worried. I'm just cautious. You know how much I want this."

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"um.......... i love to see you go so early, need to stay with me.

Maria's group of gards stelthly circled around Jessica and Cam.

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"my gards and i have a little suprise for you"Maria said spookily then she flashed stuning smile at Cam, one that would make him melt.

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luhvBOOKS ((Jess, I really do hate u!!))

Cam smacked Jessica. "I told you! She's not an ally. She's a bloody CAHILL!!!"
Jessica stared at him blankly, "Well, KILLING me isn't going to help!"

Cam cringed in fear at Maria's devilish grin. "Why?Maria, we are in an alliance here?"

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((hehes))((u know u <3 me:)!!!))
"well,that all depends on how you cowaperate,dosn't it?Maria laughed at jessicas blank expresion.

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((why did he smack u))

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luhvBOOKS Jessica reached into her pocket and signaled for her brother to do the same. Simaltaenously, they pulled out deadly weapons. Jessica, a dart gun sithed with instant odorless poison and Cameron, a pistol.
"If this is how you want to play it," she snickered, pointing the gun right at Maria's awstruck face, "then let the games begin!"

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((haha very funny))

Maria knew them all to well."Put those down cousins there is no need for you to get hurt."Maria's gaurds promptly grabed the guns from thier hands and through them and thier guns into Maria's new hot-pink jet.

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luhvBOOKS Cam sneered, "You think weapons is all we've got," as he karate-chopped the clueless guard next to him.
Jessica howled, "Nice one, brother!" and she dug her fingernails into the guard holding her,"HA! These DO come in handy!" She went back into her purse and grabbed her nail filer and got back to work slicing each and every guard's neck until Maria and them were the only ones left. "Whos' next?" Jessica sang.

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"Well............looks like you are."Maria smiled innocently. Her back-up gaurds sprung into action and knocked them both out and they fell to the ground.
"now."Maria explained to the head gaurd."Make sure that when they wake up they are on the patio in the recliners,spoiled kids."

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luhvBOOKS ((JESS!!!! WTF!!))

"Jessica...JESSICA!!" Cameron shook her til she woke. not a very smart idea. "HAYA!! Oh sorry cam. Dont do that."
"This is comfortable, eh." Cameron put the recliners into massage mode.
"Cam, this isn't funny! You have the clue, right."

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luhvBOOKS ((star, im gonna make the group now...e-mail was verified ;)))

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"so,are you enjoing your natural happy-tat?"Maria asked suthingly.

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((thx))((they arn't tied up))

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luhvBOOKS ((I'll delete it..sorry))

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luhvBOOKS "So,"Jessica implied as she painted her toenails,"what do u want? and why are we sitting in these lousy chairs? My father would neva allow us to sit in PLAID!! UGHH.."

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"wow,you are soiled.""i want an allience"

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luhvBOOKS "No way!" Cam barked, but Jessica calmed him. "What is it in it for us. You ahve no talent..nor fashion," Jessica grinned staring at her mismatched outfit. "Ha, where do shop? Sears or Target?"

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"i have talent and $ 4 that matter-anyway,i have 3 clues you don't.and if you dont want them-for your FAILUR parents sake-your loss."Maria explained in an annoied tone.

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"Your the failure, Maria." Cam stood up. "We are leaving, Jessica. We have no buiseness here with these savages!" Cam straightened his tie and grabbed Jessica's hand.
"NO!" Jessica yelled. "Not without a fight!"

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((k))((idk what 2 post?))

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luhvBOOKS ((Stop us if you want or we could fight but u'll lose))

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"calm down evryone, you guys must be realy riled up.Who wants tea?"Maria says avoiding a major headache.

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luhvBOOKS Jessica steamed but calmed down after that word. "TEA? U have TEA!!!!??"
Cam held her sister and gestured toward Maria to get some FAST! As Maria left, Cam bellowed, "ENGLISH TEA, PLEASE!!!" He laid her sister down on the couch in the patio and stroked her feverish head.

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((nice:) ))

Maria comes back in with 3 cups of english tea.

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luhvBOOKS "Thanks," Cam adds as he pours sugar into Jessica's cup. "What you want is OUR alliance in exchange for your 3 clues? Your joking right?" He chuckles and grabs the damp washcloth off the glass table. He pats Jessica's boiling forehead as she stirs in sleep.

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"that-and all the english tea your slim stumach can hold.":)Maria annonced proudly.

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Jessica stirred slightly and opened her red eyes. Cam looked at Maria's concerned glance at Jessica and reassured, "Hey, it's alright. she cried herself to sleep. She just misses Mum and Father."

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((thx How else could i get on thier good side:) ))

"oh,how tragic!""i have a phone, she can call her mum.

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luhvBOOKS "It's not that simple, but thanks for the help." Cam looked back at Jessica who was fully awak, sipping her tea.
Jessica croaked,"I wish it were that easy. I miss them terribly." A tear rolled down her clear. flawless cheek and burned her eyes.

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((awake has an e at the end,right?))

Maria felling sempithy in her heart-she hadn't for a wile sinse bothe her parents died-replied,"i'll take you there, if you want."
She was abviously deppresed no allienses, i might as well GIVE them the clues and give up.she thought sadly.

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luhvBOOKS ((Correct! Yes u should hand over the clues))

Jessica stood up. "You can't. I'm forbidden to see them. So is my brother. For that matter, we don't know where they could be. Prison or a torture facility? There are endless possibilities." She fell back onto the couch and buried her angiush into the couch pillow.
"what she means is," Cam put in,"thank you for the kind offer."

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((nawt what u r supposed 2 say:) ))((check beep beep))

"oh,ok, but what can i do to help?"Maria asked actually wanting to help.

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luhvBOOKS ((OKAY?))

"Nothing." Jessica stated plainly. "It's royalty who has them. ROYALTY! They keep all!"
Cam interrupted,"Okay, okay! Let's get back to the competition. You want an alliance. DEAL! Now let's all of our clues together."
"Are you sure, Cam? Can we trust her?" she whispered in his ea.

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"ok then, i have"Maria lists all the ones she has.

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luhvBOOKS Cam pulled out of his back pocket a piece of crumpled parchment. "i think this clue is after your 3"
"Ya," jessica put in,"ours says:

Jessica exclaimed, "Indonesia! We are going to Indonesia!!! all adds up quite fast."
Cam says,"Maria, what do your clues say? Ours tells us where to go. Yours must tell us who we r following. A famous Cahill who was in Indonesia? HUH?"
"Oh...we are folowing her? good jolly ho!"

"NH Dini? she's like some sort of thai poet, right?" Cam questioned, straining his brain. (he's nawt smart :))

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luhvBOOKS ((what's wrong))

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((i dont get it))

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"so,who is reaky to go to indonesia!?"

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luhvBOOKS jessica moaned. Cam spoke for her, "We aren't gonna be able to go that fast, Maria. My sister is sick. We are allies, I presume, so you will help her get better as I am trying to do. Now we'll need a bed to rest in." He picked up Jessica effortlessly and carried inside.

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