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OK, one more thing. Why is British humor the best?

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message 1: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey (professorjeff) | 17 comments Mod
Monty Python, The Black Adder, Benny Hill, Kevin Connelly . . . I guess it takes a good snob to make good humor. "She's a goah ahhright? Know wha' I mean? Know wha' I mean? Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink. Say no mowah. Say no mowah." Now for something entirely different: the idiot olympics.

message 2: by Carl (new)

Carl Brookins (carlw) | 3 comments Benny Hill is (was) an ass. As an unfortunate consumer of Brit tv humor for several weeks a few years ago, I'm here to attest that we get only the cream (sometimes sour) of Brit TV and that includes their humorous programs. Most UK tv, like most US and, dare I say it, Canadian TV, is mediocre at best.

message 3: by JC (new)

JC (JCinTX) | 1 comments Because it's more intelligent, on the whole, than American entertainment. This is not to say that all American programs are bad. My current favorite is 30 Rock, which is very well written. The casting is perfect.

I'm a big Python fan too. Fawlty Towers was great. Loved Blackadder II (? the one in Elizabethan times).

My Canadian sister-in-law recomends a show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Anyone heard of it?

message 4: by Kurk (new)

Kurk Harris | 3 comments Monty Python, absolutely...Bennie Hill, after a couple shots of good Scotch...Black Adder???not enough beer in Milwaukee.

More intelligent than American humor? Have you watched C-Span lately? C'mon! Nothing is more amusing than US politics in the Bush administration. I love England, but their humor is more dry than the Sahara. You need a little juice from time to time. Hooray for Hollywood!

message 5: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey (professorjeff) | 17 comments Mod
Sadly, the majority of crap on TV that passes for entertainment or comedy is . . . well, crap! Over the years I can count on one hand all the well-written shows that weren't "obvious." And please! don't anyone say that Friends was good (is it still on?).

My short list of well-written American shows: Seinfeld, Mash, Cheers, Taxi, 30Rock.

message 6: by Kurk (new)

Kurk Harris | 3 comments I never was a big fan of Seinfeld, but can see why it was so popular. I only watched one episode of 30Rock, and it had its moments, but never revisited it. MASH, Cheers (the earlier years), and Taxi absolutely.

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