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G. (geewhiz) | 17 comments I watched the trailer for the new production of The Garden of Eden. Of course, not everyone feels this book is even worthwhile, but it looks just awful. Why? Why did they do it? And why did they make it a period piece at a time when people could care less for period pieces (unless they're depicting old wars)?

It seems that there's always someone somewhere harboring a secret desire to depict their favorite Hemingway piece -- the one that changed their life -- on the big screen. But it almost never works. I think there's something to that. I think there's a quality of storytelling to Hemingway that's cinematic but just doesn't work on film.

There have been a couple of decent Hemingway films. Could The Moderns be considered a Hemingway film?

I'd be interested in knowing what others think about the Hemingway film question. Should Papa just be left alone and in print?

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Gary | 400 comments Mod
I plan to watch THE KILLERS with Burt Lancaster,and Ava Gardner. It's on Turner Classic Movies , on Nov. 4th, 2010, 7 pm central time. I've heard it's an excellent adaptation of his short story. I've read that it was the only movie that Ernest truly liked. He thought all the others sucked. He said Lauren Bacall made TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT.

I love TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT tho with Lauren Bacall,and Humphrey Bogart, but after finally reading the book , in Key West, sitting by Ernest's house there, the movie is not much like the book, which may be the reason why it's a good movie, cause it's barely like his book??????

I thought FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS was a neat movie, but certainly not the best in the world. I had a friend give me a dvd of OLD MAN & THE SEA for my birthday,with Spencer Tracy. It's ok, the book is amazing. I love it so much. What makes the movie neat is Hemingway actually appears in the film. If you've not seen it, that makes it worth it. If you have seen it, Gary, do you know which scene Ernest appears in??? His wife , Mary , appears in the same scenes.

Of all the movies, I've seen, I really liked the old version of A FAREWELL TO ARMS with Gary Cooper,and Helen Hayes. After that movie was made Gary Cooper,and Ernest became fast friends, which is why Gary appears in FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS with Ingrid Bergman. I think anything Ingrid's in is amazing, and felt she made the movie watchable, even if it's not the best version.

I believe you are right, to a great extent, that maybe movies ruin the prose that Hemingway does in his novels,and stories. I've not seen other versions of his books in movies, but I can let you know my verdict on THE KILLERS after I've seen it. My son read the story in one of his literature classes,and they watched the movie,and he tells me the movie is good. I look forward to seeing it soon. I do think that if anyone can make a movie great it's Burt Lancaster,and Ava Gardner. Ava's supposedly swam naked in Ernest's pool in Cuba. Maybe someone should make a movie about that, or the about the man's life,and skip his books??

I wonder how this version of THE GARDEN OF EDEN will be?? It certainly looks sexy in the trailer! I thought it was a very sexy story in the book,and different then other Hemingway I've read. I was actually quite surprised after I read it.


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